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The Holocaust Is Not Just A Lie, It Is A Crime

By Jürgen Graf
Published 1997
It is a crime because it not only justifies innumerable other crimes, but because it creates a huge mass of hatred, which in turn contains the potential for new crimes. 
People whose souls have been drenched in the hatred of the Holocaust Lie must be counted among its victims. This includes the millions of twelve to fifteen-year old school children dragged through the memorials of former concentration camps, often weeping uncontrollably at the atrocity stories and lies vomited up at them. 
How much suffering, how much heartbreak, how many tragedies are due to the so called “Holocaust”, this hair-raising Lie of the Century, which the jews invented, crammed down our throats, and have defended tooth and nail, with fines, with abuse, with imprisonment, for over half a century? 
It is painful to think of the thousands, indeed tens of thousands, of people who have been humiliated, persecuted, imprisoned, or even executed in the name of this shameless swindle. 
It is pathetic to see the once-great German people, having lost its pride, its sense of direction, its self-respect, to such an extent that it no longer dares to defend itself against a flood of slander and is too ashamed to look itself in the face. 
One single mention of the “gas chambers”, the extermination of the jews, was enough to justify purging entire cities and provinces of their German population. Almost 17 million people were driven from their homes between 1944 and 1948 in an unbroken series of atrocities during which over two million died. 
“After what they did to the jews, they had it coming to them,” is the classical justification. 
It is truly disgusting to think of the millions of people all over the world watching Marvin Chomsky, Claude Lanzmann, Steven Spielberg and all the others — Holocaust, Shoa, Schindler’s List, etc. — in the cinemas, on television — and taking it all seriously. 
The jews invented a story which they’ve called the Shoa or the Holocaust, and which they now claim is the history of their people. 
The Holocaust money-making machine has brought them such tremendous advantages, that they can no longer live without it. But they made one fatal error: the Holocaust swindle is so endlessly absurd that its inventors can only take refuge in a suicide charge; having lost all sense of proportion, they have gone too far and will soon come crashing down. 
To suppress all open debate on the subject appears an impossibility in the long run, despite all manner of repression. 
From minor explanations to wholesale re-writing, including whole new “Revised Versions”, the profiteers of the myth continue to entangle themselves in increasingly greater numbers of contradictions; the fables of today contradict the fables told yesterday; the defenders of the official version of history are being compelled to make so many concessions that more and more people are starting to wonder about it all. 
Doubts expressed in private conversation no longer shock as much as they did a few years ago; it is getting easier for revisionists to gain a hearing. 
In brief: for the exterminationists, the time is running out. Increasingly hysterical repression is an unmistakable sign of growing panic. 
It is also a sign of weakness. 
Instead of listening to the discussion, they simply grab for a truncheon. But how long can they get away with it? 
The revisionists must not hope for quick victory; it will not come overnight. They should remember the wisdom expressed in the phrase from the Czech philosopher, Karel Capek, who said: 
“Truth must be smuggled. It must be distributed in small doses. A drop here, a drop there — until people get used to it. Not all at once.” 
At a time when the Lie appears to be triumphing without hindrance, we would like to close with an optimistic message. We wish to make the following appeal: 
All of you, all friends of the truth, both known and unknown, from many European countries, those who, like Günter Deckert and Gottfried Küssel, sit in German and Austrian prisons for “denying the existence of the gas chambers,” or who have been compelled to go into exile like Remer and Rudolf, all persecuted revisionists and nationalists — do not lose your courage, since your struggle against state-ordained lies is not in vain. 
Your courage, the sacrifice of a few, will help to free entire nations and peoples, including the German and Russian peoples — from the darkness which has so long covered them.

Jew Boy Caught Paying Off and Directing BLM Rioters

Is this one of the “White supremacists” inciting the violence who we’ve been hearing so much about? Or is it yet another Bolshevik jew?

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Secrets of the Soviet Disease Warfare Program

