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The Lies of Christopher Bjerknes, Part 3

Hello and welcome back to the third installment of the series deconstructing the lies, disinformation and buffoonery of Christopher Bjerknes’s new book series “Adolf Hitler, Bolshevik and Zionist.”
In this article, we will continue assessing the debate between Dennis Wise and the lying fraud Bjerknes. After this article we will return to examining and deconstructing parts II and III of Bjerknes books in upcoming articles. I hope you all are having as much fun with this as I am, because it’s quiet entertaining picking this guy apart.
We last left off exposing Bjerknes’ lies about the Soviet Unions war plans and Operation Barbarossa, so now we will start off by responding to Bjerknes lie concerning the United States and Hitler’s declaration of war. Bjerknes the lying fraud stated during the debate the following;
“Hitler declared an UNPROVOKED war against the United States for NO reason”
Mark Weber of the Institute For Historical Review recently wrote a top notch, scholarly article entitled; “Collusion: Franklin Roosevelt, British Intelligence, and the Secret Campaign to Push the US Into War” which goes to great length summarizing the agitation and hostility the United States engaged in towards Germany while supposedly being “neutral.” Long read, but well worth it if you want to understand the depth of collusion and planning. I will list the blatant acts of overt hostility that all occurred long before Hitler finally declared war, because it was the will of Churchill and Roosevelt to find a “backdoor” into the conflict by any means necessary.
“In a one-on-one conversation during this period Randolph Churchill pointedly asked his father just how Britain could possibly beat Germany. “With great intensity,” he later recalled, Winston Churchill replied: “I shall drag the United States in.”
(Martin Gilbert, Finest Hour: Winston Churchill,1939-41 (1984), p. 358. Quoted in: Jon Meacham, Franklin and Winston (2004), p. 51; M. Hastings, Winston’s War, 1940-1945 (2010), p. 25.)
– In August 1941, the President met with British premier Churchill to pledge US support for war against Germany. They issued a joint declaration, the “Atlantic Charter,” that laid out the ambitious and noble-sounding war aims of the two countries.
– In a nationally-broadcast address two weeks later, Roosevelt told Americans that “… our fundamental rights – including the rights of labor – are threatened by Hitler’s violent attempt to rule the world,” and pledged that “we shall do everything in our power to crush Hitler and his Nazi forces.” / 7 In another radio address on September 1 the President announced a “shoot-on-sight” order to US naval warships to attack German and Italian vessels on the high seas.
(Roosevelt Labor Day radio address, Sept. 1, 1941.)
– Lend Lease Aid act, signed by Roosevelt in March of 1941 to begin shipping military equipment to both Britain and the Soviet Union thus strengthening the enemies of Germany. This was of particularly crucial importance to the Soviet Union who otherwise would have lost the war had it not been for American technical support. This also, ironically debunks another one Bjerknes claims that Hitler “wanted to lose the war against the Soviet Union on purpose” when in actuality, had it not been for Roosevelt shipping American supplies and hardware to the USSR via the Lend Lease act, then Stalin’s Bolshevik empire would have been defeated by Hitler.
Joseph Stalin during the Tehran Conference during 1943, acknowledged publicly the importance of American efforts during a dinner at the conference: “Without American machines the United Nations could never have won the war.”
