Monday, February 17, 2020

“Les Braves” – The French Alt-Right (White Idiots) is Engaged in Sex Tourism, Prostitution and Pornography

Let me introduce you to “les braves” ex-suavelos, a french alt-right, pro-white, white-nationalist group and their project in Eastern Europe.
Let me introduce you to the members:
Yann Merkado
Cofounder, pro-jewish, pro-israel, anti conspiracy, says you are a retard if you see jews everywhere, for polygamy.
Solveig Mineo
She is in a relationship with Yann Merkado, pro-jewish, pro-israel, anti conspiracy, for polygamy, work for far right jewess Elizabeth Lévy.
Claims she is white but is clearly North African.
Her “white” father:
Timothé vorgenss
Teaches self-defence and organises a yearly gathering of brave/suavelos members called “camp edelweiss”.
Denies the role of the jews in white genocide and will call you crazy if you believe it.
He always wears a mask to hide his face, claims he’s white, but looks like a jew from Yemen.
An interview with him and Daniel Conversano on red ice tv here:
Daniel Conversano
Co founder, Half south italian – half french, anti-conspiracy, shows his ass on camera, clashes with every personality who talks about the jews and so on.
He says he is pro white, but married a “Romanian” girl with a Turkic last name.
The “white” sister of his wife:
Daniel works with Jean-Marie Corda aka Nomade Patriote, Master John, John France, John SexWorkOut.
Non-white ancestry, porn actor and producer, lives in Russia and makes white women do porn, worked with several porn sites like [redacted – contact author for more info].
His porn channel: [redacted]
His youtube channel:
Braves (ex-Suavelos) organise meet ups in France to build a network of white people in France, Belgium and Switzerland like this one where the video was filmed. The subject of the video was “what French guys think of Russian girls?”
Corda with Daniel Conversano
Corda with jewish youtuber Teddyboy RSA
(his youtube channel “”)
Corda with Celian Varini.
Celian Varini with Joss Lescaf, a porn actor who works for (((blacked)))
and Piero San Giorgio
He is from Italian – Swiss origin. He is a known survivalist, pro-Jewish. Some claim he is a crypto jew.
Here’s a video of him doing a live show and the porn he was downloading pops up:
What is the project of Daniel and his braves for white people ( To buy properties in Eastern Europe and coach French guys from his following to have sex with local girls. Yes sexual tourism, prostitution and pornography. They are starting with Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania. He already established a community in Hungary ( and he is close with Pierre Woodman (, a french porn actor, director and producer who lives in Budapest. Piero San Giorgio has already bought 5 apartments in Romania (
They are a bunch of total degenerate and are actively trying to destroy the rest of Europe. I hope nationalists from Central and Eastern Europe will see this.

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