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Hitler Was NOT Controlled Opposition (Part 6)

Note- “Hitler was not controlled opposition” are a series of blog posts (1-6) that debunk the claims (lies) by International Jewry and their many proxies that Hitler was controlled opposition.  Due to the urgency of getting the message out, the content comes from many un-named & un-referenced sources and some additional insight by Noble.  Feedback in the Comment Section from serious researched & enlightened readers would certainly be appreciated.
Below are some rebuttals that will refute common anti-Hitler propaganda…
The European Union is a “Nazi invention”.
False!  The European Union is invention of International Jewry & Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, the actual father of the European Union, a puppet (shabbos goy) of the Jewish bankers, Rothschild, Warburg and Baruch.  Kalergi admitted in his autobiography that he was funded by these Jews.
SS Reichofficer, Dieter Schwarz, exposed Jewish Freemasonry in 1938.  He written a pamphlet revealing Kalergi’s plan to genocide Europeans, destroy the races and make Jews the rulers over the entire world.  This plot was openly endorsed by Kalergi’s fellow Jewish Freemasons.
Hitler and National Socialist Germany actually had successful plans to increase the German birthrate to combat the Kalergi Plan.

-After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hitler declared war on the United States… This was a deliberate attempt by Hitler to sabotage Germany’s war effort… The American public did want their boys to go to war in Europe… Without Hitler’s war declaration, President Roosevelt could never have mobilized the Americans to fight the Third Reich.
America was already “at war” with Germany via the Lend-Lease Act which placed the awesome industrial might of the U.S. at the disposal of the U.K., China, and later on, the USSR.  Britain alone received $31 Billion worth of war supplies, about $500 Billion at 2012 prices.
Hitler had to know that the Pearl Harbor attack was a “false flag”, and that President Roosevelt, working on behalf of International Jewry, would stop at nothing until America joined the war effort against Germany.  With Hitler’s actions, Japan could have been persuaded to declare war on the Soviet Union; unfortunately they (Japan) did not reciprocate in kind.
Here are condensed excerpts from Hitler’s own word; his December 11th, 1941, war declaration of war on the United States…
“After the repeated rejection of my peace proposal in 1940 by the British prime minister (Winston Churchill) and the (Jewish) clique that supports & controls him, it was clear by the fall of that year that this war would have to be fought through to the end, contrary to all logic & necessity.”
“The German people and its soldiers work & fight today not only for themselves and their own age, but also for many generations to come.  A historical task of unique dimensions has been entrusted to us by the Creator that we are now obliged to carry out.”
“Already in 1940 it became increasingly clear from month to month that the plans of the men in the Kremlin were aimed at the domination, and thus the destruction, of all of Europe.  I have already told the nation of the build-up of Soviet Russian military power in the East during a period when Germany had only a few divisions in the provinces bordering Soviet Russia.  Only a blind person could fail to see that a military build-up of unique world-historical dimensions was being carried out.  And this was not in order to protect something that was being threatened, but rather only to attack that which seemed incapable of defense.”
“When German emperors stood against the Mongols, they defended more than just Germany. And when Spanish heroes stood against Africa, they defended not just Spain, but all of Europe as well. In the same way, Germany does not fight today just for itself, but for our entire continent.”
Germany does not fight today just for itself, but for our entire continent.” -Hitler
“When I became aware of the possibility of a threat to the east of the Reich in 1940 through (secret) reports from the British House of Commons, and by observations of Soviet Russian troop movements on our frontiers, I immediately ordered the formation of many new armored, motorized and infantry divisions.”
“We realized very clearly that under no circumstances could we allow the enemy (Russia) the opportunity to strike first into our heart.  Nevertheless, in this case the decision was a very difficult one.”
“I have not sought war.  To the contrary, I have done everything to avoid conflict.  But I would forget my duty and my conscience if I were to do nothing in spite of the realization that a conflict had become unavoidable.  Because I regarded Soviet Russia as the gravest danger not only for the German Reich but for all of Europe, I decided, if possible, to give the order myself to attack a few days before the outbreak of this conflict.”