Nikita Khrushchev, having served as a military commissar and intermediary between Stalin and his generals during the war, addressed directly the significance of Lend-lease aid in his memoirs:
“I would like to express my candid opinion about Stalin’s views on whether the Red Army and the Soviet Union could have coped with Nazi Germany and survived the war without aid from the United States and Britain. First, I would like to tell about some remarks Stalin made and repeated several times when we were “discussing freely” among ourselves. He stated bluntly that if the United States had not helped us, we would not have won the war. If we had had to fight Nazi Germany one on one, we could not have stood up against Germany’s pressure, and we would have lost the war. No one ever discussed this subject officially, and I don’t think Stalin left any written evidence of his opinion, but I will state here that several times in conversations with me he noted that these were the actual circumstances. He never made a special point of holding a conversation on the subject, but when we were engaged in some kind of relaxed conversation, going over international questions of the past and present, and when we would return to the subject of the path we had traveled during the war, that is what he said. When I listened to his remarks, I was fully in agreement with him, and today I am even more so.” (Memories of Nikita Khrushchev: Commissar, 1918-1945. Penn State Press. pp. 638-639)
Did Hitler the Zionist/Bolshevik agent personally contact Roosevelt and politely ask that the United States begin shipping weapons to the Soviet Union to ensure that the Soviet forces would be strengthened so that he could “lose the war on purpose”, Mr Bjerknes? some clarification on that would be nice, you deceptive spin-master, because that is really the only way you can explain this to push your “Hitler the agent” narrative. What a joke!
Two prominent American historians, Allan Nevins and Henry Steele Commager, noted that:
“This [1941 “Lend Lease”] measure was clearly unneutral, but the United States, committed now to the defeat of Germany, was not to be stayed by the niceties of international law. Other equally unneutral acts followed – the seizure of Axis shipping, the freezing of Axis funds, the transfer of tankers to Britain, the occupation of Greenland and, later, of Iceland, the extension of lend-lease to the new ally, Russia, and … the presidential order to ‘shoot on sight’ any enemy submarines.”
(Allan Nevins, Henry Steele Commager, A Pocket History of the United States (New York: Washington Square Press, 1986), p. 433.) 
– U.S. Navy vessels were used to patrol the Atlantic to search for German U-boats and relay their positions to the Royal Navy. Later, that turned into “shoot on site” orders from Roosevelt. British historian J.F.C. Fuller commented;
” President Roosevelt “left no stone unturned to provoke Hitler to declare war on the very people to whom he so ardently promised peace. He provided Great Britain with American destroyers, he landed American troops in Iceland, and he set out to patrol the Atlantic seaways in order to safeguard British convoys; all of which were acts of war … In spite of his manifold enunciations to keep the United States out of the war, he was bent on provoking some incident which would bring them into it.” 
(J. F. C. Fuller, A Military History of the Western World , Vol. 3 (New York: DaCapo, 1987), p. 416)
For Bjerknes to claim that Hitler declared an “unprovoked war” against the United States is simply historically incorrect, ignorant and downright absurd. Roosevelt had been endlessly provoking, agitating and harassing Germany through a multitude of avenues. So flagrant was the US hostility towards Germany, even Soviet officials agree that Hitler would have defeated the communist USSR had it not been for Roosevelt propping them up and arming them to withstand the German assault. Bjerknes the lying fraud, has no response to this.
Dennis Wise correctly described the reasons why Japan declared war on the United States, a response to American economic warfare crippling their economy amidst their war with China. When Hitler in-turn declared war on the United States after Japan, it was because by that point it was clear the US foreign policy had become so belligerent and hostile that war had become inevitable and at least with Japan now at war, Hitler would have an ally to tie up half the US military in the Pacific while he could finally push the US presence out of the Atlantic. Had he failed to declare war on the US in hopes of “buying himself more time”, then Japan would have been defeated much quicker with the full focused strength of the US military on Japan, and by the time the US finally found an entrance into the European conflict, he would no longer have an ally to divide the US military geographically. clearly military strategy is not Bjerknes strong-suit.
The next laughably absurd statement the lying fraud Bjerknes said during the debate, was that Hitlers “halt” orders at Dunkirk prove he was a British-Rothschild agent, who intended to lose the war on purpose.Everything this guy says is just mind blowing, jaw-dropping nonsense. The only thing the “halt orders” at Dunkirk prove, is that Hitler did NOT want war, contrary to the lying fraud Bjerknes thesis. In actual fact, if Hitler truly wanted to “lose the war on purpose” as Bjerknes insists was Hitlers secret mission, then Hitler should have been doing everything in his power to instigate a conflict with Britain to insure an unwinnable three front war was brought upon him. But instead, Hitler made numerous peace offers to the British to AVOID a three front war, thus AVOIDING Germany being defeated you lying, greasy weasel!
