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National Socialism – The Fundamentals (Part 13)

Note- “National Socialism – The Fundamentals” are series of blog posts that breakdown the core fundamental teachings of National Socialism.  These “fundamentals” come, for the most part, directly from Hitler’s book, “Mein Kampf”, which was written in 1925, and other sources.  Mein Kampf was Hitler’s autobiography. 

The whole idea of National Socialism is to create a society that functions as one congruent organism with no class antagonisms. 
Hitler in “Mein Kampf” brought clarity to this most important objective.
[The following is from Mein Kampf… condensed & re-edited.  Read the original book for exact wording as intended by Hitler.  “Mein Kampf: The Stalag Edition” is the only complete & officially authorized NSDAP English Translation ever issued.]
“Looking at the matter from the highest standpoint, the National Socialist Movement will have to recognize the necessity of adopting its ‘own’ trade-unionist policy.”
“A real National Socialist education for the employer as well as for the employee, in the spirit of a mutual co-operation within the common framework of the national community, cannot be secured by theoretical instruction, appeals and exhortations, but through the struggles of daily life.  In this spirit, and through this spirit, the movement must educate the several large economic groups and bring them closer to one another under a wider outlook.  Without this preparatory work it would be sheer illusion to hope that a real national community can be brought into existence.  The great ideal (National Socialism) represented by its philosophy of life, and for which the movement fights, can alone form a general style of thought steadily & slowly.  And this style will show that the new state of things rests on foundations that are internally sound and not merely an external façade.”
“Hence, the movement must adopt a positive attitude towards the trade-unionist idea.  But it must go further than this.  For the enormous number of members & followers of the trade-unionist movement it must provide a practical education which will meet the urgent need of the coming National Socialist State.”
“The National Socialist Trades Union is not an instrument for class warfare, but a representative organ of the various occupations & callings.  The National Socialist State recognizes no classes.”
“Under the political aspect, it recognizes only citizens with absolutely equal rights & equal obligations corresponding thereto.  And, side by side with these, it recognizes subjects (non-citizens) of the State who have no political rights whatsoever.”
“According to the National Socialist concept, it is not the task of the trades union to band together certain men within the national community, and thus gradually transform these men into a class, so as to use them in a conflict against other groups similarly organized within the national community.  We certainly cannot assign this task to the trades union as such.  This was the task assigned to it the moment it became a fighting weapon in the hands of the Marxists.  The trades union is not naturally an instrument of class warfare; but the Marxists transformed it into an instrument for use in their own class struggle.  They created the economic weapon which the international Jew uses for the purpose of destroying the economic foundations of free & independent national States, for ruining their national industry & trade, and thereby enslaving free nations to serve Jewish world-finance, which transcends all State boundaries.”
“In contradistinction to this, the National Socialist Trades Union must organize definite groups, and those who participate in the economic life of the nation, and thus enhance the security of the national economic system itself, reinforcing it by the elimination of all those anomalies which ultimately exercise a destructive influence on the social body of the nation, damaging the vital forces of the national community, prejudicing the welfare of the State and, by no means as a last consequence, bringing evil & destruction on economic life itself.”
“Therefore in the hands of the National Socialist Trades Union the strike is not an instrument for disturbing & dislocating the national production, but for increasing it, and making it run smoothly, by fighting against all those annoyances which by reason of their unsocial character hinder efficiency in business, and thereby hamper the existence of the whole nation.”
“Individual efficiency stands always in casual relation to the general social & juridical position of the individual in the economic process.  Individual efficiency is also the sole root of the conviction that the economic prosperity of the nation must necessarily contribute to the benefit of the individual citizen.”
“The National Socialist employee will have to recognize the fact that the economic prosperity of the nation brings with it his own material happiness.  The National Socialist employer must recognize that the happiness & contentment of his employees are necessary pre-requisites for the existence & development of his own economic prosperity.”
“National Socialist workers & employers are both together the delegates & mandatories of the whole national community.  The large measure of personal freedom which is accorded to them for their activities must be explained by the fact that experience has shown that the productive powers of the individual are more enhanced by being accorded a generous measure of freedom than by coercion from above.  Moreover, by according this freedom we give free play to the natural process of selection which brings forward the ablest, and most capable, and most industrious.”
“For the National Socialist Trades Union, therefore, the strike is a means that may, and indeed must, be resorted to as long as there is not a National Socialist State yet.  But when that State is established it will, as a matter of course, abolish the mass struggle between the two great groups made up of employers & employees respectively, a struggle which has always resulted in lessening the national production, and injuring the national community.”
