Monday, March 16, 2020

Al Jazeera Wants Muslims Afraid of White Nationalists Instead of Jewish Supremacists

They are bringing the fake-as-hell Christchurch shooting back into the news in order to vilify White people.
Al Jazeera recently had on “former Neo Nazi” Christian Picciolini, who has been funded by the White House’s Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program, to discuss the rising international threat of White people who don’t hate themselves.
Picciolini said, “The level of violence, the number of people killed, the way it was live-streamed … I think was really shocking.” I guess the United States government mass murdering and displacing millions of Middle Easterners is not a big deal and not shocking at all, since it is really all done out of love and the desire to “spread democracy.” I have not killed one single brown or black person, but the US government steals our tax money to mass murder brown and black people in their own countries, while claiming that people like me are the real threat. Of course no one on Al Jazeera is going to point out this hypocrisy.
Miller-Idris said, “You do see mainstream politicians here and overseas echoing the same kind of anti-immigrant, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic kinds of ideas or conspiracy theories.” Oh yeah, you just see rampant xenophobia and jew-hatred in mainstream media all the time, right? That’s why 2/3 of the Congress was at AIPAC this year, right?
They are trying hard to make “White Nationalism” seem like an international terrorist group, rather than just indigenous Whites standing up for their rights.
Picciolini said:
When I was involved in the white supremacist movement in the US, from ’87 to ’96, we were already forging those connections in places like Germany. So I think that it’s ramping up. I think that these connections overseas are starting to get more violent.”
Of course these jew shills can just reference some recent PsyOp shootings to make their case.
The last couple of attacks in Germany, either the live-streaming or the manifestos were in English for a reason, right? … They were designed to communicate to a larger audience and trying to speak to people outside of the country.”
This man is not White.
Has Christian Picciolini ever spoken up to counter the “violent extremism” that is targeting White people, inciting by the jewish mainstream media? I can assure you the answer is no. He is an agent of White genocide and his purpose is not to stop hate, but to propagate it against the enemies of world jewry.

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