Saturday, March 14, 2020

No Bail in Virginia for a Texas National Socialist Who Wanted to Start Racial Holy War

A federal magistrate in Virginia has denied bond to an accused National Socialist from Texas who prosecutors say was planning to report phony bomb threats to terrorize a number of targets including an unnamed former cabinet official, and a black church in Virginia.
26 year old John Denton of Montgomery, Texas is accused of plotting a crime that law enforcement agencies know as “swatting.” Virginia prosecutors say he conspired with others to call in phony bomb threats and attack reports in an effort to prompt large scale law enforcement responses to the locations occupied by unsuspecting victims.
Denton asked the judge to release him into his grandfather’s custody, but the judge turned him down saying she was concerned about the extensive nature of his alleged conspiracy. Prosecutors say Denton is the leader of a Texas based National Socialist group that’s trying to start a racial holy war.

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