Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Rise of White Idiots and The White Freemason and Zionist Donald Trump

As many have known, for the past 4 years I have been fighting a war on many fronts; a war against Jewish evils, against Black, White, and Latino idiots, a war against all Freemasons, feminists, so called racial or nationalist groups, and of course a war against all pedophiles, feminists, and supporters of the LGBTQ community. In my 4 years of the war, I had not yet realized the connection that gave rise to the white idiot Donald Trump and his numerous other white idiot supporters. I had made the false realizations that it was simply the Jews choosing Trump in order to appease the white idiots in The Cause who were itching for a full blown rebellion but were easily pacified when their white idiot president was selected instead of the other feminist and Freemason Hillary Clinton. Then came the rise of Qnon and the relentless disinformation and lies about the deep state. Anyone with even a small modicum of intelligence will quickly decipher that the so called deep state is really Jews and Masons and all their evil allies. I am a little surprised that most still cannot see the connection, but then again, The Cause has long been a joke. When I joined the 911 Truth movement, I had made it clear to them that we have a JEWISH problem throughout the land and that the Jews and all who support them must be cleansed away in order for the world to begin to heal from their evils along with the abolition of money and paying to live on this planet. 

 The Cause has now been reduced to a mockery as these numerous white idiots, black idiots, and latino idiots are all following the lies of Qnon and senseless conspiracies surrounding flat earth, hollow earth, bio-warfare, MK Ultra, and other past issues that simply divides our attention from taking up arms and KILLING all Jews and anyone who supports Jews. The truth is that most in The Cause are very poor and lack a motivation to do anything to end Jewish supremacy in this world. They have become pacified and are happy to simply discuss conspiracies instead of being men and women of action. I have done all that I can do to lead those who will listen; through my works on my website, I have inspired many to take up arms and execute The Plan to some success. However, the work has been dragging very slowly as The Cause has long been infiltrated by false leaders who worship false gods and follow false leaders who follow false ideals. The truth is that nationalism and all nationalist groups all work for Jews as I have detailed in many other posts and have shown people countless amounts of times that nationalism of any kind is a Jewish invention that leads to more wars for Jews and their evil allies. Nationalism serves the Jewish interests as it pits non Jews against each other and allows for Jews to continue to do evil unseen and undetected while the non Jews die in fighting the Jewish wars that only enlarge the pockets of the Jews. I have remained steadfast that my Movement is not FOR JEWS but is a movement that encompasses all ethnic groups, all so called races (which do not exist for there is no origin for such people on an anthropological level), and all religions (except for satanists as they follow the teachings of Jews), to work together to rid the world of Jewish evils as the late Adolf Hitler was trying to do. 

It is far from a coincidence that we share the same birthday and that we both fought Jewish evils upon the human race, following in the footsteps of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Another tie that I must make is that the entire Qnon and Tea Party movement that gave rise to the white idiot, white Freemason, and Zionist Donald Trump, is what helps to make up the entirety of the Trump fan base. A fan base filled with masons, Jews, Jesuits, pedophiles, sex offenders, white idiots, racial nationalists, and other subhumans who will be killed off in the very near future once The Plan goes into action. These were the same people as early as 2008 who led a nearly 8 year distraction that Barak Obama was not a U.S. Citizen instead of taking up arms and trying to kill as many people as possible. You can already tell that the entirety of The Cause today, relies on distracting people from taking up arms and performing the greatest sacrifice to rid the world of the greatest evil that it has ever faced. That is why I have made it known to anyone who wishes to join My Movement is that the goals are simple: we must kill off all Jews and those who support Jews and if we are unable to do that, we must cleanse the earth of all existence. That means that all humans, animals, objects, creeds, beliefs, all tangible and intangible things must fade away. The latter can be done by forcing sterilization on all humans, which would make the world cease to exist in about 100 to 200 years or we can simply nuke the world and thus, end all existence. For if there is nothing left to corrupt mankind, then mankind can simply fade to oblivion and the Jews along with all of humanity will have no one left to corrupt and shall die off along with other human beings. This plan is too extreme for most to grasp but the very few who can grasp it have already evolved within their minds and they already know that we are facing an extreme enemy, living under extreme conditions so our resolve must be extreme or else we will lose and let more evil continue to rule this world. It is that very outcome that I have dedicated my life to fighting against and I have no qualms with letting the white idiots who support Trump and Jewish evils to join our enemies to be buried six feet under the ground!

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