Sunday, March 1, 2020

Putin Is No Friend of White Nationalism

First off, during the Putin’s reign in Russia homosexuality was not just legalized and legitimized, but was given an enormous boost; it’s exploded. Now homosexuality is everywhere in Russia, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg, even in public schools among young children, and it’s growing and flourishing. In fact, in the RF, homosexuals are more legally protected and are more “equal” than heterosexuals.
It’s a sheer hypocrisy on Mr. Putin’s part to sometimes publicly voice disapproval of homosexual marriages, as he did so much to encourage and promote homosexuality in Russia for the last 20 years. You can bet your last dollar that homosexual marriages in Russia will be fully legalized in the future, and not a very distant one.
One must understand who Putin really is, and what his agenda in Russia is. He is a neo-Bolshevik and former Tchekist (and in the heart, I am sure, he still is). He openly admires Lenin, Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill, and hates, naturally, Hitler.  He deeply regrets the disintegration of the Soviet Union and calls it “the greatest tragedy in human history”, while warmly praising Bolshevism and the Sovietism experience in Russian history.
Laws against anti-semitism in Putin’s Russia are among the harshest in all of Europe, just like under Lenin and Stalin. It’s illegal in Putinite Russia to denounce the actions of murderous Tcheka and Red Army, “the army of rapists.”
It is also against the law in Putin’s Russia to doubt and deny the Shoah; it is punishable by a lengthy prison term. However, it is okay in Putin’s Russia to deny the (German) Holocaust, and it is okay to deny the Holodomor and Gulags. The swastika is banned and outlawed, but magena (star of David) is completely legal. Nationalist-socialists are outlawed and harshly prosecuted in Putin’s Russia.
On the other hand, Judaist Israel is among the best friends for Putin’s neo-Bolshevik Russia.
It’s no surprise Putin aligned himself with the Christian Church in Russia, which is one of the most corrupt of all churches. This church has acquired an enormous wealth through export-import operations with alcohol and tobacco, which was made possible thanks to privileges and exemptions granted by the Putinite regime, not to mention that the top church leadership are Jews and other non-whites. Remember this when next time you see Putin strike a pose with the Russian Christian Church hierarchs as he often does.
Trump in Washington
And who rules Russia? Mainstream media, both private and public, are virtual Jew monopolies, just like in America.  conomic control by ethnic and racial breakdown is not published in Russia. Late 1990s and early 2000s the ruling Jews, so called “Oligarchs”, openly boasted that they collectively controlled 70-80 percent of the Russian economy through banking and corporate holdings. The first thing the Jews did after 1991 (disintegration of the SU) was to set up a central bank and stock exchange in Russia, as their symbols of the conquered nation. The central bank of Russia was modeled to mimic the Federal Reserve in America, with the money supply based on debt and interest, and, as a consequence, debt slavery. All these arrangements of the Semitic capitalism Putin left intact.
Compare, Putin in Moscow
Since then Russian Jewry uses more discretion and avoids making bold statements, but the state of affairs didn’t change much. It is true that when Putin came to power in Russia some 20 years ago he banished well-known odious Jews, but he brought with him his own Jews instead. He knows very well that to keep holding onto power he must be in good graces with Jews. Putin was brought in to stabilize the country, which was at the time in the state of economic freefall. Yeltsin was an alcoholic and started to develop Alzheimers before he died, and Jews were concerned that something negative for them might come out of this uncontrolled situation. It is true that Putin stabilized the situation, but this stabilization means a controlled genocide and planned extinction of White people in Russia. Putin repeatedly went on record to attack White Nationalism, and specifically White Russian Nationalism. In fact, presently all White Nationalist activities are outlawed in Russia; activists were given various prison terms.
Putin in Judaist Israel
Both Sweden’s rulers and Germany’s Merkel squirm and blush from envy as Putin’s regime floods Russia with non-white migration, both legal and illegal, mostly Muslim. Some 16 million non-white invaders moved in Russia since Putin came to power about 20 years ago, and millions were legalized and received Russian citizenship. It’s almost a million non-white invaders, both legal and illegal, coming to Russia each year. Moscow now is ironically called “Moskvabad”. With the birth rate of White Russians among the lowest in all of Europe, the population increase in Russia comes from brown and yellow races and non-white migration. It is projected that, with the trend continuing, White Russians will become a decisive minority in Russia by 2040-2050, just like White Americans are projected to become a minority in America.

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