Sunday, February 9, 2020

The Jewish Lowlives

Jewish Lowlives
Jews are a waste of life
They use up all the air that we breathe
These subhuman Jews leach all over us
They believe that they are superior to us all

Fake is a word that the Jew only knows
The Jewish existence on earth is what I resent
At the cost of goyim Jews get by
Every word Jews speak is a lie
Lowlives, is all Jews shall ever be
Their lies are always in effect, just like they want you to see

Kikes always hide behind material values
For it helps to cover up their weakness
Jews will never change, but always look for
The easiest and laziest way out of life
The Jews are nothing more than a pathetic excuse for a human being

The kikes have nothing to back them up, never giving second thoughts
Jews have thought that they have fooled the world, into seeing what they are not

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