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Aristocratic Traitors in Leadership Betrayed the Third Reich

Note: This article is sourced from Richard Tedor’s book, “Hitler’s Revolution”.  Noble has edited & condensed Tedor’s chapter on how the aristocratic traitors in leadership positions betrayed the Third Reich (Chapter 6).  Tedor’s book has 270 pages of text, supplemented by over 1000 footnotes and a bibliography of over 200 authors, mostly German.  This book is still available on Amazon.  Secure a copy now before Jewry has it “canceled”.
For greater context, check out Kyle Hunt’s interview with Richard Tedor: 

Military defeat in 1945 ended the era of German self-determination, quelling a revolution of historical consequence that may never be emulated, unless a new generation of National Socialists take up the fight and learn the historical lessons of the NSDAP’s successes & failures.
Germany’s overthrow after WW2 is broadly attribute to the larger populations & superior industrial capacity of the Allies, but a seldom publicized, insidious factor also greatly contributed to the outcome of the war.  This was the systematic sabotage, conducted by disaffected, malevolent aristocratic elements within Germany, of the Reich’s peacetime diplomacy & wartime military operations.
Unlike the Bolsheviks, Hitler did not oppress the aristocracy to promote labor.  He personally considered the role of the nobility “played out”.  It would have to prove itself to regain its former prestige, but only by competing against other classes within the parameters of the Reich’s social programs.
The new nobility of the German nation, which is open to every German, is nobility based on accomplishment.” -NSDAP
Many from the country’s titled families accepted the challenge.  They enrolled in the NSDAP, or the SS, or served with valor in the armed forces during the war.
A small percentage, concentrated in the army general staff and in the diplomatic corps, resented the social devaluation of their high-born status.  Rather than contribute to the new Germany, they conspired against her.  Together with a self-absorbed minority of misguided intellectuals, clerics, financiers and Marxists, they intrigued to bring down both the National Socialist government and their country as well.
This aristocratic resistance movement, a clique of conspirators, knew that Hitler was too popular for them to incite a national insurrection against him.  They sought assistance beyond Germany’s borders, from England & France. 
England was well aware that waging war against the Reich was contingent on an immediate collapse of enemy resistance.
The director of the Central European Section of the British Secret Service, Sigismund Best, recalled, “At the outbreak of the war our Intelligence Service had reliable information that Hitler faced the opposition of many men who occupied the highest functions in his armed forces and his public offices.  According to our information, this opposition movement had assumed such proportions as to be able to lead to a revolt and overthrow the Nazis.”  This intelligence was incorrect; the resistance movement was too small of a clique to wage that type of influence over the German people who were experiencing the economic & social miracle of National Socialism.
French Foreign Minister Bonnet wrote in his memoirs, “We expected an easy & rapid victory.  The declaration of war by England & France on Germany of September 3 was supposed to clear the way for the ‘military coup’ so sincerely promised to us.”
Senior French General, Maurice Gamelin told French politician, Benoist-Mechin, “I don’t anticipate having to deal with the German army.  Hitler will be ousted the day we declare war.”
Right after the war’s start, Chamberlain noted in his diary, “What I hope for is not a military victory.  I doubt very much that this is possible; but a collapse of the German home front.”
German diplomat, Joachim von Ribbentrop, himself wrote in 1946, “We didn’t know then that London was counting on the conspiratorial group of prominent military men & politicians, and therefore came to hope for an easy victory over Germany.  The circle of conspirators in this way played a decisive role in the outbreak of the war.  They thwarted all of our efforts to reach a peaceful solution, and very likely tipped the scales for the English decision to declare war.”
As World War 2 escalated and Germany was force to preemptively strike Russia, the Germany military possessed a superb intelligence-gathering network, which was run by “Abwehr”, their intelligence agency.  Their specialists had already cracked the complex Soviet radio encryption and monitored its traffic.  Since 1934, code breakers at the Hillersleben installation had been tapped into secure telephone lines connecting Moscow to its European embassies.  In 1937, the Germans began deciphering Soviet photo-telegraphic communications.  In addition to reading diplomatic correspondence, they gained knowledge of Russian armaments production, the location and capacity of the factories, and shortfalls in industry.
