Thursday, March 5, 2020

Video: Why Does Everyone Hate The Jews?

For what I know this is a scene taken from that stupid jewish TV show known as “Hunters” (2020) starring that worn-out actor known as Al Pacino who plays “Meyer Offerman” a character who happens to be a Jewish “philanthropist” (where have a heard that word before?), a “Holocaust survivor” (oy vey!) and an “Evil-Nazi hunter” recruiter, but do not ask me to confirm it: I am not going to subject myself to the torture of watching such Hollywood garbage.
After watching this 02:04 minute video one is left to ask: Is this the best these jews, with all the shekels in the world they have at their disposal, can come out with? Am I supposed to feel “guilty” or “embarrassed” at what I am watching, just because I happen to think in a certain way? The fact is that I was laughing out loud at all the ridiculousness displayed in the video while watching it… really laughing.
The only thing that I can say is that when (in this case) “people” try to hide The Truth the more they reveal themselves and the lies they are trying to peddle, and that is what is happening at this day and age, beyond any shadow of doubt, with these jews. I wonder how many people, who were unaware of these issues, this particular film sequence is going to take straight to the right side now.
So keep on shooting yourselves in the foot jews, you are doing a great job, more of it please!!
Why Does Everyone Hate the Jews – clip from Hunters (2020) (Feb 26, 2020) by AltMedia
These are, what I think, two of the best comments left in the comment section of the video itself. Funny everyone seem to be pointing in the same direction (I just wonder why that is).
If the video happens to be taken down (why should they do such thing? after all, it is their creation) here there is a BitChute link to retrieve it.

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