Sunday, March 8, 2020

Danish Prisons Turn Overwhelmingly Islamic

It’s not exactly breaking news that immigrants, particularly third world immigrants, are vastly overrepresented in Western Europe crime statistics.
What hasn’t been seen, up until lately is that prisons that are filled primarily with Muslim inmates.
The Danish Prison Federation has now raised the alarm about such conditions plaguing Danish prisons.
In the last survey on the populations of Danish prisons in November 2018, 50.5 percent of the inmates were foreigners or immigrants of the first of the second generation. In Copenhagen prisons, this number was 66.3 percent, Rights Norway reports.
Without a doubt, this has affected daily life in prisons.
Muslim prisoners are using their numbers to take control of the food other inmates are allowed to eat, and they are forcing them to participate in Islamic prayer. Reports have also surfaced about Muslim inmates pouring boiling oil with sugar on Danish prisoners.
The Prison Federation leader, Bo Yde Sørensen, says to newspaper Berlingske that the development is alarming.
Since being elected leader of the Prison Federation in 2007, he has sounded the alarm. However, the problems, he says, are only getting worse.
Sørensen says that the Danish Service has been reluctant to speak about these happenings for years.
We see that Muslim inmates actually take control of what other inmates are allowed to eat, while also requiring inmates to participate in prayer. Brutal assaults on ethnic Danes are also common, according to Sørensen.
It is simply grotesque that this happens from “time to time”, Sørensen says.
The Prison Service – Kriminalomsorgsforbundet – will still not relate to the Prison Federation’s alarming stories, with the Prison Service leader John Hatting responding with the usual PC answers.
Hatting contends that that nine out of ten inmates are still what can be referred to as “Danes” because many of them have legal residence in Denmark, but are more “financially and socially vulnerable”.
However, Bo Yde Sørensen does not appreciate or agree with Hatting’s ideas.
Sørensen says most foreigners with deportation sentences in Danish prisons behave well, but that it is a different story with second-generation inmates, especially those with a background from the Middle East or North Africa.
A previous report from Norway shows that the Quran is the most popular book among inmates in Norwegian prisons.

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