Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Anti-White Terrorists Are Harassing White Women While Calling Them “Karen”

A recent video on Twitter depicts a “Karen” being harassed by a black man who uses the handle @wypipo_h8, whose real name is Karlos Dillard. He claims that she apparently flipped him off, so he must go harass, intimidate, and disclose her location to his fellow genocidal blacks. You can see how utterly terrified this woman is and rightly so. I highly doubt this woman even flipped this black man off, but even if she did, she does not deserve to be harassed and followed home. We are living in such a jewish created anti White world, that all a black person has to do is make an accusation without proof, and the hoards will be sent out to attack and destroy you.
The Karen meme popped up as a pejorative for “racist” and “entitled” White women who apparently always want to “speak to the manager”.  While I’m sure there are some annoying White women out there, I personally have no experience with White women complaining profusely at restaurants, and I worked in the restaurant industry for many years. What I have seen, however, are blacks that don’t tip, jews that that don’t tip and are rude, and blacks demanding to speak to a manager to complain about the meal that they finished, expecting to get everything for free. What about all the Shaniquas and Dayquans out there looting, rioting, and burning down the world? Do they deserve the same treatment as Karens? Karen is apparently ruining the world with her iced coffees, rule following, and french manicured nails. All of this focus on Karen is just a way to get people to hate White women and Whites in general, even more.
Not only is this Karen meme inciting hatred towards White women from non Whites, those who claim to care about Whites say things like this:
Part of me wants to defend her but part of me knows statistically as a white woman she likely supported everything that has led to this environment, very well may continue to, and that any lesson learned here is lost due to mental illness & guilt.
These easily manipulated and emotionally stunted “men” are joining in on the White woman hatred by blaming “female voting patterns” for what jews are doing in every single White country. They are either jews or are being manipulated by jews into thinking that women asked for all of this. They say that we voted to be genocided, raped, beaten, and psychologically tortured, that we voted to have our children grow up in a world where they are targets for abuse.  It makes no sense and is purely an emotional argument not based in logic whatsoever. These weak cowards will use this as an excuse to stay inactive and not help to defend their women and children.
In the following video we can see how another White woman deemed a “Karen” was harassed and stalked by a White sounding woman.
Any White female who pisses people off, for whatever reason, is deemed a “Karen.”  This could be your mother, sister, aunt, grandmother cousin or friend. How many more videos do people have to see to understand that there is no time to sit back and wait for a hero? We have to be the ones sticking up for each other, regardless of which pedo jew president someone “voted” for.

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