Of humanity's many noteworthy achievements and inventions, few are as evil and as horrifying as biological warfare: deliberate, government-ordered mass killing of people with lethal diseases.
During the Second World War, the Japanese army maintained a secret biological warfare testing program, as did the United States during the 1950s and 1960s. In 1969 President Nixon renounced the use of such weapons, and the US dismantled its extensive biological warfare operation, thereafter restricting research to defensive measures such as immunization.
But as a remarkable new book lays out in grim detail, no regime made greater "progress" in biological warfare than did the Soviet Union. From a unique insider's perspective, a former high-level scientist in the Soviet biological warfare program tells the story in Biohazard: The Chilling Story of the Largest Covert Biological Weapons Program in the World (Random House, 1999). Ken Alibek (born Kanatjan Alibekov) joined the Soviet "Biopreparat" program in 1975, and was its first deputy chief from 1988 to 1992, when he defected to the United States.
During the terrible Russian civil war of 1917-1921, in which the fledgling Soviet regime defeated the dispersed and divided anti-Communist "White" forces, as many as ten million people lost their lives. Most of these deaths came not in combat, but instead were caused by famine and disease -- especially typhus.
Conscious of this, the revolutionary Soviet government early on put a high priority on diseases as a method of warfare. In 1928 it issued a secret decree ordering the development of typhus as a battlefield weapon. In the decades that followed, the USSR built and maintained a wide-ranging biological warfare program. For example, Alibek relates, Soviet scientists developed a sophisticated plague warfare capability, and an arsenal in Kirov (now Vyatka) stored 20 tons of plague aerosol weaponry (p. 166).
Wartime Use Against Germans
While he was a graduate student at the Tomsk Medical Institute (1973-75), Alibek studied Soviet wartime medical records that strongly suggested that the Red Army had used tularemia as a weapon against German troops outside Stalingrad in 1942 (pages 29-31). Tularemia is a highly infectious disease that produces debilitating headaches, nausea and high fevers. If untreated, it can be lethal. It is also hard to extinguish, which makes it attractive to anyone trying to produce biological weapons.
Alibek discovered that the "first victims of tularemia were German panzer troops, who fell ill in such large numbers during the late summer of 1942 that the Nazi campaign in southern Russia ground to a temporary halt." In addition, he relates, thousands of Russian soldiers and civilians living in the Volga region came down with the disease within a week of the initial German outbreak. Never before had there been such a widespread outbreak of the disease in Russia.
Why had so many men first fallen sick with tularemia on the German side only? Furthermore, 70 percent of the Germans infected came down with a pneumonic form of the disease, which (Alibek reports) "could only have been caused by purposeful dissemination."
Whereas there were ten thousand cases of tularemia reported in the Soviet Union in 1941, in the year 1942 -- when the battle of Stalingrad was at its height -- the number of cases soared to more than one hundred thousand. Then, in 1943, the incidence of the disease returned to ten thousand. The battle for Stalingrad raged from September 1942 until February 2, 1943, when Friedrich von Paulus, commander of the German Sixth Army, surrendered along with 91,000 officers and men (of whom only 6,000 survived Soviet captivity).
Alibek became convinced that "Soviet troops must have sprayed tularemia at the Germans. A sudden change in the direction of the wind, or contaminated rodents passing through the lines, had infected our soldiers and the disease had then spread through the region."
To his professor, a Soviet colonel named Aksyonenko, he explained that the evidence he had found "suggests that this epidemic was caused intentionally." Aksyonenko responded with a stern warning: "Please. I want you to do me a favor and forget you ever said what you just said. I will forget it, too ... Never mention to anyone else what you just told me."
Some years later, an elderly Soviet lieutenant colonel who had worked during the war in the secret bacteriological weapons facility in Kirov told Alibek that a tularemia weapon had been developed there in 1941. He also left him "with no doubt that the weapon had been used." This same officer further suggested that an "outbreak of Q fever among German troops on leave in Crimea in 1943 was the result of another one of the [Soviet] biological warfare agents" (p. 36).

From The Journal of Historical Review, March/April 1999 (Vol. 18, No. 2), page 32.

Federal Judge Issues Thousands of Dollars in Penalties for Unite the Right Rally Participants

A federal judge is handing down thousands of dollars in penalties on some people and groups that took part in the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in 2017, because they are still not cooperating with evidence discovery in a civil lawsuit.
Vanguard America, Elliott Kline, and Matthew Heimbach must now pay a combined $41,300 in attorney fees to the plaintiffs legal team for disobeying court orders. Kline will pay $12,528.33, Heimbach will pay $12,528.33, and Vanguard America will pay $16,243.33.
The judge’s opinion handed down Tuesday, May 26, in the Sines V. Kessler case said the defendants consistently ignore orders.
The so-called "victims of the violence", which broke out during the White Nationalist march on University of Virginia grounds on August 11th and around a downtown Charlottesville park, filed this suit against those they say "coordinated to cause chaos and violence".
It was the first federal civil lawsuit filed following the 2017 events and accuses the defendants of "conspiracy and negligence".
Trial is scheduled for October 2020.

