Friday, June 12, 2020

Mobs Filmed Rampaging Throughout Ocean City, Maryland

By Chris Menahan
Shocking videos out of Ocean City, Maryland show giant mobs of thugs attacking people on the boardwalk and in the streets over the past few days as lockdown restrictions were lifted.
While the media has been hyper-focused on policing microaggressions and “Karens,” these giant mob attacks appear to have received zero coverage outside of local news.
WTOP reported that one incident happened “early Tuesday morning on the boardwalk at 4th Street.”
The Southern Maryland Chronicle said the victims were two white males.
A second mob beating was filmed showing “at least 5 people beating a what appears to be younger person and an adult female,” SoMDC reports.
Images of the suspects were shared by police on social media and police said that through preliminary investigation “officers were able to determine the below individuals who participated in both assaults.”
The mobs were also filmed jumping on people’s cars:

One person was allegedly hit by a car that may have been fleeing from the mob:
Two suspects are also wanted for a stabbing that happened on the boardwalk on Sunday:
Black Lives Matter activists and the media over the past two weeks have repeatedly claimed that young African-American men are “terrified” to go out in public for fear they could be killed by police or random white guys at any moment.
Do the rioters in the videos above look “terrified” to you?

This article originally appeared on Information Liberation.

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  1. Rioters look like they are enjoying terrifying the random people in cars


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