“If this wave of more than 20,000 (German) tanks, hundreds of divisions, tens of thousands of artillery pieces, along with more than 10,000 airplanes, had not been kept from being set into motion against the (Third)Reich, Europe would have been lost.”
“Let me speak about another world, one that is represented by a man (President Roosevelt) who likes to chat nicely at the fireside while nations and their soldiers fight in snow & ice; above all, the man who is primarily responsible for this war.”
“When the nationality problem in the former Polish state was growing ever more intolerable in 1939, I attempted to eliminate the unendurable conditions by means of a just agreement.  For a certain time it seemed as if the Polish government was seriously considering giving its approval to a reasonable solution.  I may also add here that in all of these German proposals, nothing was demanded that had not previously belonged to Germany.  In fact, we were willing to give up much that had belonged to Germany before the (First) World War.”
You will recall the dramatic events of that period; the steadily increasing numbers of victims among the ethnic Germans (in Poland).  You, my deputies, are best qualified to compare this loss of life with that of the present war.  The military campaign in the East has so far cost the entire German armed forces about 160,000 deaths, whereas during just a few months of peace (in 1939) more than 62,000 ethnic Germans were killed, including some who were horribly tortured.”
“There is no question that the German Reich had the right to protest against this situation on its border and to press for its elimination, if for no other reason than for its own security, particularly since we live in an age in which (some) other countries (U.S. & U.K.) regard their security at stake even in foreign continents.  In geographical terms, the problems to be resolved were not very important. Essentially they involved Danzig and a connecting link between the torn-away province of East Prussia, and the rest of the Reich.  Of much greater concern were the brutal persecutions of the Germans in Poland.”
“During those days in August (1939), when the Polish attitude steadily hardened, thanks to Britain’s blank check of unlimited backing, the German Reich was moved to make one final proposal.  We were prepared to enter into negotiations with Poland on the basis of this proposal, and we verbally informed the British ambassador of the proposal text.” [German peace proposal read outloud]
“The former Polish government refused to respond to these proposals in any way.  In this regard, the question presents itself; how is it possible that such an unimportant state could dare to simply disregard such proposals, and in addition, carry out further cruelties against the Germans, the people who have given this land its entire culture, and even order the general mobilization of its (Polish) armed forces?  A look at the documents of the (Polish) Foreign Ministry in Warsaw later provided the surprising explanation.  They told of the role of a man (President Roosevelt) who, with diabolical lack of principle, used all of his influence to strengthen Poland’s resistance and to prevent any possibility of understanding.”
“Why had this man (Roosevelt) developed such a fanatic hostility against a country that, in its entire history, had never harmed either America or him?”
“Franklin Roosevelt took power in the United States as the candidate of a thoroughly (Jewish-controlled)capitalistic party, which helps those who serve it.  When I became the Chancellor of the German Reich, I was the leader of a popular national movement, which I had created myself.  The powers that supported Mr. Roosevelt were the same powers I fought against (International Jewry), out of concern for the fate of my people, and out of deepest inner conviction.  The (Jewish) “brain trust” that served the new American president was made up of members of the same national group that we fought against in Germany as a parasitical expression of humanity, and which we began to remove from public life.”
“Things developed in the United States and in the German Reich in such a way that future generations will have no difficulty in making a definitive evaluation of the two different socio-political theories.  Whereas the German Reich experienced an enormous improvement in social, economic, cultural and artistic life in just a few years under National Socialist leadership, President Roosevelt was not able to bring about even limited improvements in his own country.  This task should have been much easier in the United States, with barely 15 people per square kilometer, as compared to 140 in Germany.  If economic prosperity is not possible in that country, it must be the result of either a lack of will by the ruling leadership or the complete incompetence of the men in charge.  In just five years, the economic problems were solved in Germany and unemployment was eliminated.  During this same period, President Roosevelt enormously increased his country’s national debt, devalued the dollar, further disrupted the economy and maintained the same number of unemployed.”