Jew York Times Says White Men Should Date Black Women to Make Up For Historical Racism

Salamishah Tillet wrote a piece for the jew York Times titled “Interracial Romance, With Black Women as the Stars.”  It is subtitled, In “Insecure,” “Love Is Blind” and “The Lovebirds,” these leading ladies are pushing back against dating bias in the real world. White men not being attracted to “Nubian queens” is now “dating bias” and not just natural instincts.
… The Molly-Andrew relationship is part of a larger cultural trend in which black women, especially those of medium-to-dark-brown complexions — long positioned at the bottom of the aesthetic and social hierarchy in the United States because of racist standards — are increasingly appearing as leading ladies and romantic ideals in interracial relationships onscreen. In some cases, these are works created by black women themselves, like Rae’s “Insecure.” …
Ultimately, none of these interracial narratives can make up for our country’s violent racial past or the way that history continues to plague us. The trend remains mostly symbolic, with black women still on the lowest rung of the socio-economic ladder. Every once in a while, however, these fictionalized romances and reality show couples give us something to cheer for: a happily ever after in which the male partner acknowledges and begins to unravel his own racial privilege, not just out of love, but because it is the right thing to do.
For a long time the jewish mass media has been using mulattoes, and usually quadroons, to make “Black” women seem attractive to White men. Some examples would be Mariah Carey, Vanessa Williams, and Halle Berry.
Although times are changing now, the jewish media would not usually use a full African as a love interest for a White man (or a jew pretending to be White).
However, there have been historical examples of fully Black women being used as love interests. For example, the first interracial kiss on TV was between Captain Kirk and Uhura in 1968, which was one year after Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, which featured an educated Black Man dating a White woman.
This scene was mirrored in the Planet of the Apes movie, which also came out in 1968.
The similarities are striking.
Over the past so many decades, it was usually a White woman paired with a suave and jacked Black buck, but times they are a-changin’, as that jew Bob Dylan Zimmerman once sang. Now we are seeing a White man with a Black female love interest much more frequently. Many of the actors themselves are even “mixing it up” and showing the gullible goyim how to be enlightened by going to the dark side.
So hip, so cool.
Don’t you want to be trendy?
Recently I have seen young, decent-looking White guys dating fully Black women. This trend is going to continue unless we sever the stranglehold jewish media has over our minds.
While promoting race-mixing for us, many jews consider marrying “goyim” to be like another shoah.

Friday, May 29, 2020

German Military to Include Jewish Rabbis for First Time Since Hitler Expelled Them

Adolf Hitler removed rabbis and Jewish soldiers from the army in 1933.
Almost 90 years later, the German parliament has voted in favor of legislation which allows rabbis to act as military chaplains once again.
The Bundeswehr, Germany's armed forces, will allow military rabbis to see to the "spiritual needs of Jewish soldiers" for the first time in nearly a century, the German parliament agreed Thursday. The vote was unanimous. Until now soldiers in the German army could only turn to Christian military chaplains, either Protestant or Catholic.
The move, which was first introduced by Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer in December 2019, has been welcomed by Jewish supremacists and zionist lawmakers from all parties.
"This is a special sign of solidarity and recognition" towards Jews, Kramp-Karrenbauer told the Bundestag parliament, adding that the rabbis would provide a recognizable contribution "against the daily and growing anti-Semitism in our society."
The defense minister also said she planned to introduce legislation to allow imams and Christian Orthodox priests to perform similar chaplaincy roles. On Twitter, she described it as a "historic day."

Jewish Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey Blames Riots on 400 Years of Racism and Slavery

