Friday, April 3, 2020

Seattle Police Chief Wants People To Call 911 If They Hear ‘Racist Name-Calling’

Carmen Best, Seattle’s Chief of Police, is a sassy soul sister who has taken it upon herself to prioritize battle hate amidst the coronavirus “pandemic.” Ignoring the 1st amendment of the Constitution has been going on for a while now, but during a crisis like this, it’s a great time to completely throw it out the window. Never let a good crisis go to waste, as the sagacious jew Rahm Emanuel once said, right?
Best held a briefing in order to update the public regarding the coronavirus “crisis” and let everyone know how dedicated she is to combating “hate.” Best decided to bring in an expert on the subject, former local news anchor Lori Matsukawa, who said:
Hate crimes have no place in our community. We are all trying to deal with the COVID-19 public health crisis together. If you are a victim of a hate crime or hate-based harassment, please call 911.”
Best assured the public that investigating hate will not fall by the wayside as the world goes on lockdown. She said:
We will document and investigate every reported hate crime. Even racist name-calling should be reported to police. If you aren’t sure if a hate crime occurred, call 911. We are here to help.
It is not a “hate crime” to call someone a racist name. Best is telling people to call the emergency services line if they hear someone using legally protected speech. Does she even know the laws she is sworn to uphold? Is she trying to get people conditioned to thinking “hate speech” is illegal?
Things are getting more and more draconian every day, in every which way.

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