Man smashes window of Jewish community building in Poland

WARSAW, Poland (JTA) — A 41-year-old man has been arrested in Poland for smashing a window of the building that houses the offices of the Jewish community group in the city of Wroclaw.
A witness told police that the man made “fascist” gestures and shouted fascist slogans. The suspect in the Tuesday night incident was visibly drunk, the witness said.
The accused faces up to eight years in prison for “promoting a fascist regime” and making insults based on “national, ethnic and racial grounds.”
The Jewish Community of Wroclaw is part of the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland, the country’s second largest Jewish organization. Its building sits next to the historic White Stork Synagogue.
Wroclaw, in western Poland, is the fourth largest city in the Central European nation with a population of about 640,000.


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