Jacob Frey is a jew. He will always blame White people for the actions of his tribe. For example, the trans-Atlantic slave trade was almost entirely a jewish operation, but all White people today are supposed to shoulder the blame for it, despite only 1.4% of all White Americans actually owning slaves at the height of slavery. Also, the state of Minnesota trains its police officers with israeli tactics, and even sent 100 of its officers to an israeli counterterrorism conference in 2012, but again, all police brutality must be blamed on White racism.
Here is the jewish mayor shedding crocodile tears for George Floyd and making excuses for why his whole city is being allowed to burn to the ground and looted during these riots, where almost no one is being arrested (except for a pawn shop owner who shot a looter).
Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey choked back tears on Thursday and told protesters who were decrying the police-involved death of George Floyd that their anger was “not only understandable, it’s right.”
The mayor’s eyes appeared red from tears as, just a few miles away, firefighters were still dousing flames from protests that turned violent overnight, demonstrations that erupted after Floyd’s death in police custody on Monday.
“What we’ve seen over the last two days … is the result of so much built-up anger and sadness,” he told reporters. “Anger and sadness that has been ingrained in our black community, not just because of five minutes of horror, but 400 years.”
jew Jacob Frey did not voice any concern for the firefighters being attacked when they tried to put out the fires set by rioters. He did not shed a tear for the old White lady in a wheel chair who was sprayed with a fire extinguisher, beaten, and robbed in Target when she tried to speak some sense to the looters. Frey did not speak about how idiotic it was that the rioters would burn down a $30 million affordable housing project under construction, where many Black people would have lived.
jews have a long history of inciting violence against White people, like when Lorne Michaels of SNL had Jamie Foxx make “jokes” about how great it was to “kill all the White people in the movie” when promoting Django Unchained. jews even founded and led the NAACP for many decades. They worked with Communists like MLK and Nelson Mandela. Anywhere you see racial agitation against White people, you can be sure that a jew is somewhere directing the anger.
At the press conference where Frey blamed a history of White oppressors for Minneapolis being burned to the ground, Minneapolis City Council VP Andrea Jenkins demanded that her colleagues in government “declare a state of emergency declaring racism as a public health issue.”
Until we name this virus, this disease that has infected America for the past 400 years, we will never, ever resolve this issue.”
This district is represented by Ilhan Omar, who is vehemently anti-White. She has also gotten in on the act and encouraged the rioters.
These anti-White government officials are on the side of the people burning Minneapolis  to the ground, including police precinct 3, and looting their local businesses. Things are getting out of hand and these riots are spreading.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Netanyahu: Palestinians in Israeli-annexed Jordan Valley won’t get citizenship

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview Thursday that Palestinians living under Israeli rule in an annexed Jordan Valley would not receive Israeli citizenship.
Palestinian towns and villages in the area will remain “Palestinian enclaves” under Palestinian rule but Israel security control, he explained.
These Palestinian residential areas, which some estimates say are home to 50,000-65,000 Palestinians, “will remain as Palestinian enclaves,” he told the pro-Netanyahu Israel Hayom. “You don’t annex [the Palestinian city of] Jericho [which has a population of some 20,000]. There are one or two clusters [of Palestinian residential areas] where you don’t have to extend sovereignty; [their residents] will remain Palestinian subjects, you might say, but [overall Israeli] security control will apply there.”
In a separate interview Thursday, Netanyahu dismissed fears increasingly expressed by settlers leaders regarding the US peace plan’s vision for the West Bank, saying that the mapping process is ongoing and that they were criticizing elements of the plan that still haven’t been determined and published.
Vision for Peace Conceptual Map published by the Trump Administration on January 28, 2020.
Speaking to the right-wing Makor Rishon newspaper, Netanyahu said he didn’t believe Jordan would annul the peace accord if Israel goes forward with his declared plan to annex some West Bank land including the Jordan Valley, and said any settlement construction freeze as part of the Trump plan would also apply to Palestinians in Area C — which is controlled by Israel.
Netanyahu said he was committed to extending Israeli sovereignty to parts of the West Bank in July, after a joint Israeli-US team completes a process of mapping the exact vision for the future of the territory based on a conceptual map released by US President Donald Trump’s administration earlier this year.
Many settler leaders have expressed concern about the Trump plan’s inclusion of a Palestinian state, even though it outlines many conditions for that state that are vehemently opposed by the Palestinian Authority, which has rejected the plan outright, calling it biased in favor of Israel.
They are also roiled by the fact that at first, Netanyahu had indicated that Washington would immediately recognize Israeli sovereignty in all settlements and the strategic Jordan Valley within days of the plan’s announcement, before the administration clarified that the process would take many months.
The settler leaders have drawn their own map, but that has reportedly not affected the committee’s work, leading to outcry and internal discord.
Netanyahu said the declaration of annexation will not include a word on accepting a future Palestinian state, as some on the right have feared: “The issue is separate. There isn’t supposed to be any cabinet decision on the matter.”
In his conversation with Makor Rishon, Netanyahu said the conceptual map for annexation “gave a general idea that has to be broken down into details, and that’s exactly what we’re doing at the moment. We will, of course, show it to the settlers.”
The premier repeated that the important part of the plan was the paradigm shift in which “thus far Israel was always the one that had to compromise, give up and withdraw. That was the basic idea of every peace deal we were handed. Now President Trump and his people come and change the direction. They say Israel doesn’t need to compromise, the Palestinians do.”
The Trump plan also includes a freeze for at least four years of all settlement construction outside existing settlements in Area C — which represents some 60% of the West Bank under full Israel civil and military control, where some 450,000 settlers live alongside an estimated 240,000 Palestinians.
Netanyahu told Makor Rishon that any such freeze would equally apply to “both sides,” meaning also to Palestinian construction in Area C. He said that was written down in the plan, even though the interviewer noted that it isn’t written in its publicly released parts.
Illustrative: Construction work in the Dagan neighborhood of the settlement of Efrat, in the West Bank on July 22, 2019. (Gershon Elinson/Flash90)
The premier dismissed concerns that some isolated settlements will remain as enclaves inside Palestinian-controlled areas, saying that settlers already commonly drive on many West Bank roads surrounded on both sides by the Palestinian Authority.
“People are talking about the plan without knowing it,” Netanyahu said. “What this plan says is that Israel and its security forces will militarily control all the territory west of the Jordan River. I stress: all the territory, with no exception. Tell me, when has there ever been such an American approach? They allowed us, at most, to conduct urgent pursuits of terrorists. Now there’s a profound paradigm shift.”
Netanyahu insinuated that those on the right rejecting the Trump plan were similar to Palestinian leaders who in the past rejected peace offers “because they wanted everything, including Jaffa and Kfar Saba.”
He also dismissed concerns that annexation would prompt strong retaliatory moves by the Palestinians and Arab and European countries. He said he was convinced the 1994 peace treaty with Jordan wouldn’t be affected, despite growing threats from Amman to annul or downgrade it.
“The peace with Jordan is a vital interest not only for the State of Israel but also for Jordan,” Netanyahu said. “I don’t think it’s going to change. However, it is natural that such moves raise concerns.”
Outside of the annexation push, Netanyahu also continued his attacks on the justice system and the media following this week’s opening of his corruption trial.
“They thought I would come to court shamed and disgraced, but I came full of grit and strength,” he boasted, referring to his fiery speech before the hearing in which he asserted that the “entire right wing” was on trial due to a conspiracy by a corrupt, leftist legal system, as well as the police and media.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a statement before entering a courtroom at the Jerusalem District Court on May 24, 2020, for the start of his corruption trial. Among those alongside him from left are Likud MKs and ministers Gadi Yevarkan, Amir Ohana, Miri Regev, Nir Barkat, Israel Katz, Tzachi Hanegbi, Yoav Gallant and David Amsalem (Yonathan Sindel/POOL/AFP)
He rejected accusations that he was inciting against the law enforcement system and pushing for a civil war: “There won’t be a civil war, but there is a very fundamental debate. Criticism isn’t an attack and isn’t incitement — it is the beating heart of democracy. It cannot be that in a democracy one can’t express criticism.”
The prime minister also lambasted the International Criminal Court for moving toward opening a war crimes probe into Israel at the PA’s request.
“This is an archaic, anarchist body formed decades ago that aims to fabricate war crime convictions of IDF soldiers and the State of Israel,” he said. He added that Israel has taken action against PA President Mahmoud Abbas for filing a complaint at the court, but didn’t elaborate.

