I Don't Want Jews Around

I Don't Want Jews Around

Kikes, many times I tried to get away
But you keep following me all around town
With my hate I display it, there was no way to say it

I just don't want Jews around
I don't want kikes around
I really don't want them around

Jews follow me around
Their presence is really bringing me down
I just don't want Jews around

When it was time for me to go, the kikes always had something to say
Don't you Jews look at me,
Don't you look at me this way
Jews will say I love you, but I really want them to go away

What gave you kikes this idea?
Get it out of your fucking heads!
Jews follow us around
Like we are the Grateful Dead!

Jews wanted us to be friends but I said fuck no
Like I told you kikes before
I don't want Jews around