During the first weeks of the Russian campaign, advancing German troops captured many official documents, which Soviet administrators had failed to destroy or evacuate.  The cache offered a comprehensive picture of the USSR’s infrastructure, analyses of civilian attitudes, and so forth.  Luftwaffe communications specialists deciphered Soviet military radio traffic, promptly & consistently delivering details about Russian troop strength, status of available ammunition & fuel, planned aerial & ground attacks, and the marching routes of enemy divisions.
The post-war American Seabourne Report concluded that German code breakers maintained 80 percent accuracy in their knowledge of all planned Soviet military operations & armaments production.
Monitoring stations forwarded this vast quantity of intelligence to the Abwehr for assessment.  Conspirators of the resistance movement, inside the intelligence agency, Abwehr, relayed “almost none” of the findings to Hitler; he was given false intelligence regarding his enemy’s actual disposition & strength.  Even worse, these conspirators gave forewarning to the Russian enemy of impending German attacks.
German military cartographers prepared maps of the East without referencing pictures from high-level intelligence sources.  Some they based on Russian maps that had been printed in 1865.  The German army received inaccurate ones depicting dirt roads, which became impassable quagmires after rainfall, as modern, paved highways.  This misinformation often confounded the tactical advance of German mechanized forces.  They occasionally approached towns that were not even shown on the maps.
At the end of its strength in 1941, caught by surprise, the ill-clad German army gave ground that winter.  Hitler was exasperated over the failure to realize his strategic concept in the face of opposition from the general staff, some of which were sabotaging the operation.  Hitler cited “the total underestimation of the enemy, the false reports of enemy reserves, and of the strength of his armaments, and incomprehensible treason” as contributing to the German army’s first major defeat of the war.  This was a pattern that would continue, thanks to the betrayal of the aristocratic conspirators.
In the summer of 1944, law enforcement authorities cracked the resistance movement and began trying the ringleaders for treason.  This crack-down centered on the conspirators of Operation Valkryire, who failed to assassinate Adolf Hitler on July 20, 1944.
Note: Wilhelm Franz Canaris, a son of Carl Canaris, a wealthy industrialist & aristocrat, was a German admiral and chief of the “Abwehr”, the German military intelligence service, from 1935 to 1944.  Initially a supporter of Adolf Hitler, by 1939 he had turned against the National Socialists, as he felt Germany would lose another major war.  During World War 2, he was among the military officers involved in the clandestine opposition to National Socialist leadership in Germany. He was executed in Flossenburg concentration camp for high treason as the Third Reich regime was in the process of collapsing.
Note: Lucy spy ring was an anti-National Socialist operation that was headquartered in Switzerland.  It came to an end in the summer of 1944 when the German members, who were also involved in other anti-Third Reich activities, were arrested in the aftermath of the failed July plot.
Throughout the struggle against the USSR, Hitler reinforced & securely guarded Europe’s Atlantic coast in preparation for the Anglo-Americans’ long-heralded invasion, which would turn out to be “D-day”.
The basic plan was that once the Allied enemy landed, the German coastal artillery & front-line infantry divisions would keep them pinned down until German armored formations could counterattack.  The Allies intended to land 20,000 men in the first wave, and have 107,000 ashore by the second night of the invasion.  The German 7th Army, which would bear the brunt at Normandy, was 128,358 men strong.  Many were veterans of earlier campaigns, occupying numerous fortified, well-concealed positions constructed of solid building materials.
The Germans at Normandy were set to have a victory over the Allies.  Little did Hitler know at the time, that the U.S. was in collusion with German conspirators before and during the Normandy invasion; ultimately causing the German defeat at Normandy.
Between Germany’s defeat in Russia & Normandy, thanks in large part to the German conspirators, Germany had little chance of surviving the war.
Note: In addition to the betrayal of Germany by traitors within the aristocracy, the British Intelligence analysts cracked the German “Enigma” code, in 1941, which undermined the German war effort.  The British were most likely given assistance by these same German traitors within the aristocratic class.
Lesson to be learned… National Socialism must be vigilant and extremely careful when it comes to allowing the aristocracy entry into sensitive military & intelligence gathering positions and roles in leadership.  Extreme vetting must take the highest priority.

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