How Hitler Honoured British Troops and Nurses for Saving the lives of German Sailors

Adolf Hitler awarded German Red Crosses emblazoned with the National Socialist swastika to those who treated 55 of his wounded sailors injured in the Spanish Civil War.
The Deutschland ship was hit by two bombs off Ibiza when it was targeted by republicans in 1937 as they resisted Spanish leader General Franco.
The UK Army personnel saved all but five, inspiring high praise from the Fuhrer himself.
Four of the medals given by the fascist leader are still held in British museums, two at Ash Vale's Museum of Military Medicine in Surrey.
One is at Belfast's Royal Ulster Rifles Museum and another is at Lincolnshire's Spalding Gentlemen's Society. Others have been auctioned off.
They hark back to an era in which the British establishment was keen to appease Hitler.
The monarch's permission is required for service personnel to receive foreign medals and the King allowed them to be accepted and worn in the interests of political expediency.
Colony governor General Charles 'Tim' Harrington told German Admiral Rolf Carls at the time: "I shall always treasure the fact that the last honour I can receive comes from the nation for which I have the most profound respect. I hope that you will express to Der Führer my deepest thanks for this great honour," he added.
The Germans awarded Red Cross medals to 37 Brits, 20 of whom were awarded the Ladies Cross.
Pat Robins, now 87, was a schoolgirl at the time. The daughter of the Royal Army Medical Corps' Major Charles Anderson, she told The Times: "It was a posh day."
She recalls the "ferociously capable matron" Margaret Russell "Madge" Casswell from Gosberton, Lincolnshire.
Winston Churchill himself signed the documents that acknowledged Madge's gallantry when he was a government minister. She was mentioned three times dispatches during the Great War.
Hitler ordered that she be awarded the German Red Cross, making her one of the few British people commended by the National Socialist leader as well as his greatest wartime adversary.
Twenty-three people died instantly and 100 were wounded in the air bombing. Two years later it sank the Stonegate, a British merchant vessel, in the north Atlantic.

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