“In place of this struggle, the National Socialist State will take over the task of caring for, and defending the rights of all parties concerned.  It will be the duty of the Economic Chamber itself to keep the national economic system in smooth working order, and to remove whatever defects or errors it may suffer from.”
“Questions that are now fought over through a quarrel that involves millions of people will then be settled in the Representative Chambers of Trades & Professions, and in the Central Economic Parliament.”
“Thus employers & employees will no longer find themselves drawn into a mutual conflict over wages & hours of work, always to the detriment of their mutual interests.  But they will solve these problems together on a higher plane, where the welfare of the national community and of the State will be as a shining ideal to throw light on all their negotiations.”
“Here again, as everywhere else, the inflexible principle must be observed, that the interests of the country must come before party interests.”
“The task of the National Socialist Trades Union will be to educate & prepare its members to conform to these ideals.”
All must work together for the maintenance & security of our people and the people’s State, each one according to the abilities & powers with which Nature has endowed him, and which have been developed & trained by the national community.” -Hitler
“All must work together for the maintenance & security of our people and the people’s State, each one according to the abilities & powers with which Nature has endowed him, and which have been developed & trained by the national community.”
Today, the National Socialist movement is at the beginning of its struggle.  In great part it must first of all shape & develop its ideals.  It must employ every ounce of its energy in the struggle to have its great ideal accepted, and the success of this effort is not conceivable unless the ‘combined’ energies of the movement be entirely at the service of this struggle.”

Hitler in “Mein Kampf” elaborated foreign policy for is country from a National Socialist perspective.
[The following is from Mein Kampf… condensed & re-edited.  Read the original book for exact wording as intended by Hitler.  “Mein Kampf: The Stalag Edition” is the only complete & officially authorized NSDAP English Translation ever issued.]
“The fundamental & guiding principles which we must always bear in mind when studying this question is that foreign policy is only a means to an end, and that the sole end to be pursued is the welfare of our own people.  Every problem in foreign politics must be considered from this point of view, and this point of view alone.”
“Shall such-and-such a solution prove advantageous to our people now or in the future, or will it injure their interests?  That is the question!  This is the sole preoccupation that must occupy our minds in dealing with a question.  Party politics, religious considerations, humanitarian ideals, all such and all other preoccupations must absolutely give way to this.”
“A policy of alliances cannot be pursued by bearing past grievances in mind, but it can be rendered fruitful by taking account of past experiences.  Experience should have taught us that alliances formed for negative purposes suffer from intrinsic weakness.  The destinies of nations can be welded together only under the prospect of a common success, of common gain and conquest, in short, a common extension of power for both contracting parties.”
“It is true that a British statesman will always follow a pro-British and not a pro-German policy; but it is also true that certain definite interests involved in this pro-British policy may coincide on various grounds with German interests.  Naturally, that can be so only to a certain degree, and the situation may one day be completely reversed.  But the art of statesmanship is shown when at certain periods there is question of reaching a certain end, and when allies are found who must take the same road in order to defend their own interests.”
God does not follow the principle of granting freedom to a nation of cowards.” -Hitler
“If the German nation is to put an end to a state of things which threatens to wipe it off the map of Europe, it must not fall into the errors of the pre-War period and make the whole world its enemy.  But it must ascertain, who is its most dangerous enemy, so that it can concentrate all its forces in a struggle to beat him.”
“If, in order to carry through this struggle to victory, sacrifices should be made in other quarters, future generations will not condemn us for that.  They will take account of the miseries & anxieties which led us to make such a bitter decision, and in the light of that consideration they will more clearly recognize the brilliancy of our success.”
“We must always be guided by the fundamental principle that… the political independence and strength of the motherland must first be restored.”
“In order that our nation may undertake a policy of alliances, it must restore its prestige among other nations, and it must have an authoritative Government that is not a drudge in the service of foreign States and the taskmaster of its own people, but rather the herald of the national will.”
A change in public feeling among those nations which have hitherto been enemies, and whose true interests will correspond in the future with ours, could be effected, as far as human calculation goes, if the internal strength of our State and our manifest determination to secure our own existence made it clear that we should be valuable allies.”
“The National Socialist Movement must see to it that at least in our own country the mortal enemy is recognized, and that the fight against him may be a beacon light pointing to a new & better period for other nations.”
“May reason be our guide, and will-power our strength.  And may the sacred duty of directing our conduct as I have pointed out give us perseverance & tenacity; and may our faith be our supreme protection.”