“A threatening opposition was growing all around this man (Roosevelt), which led him to think that he could save himself only by diverting public attention from his domestic policies to foreign affairs.  In this regard it is interesting to study the reports of Polish Ambassador Potocki from Washington, which repeatedly point out that Roosevelt was fully aware of the danger that his entire economic house of cards could collapse, and that therefore he absolutely had to ‘divert attention’ to foreign policy.” 
“The circle of Jews around Roosevelt encouraged him in this.  With Old Testament vindictiveness they regarded the United States as the instrument that they and he could use to prepare a second Purim (slaughter of enemies) against the nations of Europe, which were increasingly anti-Jewish.  So it was that the Jews, in all of their satanic baseness, gathered around this man, and he relied on them.” 
“The American president increasingly used his influence to create conflicts, intensify existing conflicts, and, above all, to keep conflicts from being resolved peacefully.  For years this man looked for a dispute anywhere in the world, but preferably in Europe, that he could use to create political entanglements with American economic obligations to one of the contending sides, which would then steadily involve America in the conflict, and thus divert attention from his own confused domestic economic policies.” 
Starting in November 1938, he began systematically & consciously to sabotage every possibility of a European peace policy.  In public he hypocritically claimed to be interested in peace, while at the same time, he threatened every country that was ready to pursue a policy of peaceful understanding by blocking credits, economic reprisals, calling in loans, and so forth.”
“On November 4, 1939, the Neutrality Act was revised and the arms embargo was repealed in favor of a one-sided supply (of weapons) to Germany’s adversaries.  In the same way, he pushed in eastern Asia for economic entanglements with China that would eventually lead to effective common interests.  That same month he recognized a small group of Polish emigrants as a so-called government in exile, the only political basis of which was a few million Polish gold pieces they had taken from Warsaw.”
“He (Roosevelt) feared that if peace were to come about in Europe, the billions he had squandered on military spending would soon be recognized as an obvious case of fraud, because no one would attack America unless America itself provoked the attack.”
[A chronological listing of President acts-of-war towards Germany are mentioned, all of which are increasingly getting more aggressive.]
We know that this man (Roosevelt), with his Jewish supporters, has operated against Japan in the same way.  I don’t need to go into that here.  The same methods were used in that case as well.  This man first incites to war, and then he lies about its causes and makes baseless allegations.  He repugnantly wraps himself in a cloak of Christian hypocrisy, while at the same time slowly but very steadily leading humanity into war.  And finally, as an old Freemason, he calls upon God to witness that his actions are honorable.  His shameless misrepresentations of truth and violations of law are unparalleled in history.” 
“I am sure that all of you have regarded it as an act of deliverance that a country (Japan) has finally acted to protest against all this in the very way that this man had actually hoped for, and which should not surprise him now (attack on Pearl Harbor).  After years of negotiating with this deceiver, the Japanese government finally had its fill of being treated in such a humiliating way.”
“We know the power behind Roosevelt.  It is the same eternal Jew that believes that his hour has come to impose the same fate on us that we have all seen and experienced with horror in Soviet Russia.  We have gotten to know first hand the Jewish paradise on earth.  Millions of German soldiers have personally seen the land where this International Jewry has destroyed & annihilated people and property.  Perhaps the President of the United States does not understand this; if so, that only speaks for his intellectual narrow-mindedness.”
“Even if we (Germany) were not allied with Japan, we would still realize that the Jews and their Franklin Roosevelt intend to destroy one state after another.  The German Reich of today has nothing in common with the Germany of the past.  For our part, we will now do what this provocateur has been trying to achieve for years.”
