Sunday, February 9, 2020

The Jewish Aliens

The Jewish Aliens
Hey mom there is someone in the kikeroom
I hope it is not the Jewish creatures from below
Jews used to read us stories
As if our lives were boring
We know that anti Jewish conspiracies are all true

What if people knew the evil of Jews were real
Iit would force them to close their doors at night
I know what the Jewish CIA will say
That what we hear is all hearsay
I know that many close to me will tell me that I am right

I am up all night long
So there must be something wrong
I know it is not late
Jews will be gone like yesterday
I don't like you kikes
I'm not like you kikes
And your twelve majestic lies

I remain a skeptic as Jews knew me
My best friends and I will kill till we die
I took the truth injection
For fear of the Jews and their abduction
My other friends think I am telling lies about the evils of the Jews

Jews are dark and scary, but ordinary
They give no explanations or information
Paranoia, it is good that you are here
Who are the Jewish mothers and fathers, the devil!

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