Sunday, February 9, 2020

The Jewish Communists

The Jewish Communists

Jews meet in underground parking lots
And spend late nights in our coffee shops
With their sick voices low because they are drunk on power
Jews will even steal hats and our sunglasses
Jews never question when they are wrong
Still I will always discuss the evil Jewish conspiracies
Jews are enemies of all states
The idealist, righteous targets

I will kill this kike, let them bleed to death
Just to get their just dues
And a booklet in the hall of fame
So next time I visit the first world
I won't have to hear Jewish “sufferings”
The anti Jewish revolution will be on a podcas

I took the bus to the anarchist book fair
I left a dead kike's body at home
I burned an extremely rare signed copy of the Jewish communist manifesto
I protested the G8 and shot some kike female police
In their dark uniforms and boots
I took some Jewish souvenirs home

Still I wait to see if my blocks on Facebook are enough
To get through the day's empire and become tomorrow's ashes
On some red Jewish blood sprayed on my wall
Next to the Torah and the Tanakh will be the great battle
The battle against Jewish supremacy

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