Monday, May 18, 2020

The Zionist Jew Vladimir Putin Supports Forced Vaccination of Children

Now that the alt-right, led by Richard Spencer, has come out as rabidly pro-vaxx (in light of the latest coronavirus hoax), it’s about time to remind ourselves what Putin’s own views on the matter are. Many of the individuals who lead the alt-right are Russian assets, and as such, it should come as no surprise that they are as supportive of society-wide vaccination as the Kremlin is.
Here is an excerpt from a discussion between Russian vaccination-pushers and the Russian President:
Y. Lobzin: Unfortunately, Mr. President, there is an anti-vaccine trend. I do not know who promotes it, where it comes from, because we have a lot of resistance against vaccinations, so if it was regulated on a national scale, it would be great.
Y. Zhulev: Yes. Mr. President, we, as the patient community, do oppose these trends.
V. Putin: Which trends?
Y. Zhulev: When parents refuse to vaccinate their children. They endanger the lives of their children.
V. Putin: You raised a very important issue. They endanger the lives of their own children and also other children at a school or kindergarten. We badly need the interaction between specialists and public organisations. Some administrative decisions may also be adopted.
Translation: Putin seeks to force parents to vaccinate their children using “administrative measures.”
By no means was it the first time that Putin has come out as passionately pro-vaxx. On an earlier occasion, Putin divulged that he personally gets the seasonal flu shots each and every year:
V. Korableva: We have an interesting SMS on just this subject: which medicines does the President take, imported or locally made?
V. Putin: If it comes to that, it’s usually a case of catching a cold or something, and I make sure I get my vaccinations in time, before the flu season starts.
“I make sure I get my vaccinations in time” should be the new motto of Richard Spencer.
As expected, the totalitarian Russian government also looks to ban all rational discussion of vaccines:
Fines for Promotion of Vaccination Refusal – The Russian Ministry of Health wants to fine the media and bloggers calling for refusal of vaccination. This was reported by Deputy Minister of Health Tatiana Yakovleva. The ministry plans to amend the laws ”On information, information technologies and information security”, ”On mass media” and ”On immunoprophylaxis of infectious diseases” and the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation.
The legislative initiative, which Yakovleva stated, is not the first on the subject of vaccinations. Former Minister of Healthcare of Tatarstan, now State Duma Deputy Ayrat Farrakhov has advanced the proposal (the text of the bill is available to Realnoe Vremya) to oblige the authorities to report annually on vaccination to end the fake news that the anti-vaccination movement spreads.
Anyone who claims that Russia is “an enemy of ZOG” is a liar. Russia is part and parcel of the global ZOG system. It is interesting to note that everyone from Andrew Anglin (whose mother just-so-happens to work at the Columbus Children’s Hospital in Ohio) to Richard Spencer has been keeping mum on all of that, as if Russia “can do no wrong.” Gotta wonder why.
Another news item not reported by the shill-media is Russia’s vast vaccination campaign against measles. Here’s what a recent resolution calls for:
To prepare for the expanded immunization campaign and reduce the number of people resisting immunization, the resolution calls for reassessing the validity of medical waivers to vaccination that people present. These measures were to be implemented by March 25, 2019.
Additionally, the resolution prescribes identification of vulnerable segments of the population (both children and adults), people leading nomadic lifestyles and/or those without permanent residency, refugees, internally displaced people, migrants, and those who did not receive scheduled vaccinations and who do not have immunity to measles.
Rospotrebnadzor will oversee the implementation of the immunization campaign and provide for proper transportation and storage of vaccines.
Yes, Russia sought to “reduce the number of people resisting immunization,” and so do all of its alt-right assets, such as Richard Spencer, seek to legitimize the mass involuntary vaccination of the American population. The more one observes these facts, the more obvious it becomes that Spencer et al. are the agents of foreign Zionist countries like Russia and Israel.
Vladimir Putin also mobilized the Russian army against the latest coronavirus hoax:
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday called on the country’s Defense Ministry to engage in the fight against coronavirus.
In a video conference with government officials, Putin said the Russian military should replicate measures other countries have adopted to stem the spread of the virus.
Now it is obvious why the totally compromised alt-right is all aboard and in line with the vaccination agenda; it’s because both Benjamin Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin are calling the shots, if you pardon the pun.
We can see what you’re up to, Spencer.

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