Germany & Italy with their present leaderships have the insight and strength to realize that in this historic period the existence or non-existence of nations is being determined, perhaps for all time.” -Hitler
“And not just because we are allied with Japan, but rather because Germany & Italy with their present leaderships have the insight and strength to realize that in this historic period the existence or non-existence of nations is being determined, perhaps for all time.  What this other world has in store for us is clear.  They were able to bring the democratic Germany of the past (1918-1933, Weimar Republic) to starvation, and they seek to destroy the National Socialist Germany of today.”
“When Mr. Churchill & Mr. Roosevelt declare that they want to one day build a new social order (New World Order), that’s about the same as a bald-headed barber recommending a tonic guaranteed to make hair grow.  Rather than incite war, these gentlemen, who live in the most socially backward countries, should have concerned themselves with their own unemployed people.  They have enough misery & poverty in their own countries to keep themselves busy insuring a just distribution of food there.”
“Our nation has a history of nearly two thousand years.  Never in this long period has it been so united & determined as it is today; and thanks to the National Socialist movement it will always be that way.”
President Roosevelt’s steadily expanding policy has been aimed at an unlimited world dictatorship.  In pursuing this goal, the United States & Britain have used every means to deny the German, Italian and Japanese nations the prerequisites for their vital natural existence.” -Hitler
“President Roosevelt’s steadily expanding policy has been aimed at an unlimited world dictatorship.  In pursuing this goal, the United States & Britain have used every means to deny the German, Italian and Japanese nations the prerequisites for their vital natural existence.  For this reason, the governments of Britain & the United States of America have opposed every effort to create a new & better order in the world, for both the present and the future.”
Since the beginning of the war (in September 1939), the American President Roosevelt has steadily committed ever more serious crimes against international law.  Along with illegal attacks against ships and other property of German & Italian citizens, there have been threats, and even arbitrary deprivations of personal freedom by internment and such.  The increasingly hostile attacks by the American President Roosevelt have reached the point that he has ordered the U.S. navy, in complete violation of international law, to immediately and everywhere attack, fire upon and sink German & Italian ships.  American officials have even boasted about destroying German submarines in this criminal manner.  American cruisers have attacked & captured German and Italian merchant ships, and their peaceful crews were taken away to imprisonment.”
“In addition, President Roosevelt’s plan to attack Germany & Italy with military forces in Europe by 1943 at the latest was made public in the United States, the American government made no effort to deny it.”
Note: On December 4th, 1941, Chicago Tribune and other newspapers reported (leaked) President Roosevelt’s intentions of attacking Germany & Italy by 1943 “at the latest”.
“Despite the years of intolerable provocations by President Roosevelt, Germany & Italy sincerely and very patiently tried to prevent the expansion of this war, and to maintain relations with the United States.  But as a result of his campaign, these efforts have failed.”
“Faithful to the provisions of the Tripartite Pact of September 27, 1940, German & Italy accordingly now regard themselves as finally forced to join together on the side of Japan in the struggle for the defense & preservation of the freedom and independence of our nations and realms against the United States of America & Britain.  The three powers have accordingly concluded the following agreement, which was signed today in Berlin.”  [Agreement text shown.]
“With an unshakable determination not to lay down arms until the common war against the United States of America & Britain has been fought to a successful conclusion, the German, Italian and Japanese governments have agreed to the following…”  [Agreement articles read.]
Ever since my peace proposal of July 1940 was rejected, we have clearly realized that this struggle must be fought through to the end.  We, National Socialists, are not at all surprised that the Anglo-American, Jewish and capitalist world is united together with Bolshevism.” -Hitler
“Ever since my peace proposal of July 1940 was rejected, we have clearly realized that this struggle must be fought through to the end.  We, National Socialists, are not at all surprised that the Anglo-American, Jewish and capitalist world is united together with Bolshevism.  In our country we have always found them in the same community.  Alone we successfully fought against them here in Germany, and after 14 years of struggle for power we were finally able to annihilate our enemies.”
Today the German people fully realize that this is a decisive hour for our existence.  Millions of soldiers are faithfully doing their duty under the most difficult conditions.  Millions of German farmers & workers, and German women & girls, are in the factories & offices, in the fields & farm lands, working hard to feed our homeland and supply weapons to the front.  Allied with us are strong nations that have suffered the same misery and face the same enemies.”