Hitler the “communist agent” then went on to shower these leaflets onto the British soldiers after landing in Europe.
Well now isn’t that interesting, Hitler the “Bolshevik agent” trying to warn the British soldiers they are fighting for Stalin and communism. This is literally the OPPOSITE of your thesis Bjerknes you total imbecile. It was the British plutocracy and Churchill’s “focus group” of Jewish money who were the communist agents, not Hitler!
Read this out-loud so you can truly grasp the mind bending degree of this guys lies: Hitler a communist agent, whose’ job it was to lose the war on purpose so communism can spread, by trying to avoid a war with Britain so he doesn’t lose the war while warning the British they are fighting for communism because Hitler was a communist agent who wanted to spread communism. Have a hard time following that? you’re not alone.
We get it Bjerknes, you wanted to sell a book and make some money, but my god you could have slapped together some better lies than this pathetic, sorry crap.
After Dunkirk, it was Hitlers hopeful intention that Lord Halifax’s pro-peace group would win over Churchill’s pro-war focus group because Hitler would have proven Churchill’s war propaganda wrong. Sadly Halifax failed and war came anyway because the real Rothschild Bolshevik/Zionist agent Winston Churchill had too much power and every peace proposal by Hitler was simply refused. This is an undeniable historical fact, and you know it Bjerknes.
When Hitler did finally strike back at the British, do you know where he struck, Bjerknes you lying fraud? The City of London. Now lets clarify that to make sure you grasp this, the City of London is a distinct and separate entity from “London” proper. It is the same concept as Washington D.C. being a separate entity and governing body than Washington. This is the way the Zionist/globalists set up international control districts or “control bases” in any given country.
The City of London is a banking financial “district”, and it is where the Rothschild’s have operated their home base for centuries.
” N M Rothschild & Sons financial strength in the City of London became such that by 1825–26, the bank was able to supply enough coin to the Bank of England to enable it to avert a liquidity crisis.”
So then Mr Bjerknes, here’s what Hitler the “Rothschild Zionist agent” did to the City of London financial district;
“the City fell victim to large scale and highly destructive aerial bombing during World War II, especially in the Blitz. Whilst St Paul’s Cathedral survived the onslaught, large swathes of the area did not and the particularly heavy raids of late December 1940 led to a firestorm called the Second Great Fire of London.” – And yes, this is “City of London” NOT London.
This is interesting, because Adolf Hitler is, according to you, allegedly this British/Zionist/Rothschild puppet who avoided war with England because he was really working for them behind the scenes. And yet, here we see Hitler carpet bombing the literal financial district of Lord Rothschild. Care to explain that, Bjerknes you huckster?
You didn’t say it during the interview, but in your book you reference Hitlers failure to green-light Operation Sea Lion as proof he is a Rothschild asset. In actual fact, it’s because by 1940 the Soviet Union was already building up on the European border, as outlined by Viktor Suvorov. For Hitler to begin invading and occupying England at that point, would have left the door open for Stalin to attack a meagerly defended Western Europe with ease.
We’re now going to cover Hitlers earlier origins in the post-WW I Wiemar Republic. In which Bjerknes during the debate insisted Hitler was either coached by or associated with the following individuals. Erich Ludendorf, Kurt Eisner, Karl Mayr, Ernst Toller and Eugene Levine. Their identities, relationship to Hitler and their true stories will be revealed, more importantly the lies Bjerknes has spun will be deconstructed.
– Bjerknes claims that General Erich Ludendorff was a Freemason who was directing Hitler “the spy” to infiltrate the German Workers Party and subvert it for Freemasonry. Well , a little fact checking reveals that General Ludendorff was actually staunchly anti-Mason, so much so that he actually wrote a book exposing Freemasonry entitled; ““Destruction of Freemasonry Through Revelation of their Secrets.
