Why I Have Left The Cause

For the past eleven years, I have been part of what I call The Cause, short for The Cause Against Jewish Evils but for the past few months and even years, I have grown rather frustrated, alienated, and disillusioned with most of what I see in The Cause.  Usually when I have a little bit of downtime or when I am sitting in a waiting room, I often scroll through the News Feed of various social media websites and see what my followers in The Cause are posting of.  It didn’t take long for me to see that a lot of these folks are involved in a lot of “crackpot” theories, though I have come to believe in some of them, especially the ones involving the evils done by the Jews (or the so called elitist Jews and their allies).  I would simply unfollow such white idiots and quickly return to what would pass for normalcy for myself and my own news feed.  However, the first major break occurred with the selection of the white freemason and avowed Zionist Donald Trump for president and it became quickly clear to me that a lot of folks in the so called cause were actually mentally deranged conspiracy theorists who would quickly go along with any crackpot theory merely for the sake of uplifting their president in the same manner that the Tea Party (filled with white idiots, Jews, and masons among others) would try very hard to say that Barack Hussein Obama is not even a citizen of the United States as if to discredit any legitimacy to an already illegitimate government.  I lost many so called friends over my refusal to support Donald Trump for I had no intention of supporting a man who called a mass murder a “good person” years before running for office. Then came the recent pandemic of the Corona Virus, or COVID-19, and the insane conspiracy theories came into light even more.  People have begun to use this epidemic to advance lies about 5G, bio warfare, and even going to say that this was a planned attack.  I did a detailed article showing how scientifically the virus came from an infected bat, that infected a pangolins, and these animals passed it onto human beings in the Chinese wet markets.  I have also shown people that the love of wild meat in China is being driven by rich and power Chinese Jews and the rich and powerful in China and how through their love of such food is causing us all to suffer.  I have also stated that this is NOT a biological warfare in that it was created in a lab and unleashed to cause a loss of life and liberty.  Of course, with any epidemic comes social upheavals which the United States is sure to experience in the near future.  I am still hopeful that some intelligent Americans will see the need to finally use this epidemic as reason to get rid of money and to move to a better world where nobody pays to live on this planet.  Which would mean an end to usury in all its forms in the ways of inflation, rent, food, water, electricity, clothing, healthcare, and education and no one would have to pay for such services especially since God has already given it to all his creations and creatures on this planet.  Such an idea will probably never take foot in this evil land, occupied by white idiots, black idiots, latino idiots, Jews, and all the subhumans who insist on helping them do even more evil.  However, the worse thing that I witnessed was that people were saying that no one was really dying from the epidemic and that it was all a lie, in spite of actual visible proof that people are dying and families are being destroyed by his virus; even my friend is suffering from this as she was hospitalized and was near death a few days ago!  Part of the reason that I started my website, besides educating like minded individuals, was also to inspire others to take up arms, join me in the coming war of liberation of all of mankind, and to finally end Jewish evil rule on this planet.  Sadly, the human mind has not evolved for hundreds of years in this capacity and people are happy to continue to slave away on fake items like social media, cellphones, technology, sex, drugs, etc.  So starting today, Friday April 3, 2020 I have officially left The Cause and shall no longer be an active participant.  I still have to run my website and I will post as I wish to on there but I will not seek nor care to influence what happens on the global scale.  I will instead finish focusing my attention on living out the rest of my days in a first world nation (not the evil United States) with my future wife and kids and enjoying all the blessings that the Lord has given onto me.  Though I admire what The Cause COULD have stood for, it has became very apparent to me that a lot of folks in The Cause lack any real backbone and also lack the common sense needed to properly tackle the Jewish problem as they continue to focus on nonsensical things like flat earth, 5G, nationalism, and so many other useless topics that only give Jews the ability to continue to deceive so many people.  Ultimately, there are simply too many white idiots in The Cause to make it a proper viable alternative to fighting evils. 


  1. I hate to see you go. The level of frustration is palpable. You need to do what is best for you.


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