“When we think of the sacrifice & effort of our soldiers, then every sacrifice of (those here in) the homeland is completely insignificant & unimportant.  And when we consider the number of all those in past generations who gave their lives for the survival & greatness of the German nation, then we are really conscious of the magnitude of the duty that is ours.”
“But whoever tries to shirk this duty has no right to be regarded as a fellow German.  Just as we were pitilessly hard in the struggle for power, so also will we be just as ruthless in the struggle for the survival of our nation.  During a time in which thousands of our best men, the fathers and sons of our people, have given their lives, anyone in the homeland who betrays the sacrifice on the front will forfeit his life.  Regardless of the pretext with which an attempt is made to disrupt the German front, undermine the will to resist of our people, weaken the authority of the regime, or sabotage the achievements of the homeland, the guilty person will die.  But with this difference, the soldier at the front who makes this sacrifice will be held in the greatest honor, whereas the person who debases this sacrifice of honor will die in disgrace.”
“Our opponents should not deceive themselves.  In the two thousand years of recorded German history, our people have never been more determined & united than today.  The Lord of the universe has been so generous to us in recent years that we bow in gratitude before a Providence that has permitted us to be members of such a great (Germanic) nation.  We thank him; that along with those in earlier & coming generations of the German nation, our deeds of honor may also be recorded in the eternal book of German history.”

-Hitler was not the real author of “Mein Kampf”… It was an American spy… It was the Jesuits.
That’s ridiculous!  “Mein Kampf” is an autobiography of his struggle, his rise to power, which was witnessed and documented by many close to him.  As far as the fundamentals of National Socialism, he could have had input from a brain-trust of close confidants, but it was he in the end who became the living embodiment of National Socialism.  The great in-depth knowledge & understanding of Indo-European Germanic history, revealed in “Mein Kampf”, was quite outstanding.
The book details history which is only now fully being realized.  It’s quite doubtful that any “American spy” or “Jesuit” would have that kind of specialized & archaic knowledge.  “Mein Kampf” completely exposes International Jewry for what it is; a parasite on the German “host” body.  In addition, it thoroughly discredits liberal Democracy and the economic systems of Capitalism & Marxist Socialism.  All of this profound teaching would be very damaging to American-Jewish or Jesuit-Jewish interests if published as a book.  Thus, Hitler or his circle of close National Socialists confidants, wrote “Mein Kampf”.
Note: The actions of Pope Pius XII certainly demonstrate that the Vatican was allied with International Jewry during the Third Reich.

-Hitler and his regime gassed 6 Million Jews.
That’s a Holohoax!  There is no forensic (scientific) proof that even one person died from a gas chamber or “death camp”.  Research the Jewish (((Holocaust))) yourself.  https://holocausthandbooks.com/
It’s illegal to question the Jewish (((Holocaust))) if you live in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Russia… and you could be jailed in many other countries as well for so-called (((Hate Speech))).
Many Jews were put in to work camps as a protective measure for the Germans safety.  At the time, there was massive Jewish support for, and participation in, non-uniformed Partisan “guerilla warfare” (terrorists) groups, “including women & children”.  This, in addition to the International Jewry’s declared 1933 economic boycott (an act of war) on Germany and anti-German propaganda books like “Germany Must Perish”, is the main reason for Hitler’s decision to intern Europe’s Jews in work camps as a wartime security precaution.
Note: It was the Germans who experienced the Holocaust… a HELLSTORM!  Watch the documentary… The biggest cover-up in history… The real genocide of National Socialist Germany.  https://www.hellstormdocumentary.com/

Note: Be sure to check out the free 1,100 page E-book, “The Battle to preserve Western Civilization (European Folk Soul vs. Jewish Supremacy), presented by The Noble Protagonist.  http://www.battleforthewest.com/

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