Monday, March 23, 2020

Miss Hitler Beauty Pageant Contestant Found Guilty of Being a Terrorist

Miss Hitler beauty pageant entrant Alice Cutter and her ex-fiance Mark Jones have been convicted of being members of British National Socialist group National Action.
Miss Cutter, 23, denied being a part of the group, which was labelled a "racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic organisation" by then Home Secretary Amber Rudd when it was banned in December 2016.
Prosecutors accused Cutter of being a "central spoke" among the organisation's hard-core, and had entered the beauty pageant to drive recruitment.
She claimed never to have considered herself a member, despite attending meetings with group leaders. 
Cutter met Jones after attending for an online Miss Hitler competition run by the proscribed NS group - under the name The Buchenwald Princess.
During his evidence, he told jurors of his feelings of admiration for Adolf Hitler, while the court heard he had a special wedding edition of Mein Kampf.
Jones and Cutter, both of Sowerby Bridge, near Halifax, Yorkshire, described themselves in court as avowed National Socialists, but denied any wrongdoing.
Two other men were convicted for membership of National Action.
Garry Jack, 24, joined National Action six months before the ban. He had denied taking a photograph found on his phone of graffiti reading gas the Jews.
Connor Scothern, 19, did not give evidence at trial. But in messages he sent following the ban in August 2017, he talked of setting up a clear and openly fascist youth movement.
Addressing the four convicts, Judge Paul Farrer said: "'You have all been convicted of a serious terrorist offence. You cannot be sentenced today."

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