Friday, June 19, 2020

Chick-Fil-A CEO (White Freemason, Christian Zionist, White Idiot) Gets On Knees to Shine Rapper’s Shoes to Repent for Racism, Encourages White Christians to the Same

Remember when many right wing retards were praising Chick-Fil-A for standing up to the “loony lefties” by embracing traditional Christian values? Some even still supported the store after it donated to the SPLC in 2017, when everyone was doing their part to fight “racism” following Charlottesville.
The latest display of Christian “values” shown by Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy is rather disturbing. He is encouraging White Christians to go up to random black people and shine their shoes for them, as a way to show humility and embarrassment over slavery and apologize to the poor blacks. Besides being absolutely pathetic and insane, trying to touch a black man’s shoes is a recipe for disaster.
I invite folks just to put some words to action here and if we need to find somebody that needs to have their shoes shined, we need to just go right on over and shine their shoes. Whether they got tennis shoes on or not — maybe they got sandals on — it really doesn’t matter. But, there’s a time in which we need to have some personal action here. Maybe we need to give them a hug, too. I bought about 1,500 of these [brushes] and I gave them to all our Chick-Fil-A operators and staff a number of years ago. So, any expressions of a contrite heart, of a sense of humility, a sense of shame, a sense of embarrassment begat with an apologetic heart — I think that’s what our world needs to hear today.
Dan Cathy even shows the flock of Christian sheeple how it is done by getting on his knees to shine the shoes of black rapper Lecrae.
Being born as a White person is the new original sin for many people, which is why White people are made to feel guilt.
White Christians, who are trying to lead their lives according to the teachings of rabbi Jesus, are at best sitting ducks in the unfolding race war, and at worst absolute race traitors.
Christianity is an anti-White cult.

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