Monday, June 29, 2020

COVID-19: The Sins of Greed And Gluttony Are Killing Americans

It was very recently that I was blessed by the Lord to have received a part time job to work in a restaurant setting as a driver and it has helped me continue my education into the ways of this world and to try and comprehend the nature of human beings.  The nation has been going through the trauma of COVID-19 and the state of Texas has been especially hit the hardest during this time.  Now before I begin to elaborate, I must clear up some misnomers.

First, COVID-19 is real and I recently contracted it in February and I still feel the effects whenever I go to my restaurant job.  I start to feel a bit light headed and the muscles around my neck begins to ache because of how many people are not wearing some form of CPE's or a face mask because that is nearly impossible to do while eating and drink foods and alcohol.  I have taken some safe guards to begin to protect myself by wearing a face mask and disinfecting the face cover everyday after my work shift is over. I also have begun to take my diabetic tablets and use them when I feel my blood sugar beginning to drop and have made arrangements to start drinking some form of carbonated soda to temporarily spike up my blood sugar so that I do not enter into a diabetic coma.  These effects, along with taking some pain meds before work, has been helping me along with the blood of Christ.  Another truth that must be shared is that in order for any virus to live it needs a host, especially when it has not been able to affect its current host.  That is why self quarantine iis very vital and people should not even bother to go outside if they think that they have contracted any virus and if they test positive.  The same rules applies when someone contracts the flu: they stay home, drink plenty of fluids with vitamin c, and stay away from others to give their bodies the proper time to recuperate.

It is why many Americans continue to perish for a lack of knowledge leads to death but there is also the sins of gluttony and greed that is also harming the nation.  I am naturally an introvert and choose to stay away from human beings due to their evil nature, but I am also aware that most people will never be like me; they seek human companionship and seek friendship with this world.  It is this refusal to adhere to social distancing that is helping to kill off so many people dealing with the pandemic but there is also the economic impacts that are being felt as well.  If restaurants and businesses are deemed "non-essential" (the greatest lie ever told in the modern 21st century), then they need to remain closed.  Then again, the nation does not have a form of social safety net to help catch those who would lose a sizable chunk of income.  Most Americans still cannot see or understand my message of why no one should be forced to pay to simply live on this planet when there are vast amounts of resources that are available to all people.  That iis because human greed (led by satanic forces) is the driving force to outlaw any forms of economic equity and economic freedom. These same human idiots (mostly whites) have accepted the lies of the devil that they are better off paying for health insurance and paying for the cost of living when God himself has given all humans all that they need to survive and thrive on this planet.  Businesses have tried to adapt and have now moved to a delivery and curb side pick up modes of operation to accommodate the insatiable appetite of American greed.

These same people refuse to stop giving into their desires for alcohol and refuse to simply stay at home and spend time with family and draw closer to the Lord.  This is NOT a time to engage in various kinds of vices but this is a time to sit back and reflect on how we can all serve His will and help make this world a better place.  This is also NOT a time to engage in the evil sin of gluttony just to satisfy your fattening appetites for takeout.  I recently saw a family of 6 spend over 200 dollars on take out; that amount to me is equivalent to paying 4 months of an electric bill in advance.  Yet to these human idiots, they have chosen to engage in gluttony because they have chosen to live for the now and not for the spiritual future.  Is it any wonder that the Lord has allowed over 125,000 Americans to die at His hands for they have refused to honor and love both Him and their neighbor? I implore all Americans to stop engaging in greed and gluttony before it is too late!  Your soul is NOT something that should be trifled with merely because you enjoy the feelings of feeling drunk or the temporary satisfaction of stuffing your faces.  The human body was designed in such a way to make it known to us that the Lord is NOT satisfied or happy when we betray our bodies.

Is it a surprise that those who gladly engaged in gluttony are often diagnosed with health problems and mental issues for not heeding his calls to return onto Him?  I must remind people that there is a major difference between feeling FILLED and feeling FULL because when you are full you are satisfied with what the Lord has put on your plate and you are thankful that you were treated to a meal that was enough to satisfy your appetite at the time but when you are filled you have allowed yourself to indulge in gluttony to the point that you can't eat anymore but you still do for you lack spiritual and physical satisfaction and as a result, you have turned your life over to gluttony and greed and have ruined your chances at happiness and a positive relationship with God and mankind.  But know that there is STILL hope for you and for us all by heeding the words of Christ to take this time and stay at home and spend time with your family and growing spiritually and mentally closer to the Lord and avoiding the sins that will ruin your life.  I am speaking from my past experiences and I consider myself extremely fortunate to even be alive to warn human beings for I do it out of love and concern that they change their ways before we are all killed off by global warming that will be unleashed by God.  Less than 2 years ago, I was living in proud sins and being boastful of living in greed and gluttony and the Lord was punishing me by giving me type 2 diabetes and nearly taking away my vision.  Yet, he saw enough of a favor in me to spear me and II have lost over 80 pounds and no longer have this disease because I made a spiritual and physical change to embrace His ways and I urge all humans to do so before the end comes for us all.  Because in the past all was hidden but now all is being revealed onto all men and they will either embrace His Truth or perish for choosing to harden their hearts, ears, and minds onto His natural order.  I remain hopeful that mankind can make that correct choice before it is too late.

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