“Masonry brings its members into conscious subjection to the Jews… it trains them to become venal Jews…”
“German Masonry is a branch of organized international Masonry the headquarters of which are in New York … there also is the seat of Jewish world Power…”

– Erich Ludendorff
Well  Christopher, it looks you either didn’t do your research before copy-pasting this lie you heard somewhere else, or you just completely made this up. Either way, its pathetic and you’re a liar.
– Karl Mayr is supposed to be Hitlers “coach” and “handler” during Hitlers post-war job in the Reichswehr (German army) in which Bjerknes claimed was a “communist government” and Hitler was part of the “Communist Soldiers Council” in the Bavarian Soviet Republic.
What Bjerknes leaves out, is the Bavarian Soviet Republic only lasted one month before it was overthrown by the German Army (That Hitler was working for), and during that one month time period it was never officially recognized as legitimate. Furthermore, Bjerknes claims the Bavarian Soviet Republic was “Kurt Eisner’s government” but in actuality, Eisner was assassinated on February 1919. The Bavarian Soviet Republic would not begin until AFTER in April 1919! So for Bjerknes to call it “Kurt Eisners government”, is patently false.
As per usual fashion, Bjerknes doesn’t tell the full story about Karl Mayr. Just like Hjalmar Schacht, Mr Karl Mayr ended up arrested and in a concentration camp by Hitler. Gee, how did this happen? I mean, according to Bjerknes this was Hitlers coach and handler. Karl Mayr joined the Social Democrat party (SPD) in 1925 and began using their press media to slander Hitler and the NSDAP. But wait, I thought Mayr was Hitlers guiding handler?
I will quote directly off of Bjerknes own website;
“Captain Karl Mayr and General Erich Ludendorff chose Lance Corporal Adolf Hitler to lead an anti-Semitic and anti-Bolshevik National-Socialist party, and how they made him into a “German Joan of Arc”, dangerous demagogue and belligerent dictator.”
So Bjerknes you lying fraud, if Hitler was tasked with leading an “anti-semitic, anti-bolshvik, national socialist party” as you claim, why did Karl Mayr join an OPPOSING party AGAINST the National Socialist party and agitate against Hitler in the SPD press long before the National Socialists ever took power? Was Hitler not doing what he was instructed to do? and how did Karl Mayr end up arrested by the SS and sent to Buchenwald concentration camp in 1940?  I thought this was Hitlers coach, weren’t they all in on it together? How did that happen, Christopher?
– Ernst Toller and Eugine Levine were both consecutive proceeding leaders of the Bavarian Soviet Republic that lasted 1 month. Neither of them had any direct relation or contact with Hitler, but Bjerknes attempts to spin this as Hitler was working in their “communist soldier council.” Which again I will reiterate, the Bavarian Soviet Republic was never officially recognized as a legitimate government in its short one month existence before it was overthrown by Johannes Hoffmann, the legitimate Minister of Bavaria and the German President Friedrich Ebert. So when Bjerknes insists “Hitler was working for a communist government” he is desperately, and I do mean desperately grasping for straws.
“The Bavarian Soviet Republic was officially crushed on 6 May 1919, when Lt. General Burghard von Oven and his military forces declared the city secure. In the aftermath of arrests and executions, Hitler denounced a fellow liaison, Georg Dufter, as a Soviet “radical rabble-rouser.”Other testimony he gave to the military board of inquiry allowed them to root out other members of the military that “had been infected with revolutionary fervor. For his anti-communist views he was allowed to avoid discharge when his unit was disbanded in May 1919.”
