Sunday, February 16, 2020

New HBO Show Depicts Charles Lindbergh and Patriotic Americans as “Nazis” For Not Wanting jewry’s War on Germans

Official teaser trailer for HBO’s The Plot Against America miniseries, a story about working-class Jewish family in New Jersey trying to survive in alternative future where Charles Lindbergh has become president and America has turned to fascism. In real life, Lindbergh was a famous aviator, American hero and spokesperson for the America First Committee. This committee was an organization of near a million Americans who vehemently opposed the Jew’s demands to ally with the Jewish Bolshevik led communists of Russia and attack the Germans. The organization disbanded days after the Pearl Harbor attack. The HBO series portrays Lindbergh and white Americans as Nazis. Created and written by producer David Simon based on the novel of the same name by novelist Philip Roth. Simon and Roth are both Jewish.

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