Thursday, June 18, 2020

Jewish Youtube is Censoring Any Mention of BLM Violence

As of right now, Youtube is not allowing for any comments that mention “black lives matter violence.” This is a coordinated tactic along with other major media organizations to censor the truth about what is happening with BLM (aka Burning, Looting, and Murdering). This is why most news organizations will only reference “protesters,” but never makes any mention of rioters or looters. Videos abound on the internet of White people being absolutely brutalized and even killed at these “peaceful protests” by blacktivists, but Youtube is doing their best to ensure most people don’t hear about it.
This story about Youtube censoring comments was brought to my attention by ReclaimTheNet:
In recent times, it’s been discovered that YouTube has automatic filters in place to auto-delete certain phrases and now it has been shown that YouTube is automatically censoring comments that link Black Lives Matter to violence.
[…] We first received reports from two YouTube users who were trying to comment on a news video that was talking about peaceful protesting. The users wanted to leave a comment to say that there were several incidences of Black Lives Matter protests that had descended into violence. However, after leaving their comment and checking back on it later, they found that it had disappeared.
They tested the system and found that Youtube is indeed censoring truth about BLM, which is the cause du jour.
Black Lives Matter has become incredibly powerful, but all because the system is behind them, even though BLM pretends to be fighting against the system. If you don’t toe the line set by BLM and the media, you will be called a racist and likely fired from your job. Many people have already been terminated for making very mild statements criticizing the “protests” (aka domestic terrorism) or saying that all lives matter.
Apparently domestic terrorism is okay when BLM and their Antifa buddies are the ones doing it.
BLM dindu nuffin!

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