As an end note to this particular topic, I will refer back to my first article where I asked, if they really wanted to “spread communism” as Bjerknes claims, the Zionist elites could have just allowed the already blossoming communist revolutions in post WW1 Europe to continue spreading. Instead of having the “secret communist agent Hitler”, they could have had a real and open communist like Eugine Levine who would have turned ALL of Germany communist and merged it with the Soviet Union. Why didn’t that happen? The early USSR was openly pro-Zionist, Bjerknes you fraud, just so you know. Stalin was open to Zionism as a means of garnering Jewish support against Hitler. In fact the USSR was so pro-Zionist they were the first ones to cast a YES vote in the U.N. mandate for the partition of Palestine after WW II and the formation of the Jewish state of Israel. And then the Soviet Union was the first country to officially recognize the state of Israel. Their was no need for a “Hitler figure” to spread communism or give the Jews Israel, the Soviet Union would have done BOTH. In actual fact, Bjerknes you lying fraud, the Soviet Union transferred MORE JEWS to Palestine than did the Third Reich!
In response to growing international pressure, the Soviets began allowing Jews to emigrate in limited numbers annually starting in 1968, officially for “family reunification”. Initially, most went to Israel, but after 1976, the majority began immigrating to the United States which had a policy of treating Soviet Jews as refugees under the Jackson-vanik Amendment. In total, some 291,000 Soviet Jews were granted exit visas between 1970 and 1988, of whom 165,000 immigrated to Israel and 126,000 to the United States.”
That is literally twice the number of Jews that immigrated under the Transfer Agreement! The Soviet Union was willing to help transfer its Jewish population to Israel long before the dissolution of the USSR! Their was no need for Hitler! especially if the communist Soviet Union was allowed to absorb post WW1 Europe as it was already doing until German nationalism stopped them. I digress, we will come back to this point in the next article. 
Bjerknes proceeded to lie again and claim “The Soviet Union shut down Masonic lodges too, it was all part of a ritual” – How interesting, only problem with that is Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky and Marx were all open Freemasons themselves.

Not only that, but the “persecution” the Masonic lodges endured under the Bolsheviks was next to non-existent. It was a symbolic gesture to fool their supporters into believing they were not apart of the “aristocracy” or “elite” who many rightfully associated Freemasonry with. It is the same dichotomy as Lenin and Marx supposedly being anti-religion, yet mysteriously no synagogues were destroyed or shut down in Russia, and anti-semitism was made a criminal offense by Lenin. Beyond that, members of Masonic lodges were not mass arrested and sent to work camps like they were in the Reich, nor did the Soviets create films and propaganda implicating their enemies of being part of a worldwide Masonic-Jewish conspiracy as the Reich did. Bjerknes is actually right about one thing, ironically, the “persecution” of the Masons in the USSR was indeed all for show, and not real. Unlike in the Soviet Union, Freemasons in Germany, particularly mid to top degree Masons were forced to wear the following uniform and identification marker as they conducted hard labor in concentration camps. It was very real.
Freemasons were graded as political prisoners and wore an inverted red triangle Katz. Jews and Freemasons in Europe . In Israel Gutman. The Encyclopedia of the Holocaust. p. vol. 2, p. 531.
In fact, much of German propaganda and film material revolved around Freemasonry. The Soviet Union on the other hand, what was their propaganda about exactly? the Bourgeois capitalists, a very ambiguous terminology.
He then went on to claim there were “secret lodges” Hitler avoided shutting down, this is yet another massive lie. What Bjerknes is referencing is the Prussian Grand Lodges, and they were directly confronted by Hermann Göring who gave them an ultimatum; either strip their lodges of any and all things Masonic and replace it with volkisch (indo-Germanic) teachings, or be forcefully closed down by the Gestapo. The Grand Lodges tried to appease the National Socialists who still did not accept their overtures and remained hostile towards them. The Grand Lodges, realizing the gravity of the situation, then began attempting to smuggle their documents and archives out of Germany into other countries, until the final order arrived from The Interior Ministry ordering that all Grand Lodges along with their constituent lodges had to be disbanded by 21 July 1935. Interestingly, Hjalmar Schacht was a member of the Grand Lodge “Zur Freundschaft” which was closed down in 1935. It would be only 3 years later until Hjalmar Schacht himself was relieved of all duties at the Reichsbank, and shortly thereafter, imprisoned in a concentration camp for aiding Hitlers assassins. Pretty funny, isn’t it Bjerknes? yours lies fall apart at every angle.
