Tuesday, June 30, 2020

History is Once Again Repeating Itself.....

As I was scrolling through my news feed today, I noticed that there is growing similarity in history over what happened in 1929 and what is now happening, almost 100 years later, here in 2020 in the United. States.  The corona virus has truly ruined so many lives and I have pleaded for many to use this golden opportunity to turn to God and FINALLY accept the Peace of God in their lives and to live for one another and to stand against all forms of injustices.  Thankfully some are listening to me while others seek to align me as "insane" but in the end, history will vindicate me and my words.  In that year of 1929, the nation was reeling through The Great Depression and people had lost faith iin the capitalist system.  I am one of the very few who believes that socialism and capitalism can exist together since I am a Progressive Capitalist and I believe that capitalism can work very well for things that people want but not well for things that they need.  That means that things like food, water, shelter, healthcare, and education should be provided onto you as that was what the Lord gave for all of His creatures here on earth.  Of course this has upset those who believe in greed and profits over people and they intend to try and silence me from exposing their satanic ways but I must keep on speaking for I know that the Lord has my soul and I will take my place with him in the skies. Today there are people also seeing that there is a major need to reform American society towards more "racial" equality and economic equality so that the next time the nation faces a health pandemic they can better face it with a brave face.  That will mean that such programs like universal healthcare and paid sick leave becomes a human right for all Americans and I already know that is what is going to happen.  Yet I am going to make another grand prediction because I know that the Lord that I serve created human beings to be good people and human beings are only now corrupt because they have embraced evil and satanic forces.  However, human beings are using this epidemic to unite as one just like in the Great Depression and they are saying no to divisions and are now rallying to stand up for all forms of justice.  This is indeed a great time to be a journalist and a historian to document all of this for future generations to come and to state my own opinions became fact as mankind finally embraced some forms of reform.  Who knows, maybe the truth about global warming will cause mankind to seek more environmental ways to engage in economic trade. 

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