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History Teacher Fired for Allowing Students to Question “Holocaust” Loses Lawsuit on Appeal

Image Jason Mostafa Ali, a New Jersey history teacher of Egyptian descent, had his appeal in a lawsuit alleging discrimination at the hands of the principal at his school tossed out of federal court. ( National Justice ) The dispute began in 2017, when Woodbridge High School's Jewish principal Glenn Lottman lobbied local Superintendant Robert Zega to have him fired. Zega and Lottman terminated Ali after he allowed students in the class to question the Holocaust and whether the Mossad aided Al Qaeda during the 9/11 terror attacks. The students were questioning the Holocaust and the legacy of Hitler on their own. Ali only encouraged the students to engage in critical thinking without ideological input. Public schools supposedly protect the First Amendment, yet in this case, Ali was punished for merely allowing the students to read their pa

National Socialism: My Choice, My Path

Image This is the author’s preface to William Brooke Joyce’s earthshaking book Twilight Over England.  ( National Vanguard ) The preface is usually that part of a book which can most safely be omitted. It usually represents that efflorescent manifestation of egotism which an author, after working hard, cannot spare either himself or his readers. More often than not the readers spare themselves. When, however, the writer is a daily perpetrator of High Treason, his introductory remarks may command from the English public that kind of awful veneration with which £5000 confessions are perused in the Sunday newspapers, quite frequently after the narrator has taken his last leap in the dark. by William Joyce At any rate, I have reason to believe that many fictitious stories are being circulated about me in England already: and it seems less than fair to neglect to provide them with that basis of f

Two False Testimonies from Auschwitz By Carlo Mattogno Introduction In an article commemorating the thirtieth anniversary of the Nuremberg trial, Robert M.W. Kempner states that the extermination of the jews has been incontestably and unassailably proved since the time of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, and the twelve successive trials which continued until mid-1949. Kempner writes: “The history of the Holocaust written at Nuremberg bears importantly on the punishment of the guilty. The historical verification rests almost exclusively on the official records of the Hitler regime, which a faithful bureaucracy painstakingly preserved.” In addition to these documents there are the confessions of Hans Frank and Baldur von Schirach, the eyewitness testimonies of Rudolf Hoss and Otto Ohlendorf and the statements of numerous defendants heard as testimony in the Einsatzgruppen and Wilhelmstrasse trials. “A large number of other h