Wednesday, March 11, 2020

“Debate” Between C. J. Bjerknes and Dennis Wise: Was Hitler an Authentic Leader or an Agent of the Eternal Enemy?

The following video shows a not-so-great debate between C. J. Bjerknes and Dennis Wise on Adam Green’s Bitchute channel. It seemed fair enough at first; Wise, who produced “Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told”, a favourite among revisionists, holds the position that Hitler was the real deal, while, like we all know now, Bjerknes believes Hitler was some kind of agent for the Rothschilds and Zionists and was himself, even to the very end, a diehard committed Communist.
I listened to the whole thing and must say, it was terrible. Bjerknes was hostile from the beginning and it seemed, while not explicitly, that Adam Green was ganging up on Wise.
I really hoped though that Dennis Wise would smash Bjerknes and his unbearable arrogant ways, but I had the feeling that he was drunk or generally is just not very good at debates. He rambled on, did not let anyone finish, could not answer questions and seemed almost clueless despite the very good film he produced now almost 7 years ago (an eye opener for many), which had all the sources you can look up (I did, and most of them were authentic). He really came off as completely overwhelmed by Bjerknes. Very sad.
For instance, Wise laughed and made fun of Bjerknes when he mentioned that the Reichswehr (the military) in 1919 in Munich was in fact strongly tied to the Bavarian Soviet Republic and that they were actually known as a “Red Army” for a short time. Well, that is true, so Bjerknes, with his typical spin of things trying to denounce Hitler as a Communist, actually won with this argument, making Wise look like a buffoon.
Another thing that put me off was Wise and his very pro-Christian views, which he projected onto Hitler and the NSDAP. Again, they were not that pro-Christian and famously shy of being too explict, but most indications show them to be mildly anti-Christian on the higher level of the party. Himmler was in fact very strongly anti-Christian. This can be used against Wise as he is being biased for religious reasons and ignoring blatant facts.
What I got out of this:
Adam Green, while being somewhat of an honest broker, was tending to be on Bjerknes’ side. People also told me to not trust him and I can understand why. I felt a bit uneasy about him here. It really came off like a total charade.
Bjerknes is a very strange and somewhat psychotic character, but he knows what he has to say and can twist and turn words, which is very Jewish in nature. He will use any weakness of his opponents and here he had plenty of opportunity. Generally I view him as dishonest and a man of weak, not to say bad, demeanour.
Dennis Wise was the one person I rooted for, but was disappointed for the reasons I mentioned above. He just had his head up his rear end and came off as somewhat stupid or drunk/stoned out of his mind. It did not help that he has absolutely no self awareness during the debate. He was always, and I mean always, interrupting when someone else was speaking.
Like I said, it was a terrible pseudo-debate.
Most readers of RT will now know that Hitler was NO actor or “agent” and it was basically proven in several articles now, even a whole series made by the writer Noble, that he really was a good leader of the German people and a role model to emulate around the world.
I personally denounce Bjerkness as a person and his idiotic claims. I hope I made clear where I stand.

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