Nature… has not reserved this soil for the future possession of any particular nation or race; on the contrary, this soil exists for the people which posses the force to take it and the industry to cultivate it… Nature knows no political boundaries.  First, she puts living creatures on this globe and watches the free play of forces.  She then confers the master’s right on her favorite child, the strongest in courage & industry.” -Hitler
A people’s entire struggle for survival in reality consists only of securing the necessary territory & land as a general precondition for ‘feeding’ the growing population.” -Hitler
Every healthy native people sees nothing sinful in the acquisition of land, but rather something natural.” -Hitler
Note: Hitler had expressed, early in his political career, his often-quoted ideas about invading Russia for living space (Lebensraum) when he wrote “Mein Kamp” in 1925.  After the Bolsheviks consolidated power (Cult of Stalin) in the former Czarist empire, post-1929, the Fuhrer’s focus was on re-building Germany and making peace with the Reich’s enemies, he was no longer advocating such an option.  Historical documents also reveal that the attack on Poland was not a step in a long-planned, systematic program to expand Germany’s living space.  Only after Stalin’s planned invasion of Germany, and Germany’s defensive counterattack (Operation Barbarossa), did Hitler begin to re-envision plans of living space (Lebensraum) in the territory of the Soviet Union.  
Note: Hitler receives criticism for his frank discussions on “Living Space”.  This supposedly makes him a war-monger.  The truth is, he was only telling the truth from a “Might makes Right” perspective, the law of survival, the law of the jungle, etc.  Western “democratic” leaders understand this principle, but are too cowardly & hypocritical to speak openly about such things; they want to make the appearance that they are representatives of “civilized” & “peaceful” countries.  They are secretly subversive!
A growing civilization & First World nation cannot survive & thrive without adequate “living space”.  Germany, after the after the Treaty of Versailles, in 1919, suffered great territorial loses, 14% of it land was lost and 12.5% of the German people where living outside of German borders, especially in the East.  Hitler was determined to affirm Germany’s right to “living space”, and he wrote about it in “Mein Kampf”.
[The following is from Mein Kampf… condensed & re-edited.  Read the original book for exact wording as intended by Hitler.  “Mein Kampf: The Stalag Edition” is the only complete & officially authorized NSDAP English Translation ever issued.]
“When we speak of foreign politics we understand that domain of government which has set before it the task of managing the affairs of a nation in its relations with the rest of the world.”
“The foreign policy of a people’s State must first of all bear in mind the duty of securing the existence of the race which is incorporated in this State.  And this must be done by establishing a healthy & natural proportion between the number & growth of the population on the one hand and the extent, and resources of the territory they inhabit, on the other.  That balance must be such that it accords with the vital necessities of the people.”
“What I call a healthy proportion is that in which the support of a people is guaranteed by the resources of its own soil & sub-soil.  Any situation which falls short of this condition is none the less unhealthy, even though it may endure for centuries, or even a thousand years.  Sooner or later, this lack of proportion must of necessity lead to the decline, or even annihilation, of the people concerned.  Only a sufficiently large space on this earth can assure the independent existence of a people.”
“The extent of the territorial expansion that may be necessary for the settlement of the national population must not be estimated by present demand, nor even by the magnitude of its agricultural productivity in relation to the number of the population.”
“The geometrical dimensions of a State are of importance not only as the source of the nation’s foodstuffs & raw materials, but also from the political & military standpoints.  Once a people is assured of being able to maintain itself from the resources of the national territory, it must think of how this national territory can be defended.  National security depends on the political strength of a State, and this strength, in its turn, depends on the military possibilities inherent in the geographical situation.  Thus, the German nation could assure its own future only by being a World Power.”
“We are sent into this world with the commission to struggle for our daily bread, as creatures to whom nothing is donated, and who must be able to win, and hold their position as lords of the earth only through their own intelligence & courage.”
“No nation on earth possesses a square yard of ground & soil by decree of a higher Will, and in virtue of a higher Right.” 
“State frontiers are established by human beings. and may be changed by human beings.”
“The fact that a nation has acquired an enormous territorial area is no reason why it should hold that territory perpetually.  At most, the possession of such territory is a proof of the strength of the conqueror, and the weakness of those who submit to him.  And in this strength alone lives the right of possession.”
“Our people will not obtain territory, and therewith the means of existence, as a favor from any other people, but will have to win it by the power of a triumphant sword.”
“The right to territory may become a duty when a great nation seems destined to go under unless its territory is extended.”
The truly creative idea of freedom can only fully blossom within the totality of the folk, when our race has air to breathe and land for farming. An effective vital honor will therefore only be seen at work in a nation which has sufficient living space at its disposal. Where the idea of national honor is elevated, the demand for space will be deeper.” -Alfred Rosenberg
“Today, we are but a rock in the river.  In a few years Fate may raise us up as a dam against which the general current will be broken, only to flow forward in a new bed.  Therefore, it is necessary that in the eyes of the rest of the world, our movement should be recognized as representing a definite & determined political program.  We ought to bear on our visors the distinguishing sign of that task which Heaven expects us to fulfill.”