Of course Bjerknes the lying fraud then tries to insist Hitler was also a Freemason, and that they were all “engaging in a ritual together” by closing down the Masonic lodges. I don’t even need to waste space refuting this one, in fact their is no material, conjecture or otherwise, for me to even refute (as I refute everything else at length). It simply does not even exist, and Bjerknes is quiet simply, making crap up.
Another closely related lie to that one, is the “Hitler was part Jewish” myth. This one is one of my favorites, because its so old, so thoroughly debunked, and so unoriginal. At one point in the debate, Bjerknes begins claiming Hitler was “hiding” his true lineage from his generals, and ordered all the material about his lineage be destroyed. This was the point when I realized, Bjerknes really didn’t come up with anything new on his own while writing his books, it really seems like he just raked the internet for any old lies about Hitler to lazily cobble together into a book and call it new. It’s just pathetic. But since he said it, we will debunk it.
As it turns out, the entire myth of Hitler having “Jewish origins” was a psychological operation crafted by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) which was the precursor to the CIA. Primarily through one Walter Langer who was tasked with constructing a psychoanalytical “profile” of Adolf Hitler, incidentally one of his sources to accomplish this was condemned former NSDAP legal adviser and lawyer, Hans Frank as he awaited his execution. Both Walter Langer and Robert G.L. Waite, a historian at Williams College, authored the book entitled “The Mind of Adolf Hitler: The Secret Wartime Report.” This book, which comes directly out of military psychological intelligence, postulates that Hitlers grandmother had a child out of wedlock with a Jewish man named Leopold Frankenberger. The book goes on to say;

“But Hitler had worried that he might be blackmailed over a Jewish grandfather and ordered his private lawyer, Hans Frank, to investigate his paternal lineage. Frank told the Fuehrer that his grandmother had become pregnant while working as a domestic servant in a Jewish household in Graz.
The facts of this matter are in dispute – and a very lengthy dispute it has been. The point of overriding psychological and historical importance is not whether it is true that Hitler had a Jewish grandfather, but whether he believed that it might be true.”
Only problem is, there is no historical record of a “Frankenberger” family ever living in Graz.
It appears Langer and Waite’s primary source for this myth, Hans Frank, was a questionable source being a man condemned to death willing to say just about anything to avoid the hangman.
American Jewish psychologist G. M. Gilbert was sent to Europe as a military intelligence officer and was appointed prison psychologist for the German prisoners.  He later wrote in his book Nuremberg Diary on p.19: “He [Hans Frank] and Albert Speer were the only defendants to show any true remorse for their war crimes …” He should also have said they were the only two who spoke ill of Adolf Hitler in retrospect, the former in hopes to clear himself before God, the latter in hopes to clear his reputation before his new earthly rulers.” 
During his imprisonment at Nuremberg, Hanks Franks “testimony” was relayed to American Army chaplain Sixtus O’Conner before his death. Not only was the “Frankenberger in Graz” bit utterly false, but Frank also alleged that Hitler had told him personally that he “knew their were no Jews in his family because he talked to his grandmother about it.” Again, one big problem, Hitlers grandmother had been dead since before he was born. The entire story was a complete fabrication, then recycled and perpetuated by the OSS (CIA) for propaganda. This is where Bjerknes lie came from, which I’m sure he himself doesn’t even know where it originated from, he just copied it from somewhere else and recited it. 
A German historian and professor by the name of Werner Maser did extensive family tree research on Hitlers lineage, and authored the book; “Hitler: Legend, Myth and Reality” published in 1971, he concluded that Hitlers grandfather was Johann Nepomuk Hüttler, a German farmer living in Spital, in the Waldviertel region in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. His book has been available for almost 50 years debunking this absurd lie, but con-artists like Christopher Bjerknes, ignore true scholarly research.
We will conclude this installment here. In the next installment we will continue deconstructing the lies in Bjerknes second and third book installments focusing mainly on Zionism and WW II.
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