Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Top Rabbis Claim “Free Speech is Working Against Democracies”

Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt recently chaired a Munich Security Conference, where he and others warned against the dangers of free speech.
The first time I was made aware of Pinchas Goldschmidt, Moscow’s chief rabbi and the president of the Conference of European Rabbis, was when he told RT that jews and Muslims are natural allies in fighting against “Old Europe.”
We see ourselves together, fighting together, with our Muslim brothers… they are our natural allies.”
Goldschmidt is not a big fan of the ways of “Old Europe,” like having freedom of speech, and thinks that Europeans need to have their mouths shut even more than they do now. Already many Europeans are not able object to their genocide via illegal immigration, question the lies of the Holocaust, use “Nazi” symbols, or make certain gestures like the Roman salute or the quenelle. However, that is not enough for this jewish supremacist, who wants the goyim slaves to have all of their rights to free expression completely removed.
Goldschmidt gave a very “interesting” presentation last Friday at a Munich Security Conference titled “Combating hate crime.” From Israel National News:
Together with the executive vice president of the World Jewish Congress Maram Stern, the panel was chaired by Chief Rabbi Goldschmidt and focused on the dangers caused by social media, including rampant anti-Semitism, far-right extremism and Islamophobia – all of which have found new life online.
A key agenda point addressed how social media channels spread messages faster and more efficiently than ever before and that more needs to be done to regulate these channels. The speakers concluded that tech giants are failing to deal with forms of racist hatred and the dissemination of extremist views across their platforms.
Goldschmidt told the conference:
The internet has created a vast arena in which those who hold a deep hatred towards religious groups, for instance, are able to share their views with others. More worryingly, they use a variety of platforms such as instant messaging to share dangerous tactics in their attempt to attack – both verbally and physically – those who do not subscribe to their way of thinking or choice of lifestyle. The evidence is clear: Hate and prejudice is commonplace on social media. The Halle synagogue on Yom Kippur and the mosque attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, are prime examples of digitally inspired attacks.”
The PsyOp attacks staged by “our greatest ally” will continue to be referenced as justification for why jews need to take away even more rights from us.
Peter Neumann, Director of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR), King’s College London claimed that technologically speaking, “free speech actually is working against democracies” and that “hate speech, in particular, is a huge challenge for our democracies today.”
Prof. Dr. Michel Friedman, lawyer, philosopher, and Executive Director of Center for Applied European Studies (CAES), argued that “right wing extremists” need to be dealt with in the same manner as ISIS, to make sure no criticism of jews or their army of illegal invaders can be levied online.
Alex Samos, Center for International Security and Cooperation CISAC (Stanford University) and former Chief Security Officer at Facebook, bemoaned the fact that there is not an international coalition of governments against “right wing extremism” like the one against ISIS, apparently pretending like there is not a ZOG in every Western nation and that ISIS does not stand for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. He stated, “There is no broad alliance of states against right-wing extremism,” and went on to point out, “if an Islamist contribution is censored, nobody cares. If they censor right-wing extremist politicians, that leads to a problem because some of them are sitting in governments.”
Isn’t free speech the epitome of democracy, where every citizen is allowed to have his say? Not when “democracy” is defined by jewish supremacists. When they speak of democracy, they mean a government that is run by jews, that dedicates most of its resources to protecting jews worldwide and expanding Greater Israel against international law, where no criticism of jews is ever allowed, and where citizens are given the illusion of choosing between ZOG puppets in elections. Under that definition, free speech certainly is a big threat to “democracy.”

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