“When we ourselves are fully aware of the ineluctable (inescapable) necessity which determines our external policy, this knowledge will fill us with the grit which we need in order to stand up with mental calmness under the bombardment launched against us by the enemy (Jewish) press, and to hold firm when some insinuating voice whispers that we ought to give ground here and there in order not to have all against us, and that we might sometimes howl with the wolves.”
Note: In 1841, German economist, Friedrich List, wrote “National System of Political Economy” that espoused settlement farming & agricultural expansion eastwards, along with economic industrialization manipulated by the state, and the establishment of a German-dominated European economic sphere as part of the solution to Germany’s economic woes; predecessor to Hitler’s ideas on “Living Space”.
It is farmland upon which a strong & happy race scatters its fruit bringing seed. Today, all the enemies of Germany attack our honor, and they have also stolen Germany’s living space… The metaphysical struggle revolves around the innermost values of character. It signifies a struggle for living space. One strengthens & reinforces the other. With sword & plough! For honor & freedom!” -Alfred Rosenberg
Other thoughts on Living Space…
According to Dr. Walther Emanuel Funk, former Reich’s Press Secretary in the Ministry of Public Enlightenment & Propaganda, then Reich Minister for Economic Affairs and later on, President of the Reichsbank, Living Space (Lebensraum) did not mean the conquest of foreign countries at that time (1931); the thought of war was just as strange to me as it was probably to most other Germans.”
“Lebensraum” meant the opening up of the world for the vital interests of Germany, that is, the participation of the German people in the profitable utilization of the world’s goods of which there was a super-abundance. Whether that was to be done by colonies, or concessions, or international trade agreements, I did not trouble to find out at that time.”
“The expansion of Germany in the world economy before the First World War was the decisive factor which determined me to become an economic journalist… Lebensraum was (meant)… Germany’s participation in the world’s goods, and the abolition of the restraints which hemmed us in on all sides.”
Obviously, there was nothing secret about these Living Space blueprints either in Mein Kampf, which sold by the million after Hitler came to power, or in speeches delivered to large audiences.  No one, therefore, need pride himself on his shrewd insight in supernaturally discovering (divining) Hitler’s intentions.  It is equally obvious that Lebensraum (Living Space) always appeared as one element in these blueprints.  This was not an original idea of Hitler’s.  It was a commonplace of the time.
Hans Grimm’s “People without Space”, for instance, sold much better than Mein Kampf when it was published in 1928.  For that matter, plans for acquiring new territory were aired a lot in Germany during the First World War.
Hitler, far from was actually being more moderate than his predecessors when he sought only Lebensraum in the East and gains in the West.  Hitler merely repeated the ordinary chatter of Right-wing circles.
Was “Living Space” Hitler’s sole idea or indeed the one which dominated his mind?  No! To judge from “Mein Kampf”, Lebensraum gets only seven of the seven-hundred pages.
Politics is the art of carrying out a people’s struggle for survival, for its earthly existence.  Foreign policy is the art of securing for the people the necessary quantity & quality of Lebenstraum (Living Space). Domestic policy is the art of preserving the commitment of strength, in terms of the people’s racial quality & numbers, necessary to do this.” -Hitler
Hitler certainly thought that Germany was most likely to make gains in Eastern Europe when she became again a Great Power.  This was partly because of his belief in Lebensraum.
There were more practical considerations.  For a long time Hitler thought, whether mistakenly or not, that it would be easier to defeat Soviet Russia than the Western Powers, half-believing that Bolshevism might break down without a war, a belief shared by many Western statesman.  Then he could collect his gains with no effort at all.
Moreover, Lebensraum could easily be presented as an anti-Bolshevik crusade; and thus helped to win the hearts of those in Western countries who regarded Hitler as the champion of Western civilization.  However, he was not dogmatic about this.  He did not refuse other gains when they came along.
After the defeat of France, he annexed Alsace & Lorraine, despite his previous declarations that he would not do so; and he carried off the industrial regions of Belgium & North-Eastern France for good measure, just as German Chancellor, Bethmann Hollweg, had intended to do before him.
The first right in this world is the right to life, providing one has the strength for it. But a strong people will always find a way based on this right, to fit its land to its population.” -Hitler
Destiny will teach them that a people can ultimately only be preserved when population & Lebenstraum (Living Space) are in a certain natural & healthy relation to each other.” -Hitler

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