Friday, March 20, 2020

White People Could Be Sitting Ducks During the Coronavirus Crisis

The Baltimore mayor is imploring his constituents to stop shooting each other during the pandemic. California is letting out thousands of prisoners early. Philadelphia police are “delaying” arrests for “low-level” crimes. Police officers are now also practicing “social distancing” from the public.
From CNN:
As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect nearly every area of life, law enforcement agencies around the country are changing the ways they respond to service calls to reduce officers’ contact with possible carriers of the virus.
From ABC News:
While policing is a public service centered around direct interactions with members of the public, several departments have already sought to limit responses to certain incidents and prioritize arrests of serious and violent offenses over some misdemeanor crimes.
Some police departments are closing their front desks, not responding to non-urgent calls, and will only take certain reports over the phone.
So with police departments backing away from the public and making it clear that they are unwilling to arrest and jail criminals, this leaves the public in a very vulnerable state. While I am not a fan of police going after non-violent offenders, especially for things like traffic violations and cannabis usage, their presence does act as something of a deterrent for criminals, who might now feel like they can get away with anything.
Let’s now factor in the rising poverty across the lower and middle classes as business are forced to shutter. While the government is assuring people that they will be getting some checks from Uncle Sam, this is certainly not going to be enough to sustain most people through long-term unemployment. Even if many people are able to afford food, food shortages are already starting to be seen in supermarkets everywhere as people have been panic buying, and the shelves might not be rapidly replenished as farming, trucking, and other elements of the supply chain are interrupted. This leaves people hungry, desperate, and willing to rob and steal to get what they want or need.
White people, on average, display low time preference, which means that they are more likely to prepare for the future by sacrificing their immediate gratification. White people are like the ants in Aesop’s fable, who prepare for winter while the grasshopper is having fun making his music all summer. In the tale, the grasshopper begs the ants for food come winter time, but in our reality, the “grasshoppers” would be low-IQ thugs who would not be begging. Hopefully enough real world “ants” have armed themselves and learned how to defend what is theirs.
It seems like the ruling elite could unleash a “purge” type scenario, where lawlessness is allowed to prevail for a short time and murder runs rampant. I sure hope this is not the case, but it definitely seems we are headed for a period of serious chaos before “order” is restored. Given how many countries under severe lockdown are White countries, it could be that the jewish supremacists running the show have decided they need to really accelerate the White genocide agenda. If disease, malnutrition, hunger, vaccine poisoning, etc. do not deal with the “White problem,” then perhaps the hate-fueled anti-Whites, who have been indoctrinated with decades of media programming, will.
Since White people are much more inclined to follow the “rule of law,” we could be sittings ducks, having isolated ourselves from our racial kinsmen during quarantine and therefore unable to mount a collective defense. We could be picked off one by one, and if the mainstream media does not report on any of it, and internet communications continue to get restricted, no one would even know what was happening and raise an alarm.
I am not trying to fear monger here. I am trying to envision a worst-case scenario so that we are able to prevent it from becoming our living nightmare.

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