Tuesday, February 25, 2020

MSNBC Host Says FBI Should Radicalize Young White Men, Give Them Bomb-Making Materials, Then Arrest Them

MSNBC’s Katy Tur thinks the FBI needs to get rid of the pro-White problem by entrapping young White men so that they can be arrested. She thinks people like us need to be treated like ISIS, which is the new jewish media talking point. Here she is speaking with Frank Figliuzzi, the former Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the FBI.
When you’re looking at ISIS or you’re looking at radical Islamic terrorism, I covered a number of stories where the FBI would track young kids or young men and they would talk to them online and say ‘you know, here’s how you build a bomb,’ or ‘here’s where you get your bomb making materials,’ and they track that person as that person radicalized and then arrested them before they could do anything bad. Why is the same not being done for white extremists or is the same being done and we just don’t know about it?”
Figliuzzi responded that it is indeed “time to ask that question” and to “wrestle with it” as politics “does enter in.” Figliuzzi then mocked people who think that First Amendment is even valid anymore and believe that such tactics amount to a kind of “thought police.”
Of course these tactics have been in place for many decades now. Just look at what happened to Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge, when a federal agent asked him to modify a shotgun to just below the legal limit, then used this as an excuse to go lay siege to Weaver’s property and murder his wife, son, and dog. Look at what happened to pro-Whites gullible enough to believe the shills who told them that going to Unite The Right would be a great idea. Then there is the more recent example of “The Base” (AtomWaffen 2.0), which is led by a federal intelligence contractor. One member of “The Base” (Al Qaeda in Arabic) was convinced by a federal informant to vandalize a synagogue and then promptly arrested. There was also the example of the Hutaree militia, where the FBI tried to radicalize a bunch of small-government patriot types, but a judge ended up throwing the case out because the militia members did nothing illegal. These are just a few of the many examples.
Be suspicious of every “based” pro-White character you might meet online, especially as they start suggesting illegal activities. They are looking for every excuse possible to eliminate the “threat” of anti-ZOG activists.

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