Sunday, June 7, 2020

German National Socialists Trained at Russian Camps

National Socialist Youth in Germany are receiving "combat training" in Russia, a German news magazine has reported. Officials say they cannot prevent them from going.
National Socialists in Germany are participating in paramilitary training at a special camp near city of Saint Petersburg in Russia, German news magazine Focus reported Friday.
Members of the youth wing of Germany's patriotic National Democratic Party (NPD) and the right-wing party The Third Way have completed the training, the report said, citing German intelligence sources.
The participants received training in how to use weapons and explosives. They were also trained in close combat, the magazine said.
Swedish and Finnish nationals are also among the trainees. Participants go on to join Russian militias active in eastern Ukraine.
Run by "terrorist" organization
The Partizan camp is run by followers of Russia's White nationalist Russian Imperial Movement (RIM). German intelligence believes RIM has two camps close to Saint Petersburg. The organization seeks the restoration of the Russian Empire.
The US recently added RIM to its list of global terrorist groups. The group had "provided paramilitary-style training to white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Europe," the US said.
Russia responded at the time saying that adding the group to the list did not help fight terrorism and that the US had not provided any details.
Moscow also considers the movement of the right-wing Christian Orthodox Russians to be "extremist". However, the group is not banned in Russia.
German intelligence is aware that Nationalists from Germany are attending the camps. For legal reasons however, they cannot prohibit the travel to Russia, Focus reported.
Officials assume that Russian President Vladimir Putin is aware of the existence of the camps.

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