Friday, February 7, 2020

FBI Elevates Threat of “White Nationalists” and “Neo-Nazis” to Same Level as ISIS

This war on Whites has been ramping up for awhile.
Back in 2018 a bill in Congress sought to label “White supremacists and other right-wing extremists” as the greatest “domestic terrorism threat.” So far Congress has held over a dozen hearings on the threat of Whites who don’t hate themselves. Facebook and Google have testified about how this “hate” has spread on their platforms. Lawmakers have demanded the military do more to rout out “White supremacists” and “Nazi sympathizers.” CNN has said that we need to learn the lessons of 9/11 by recognizing Whites as the new terrorists. Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has said, “We need to call out White supremacy for what it is: domestic terrorism.” A law school student who put up an “It’s Okay to Be White” flyer was investigated by the FBI, which is the same organization that orchestrated terror plots to frame patsies as White nationalist terrorists.
These are only some of the stories I have covered on Renegade Tribune. There are plenty more. If you’re White, you’re now a terrorist if you don’t hate your race. I am not even exaggerating. That is the conclusion you must come to if you follow the enemy’s logic.
Now the FBI has upped the ante even more by putting resisters of White genocide on the “national threat priority.” From Vice:
In a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray outlined several concrete steps the agency had taken to combat violent far-right extremists, explaining that the “national threat priority” designation puts those groups or individuals on the same footing as ISIS” in terms of the resources the FBI will devote to it.
“We’re particularly focused on domestic terrorism, especially racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists,” said Wray. “Not only is the terror threat diverse, it’s unrelenting.”
Wray’s announcement comes just two weeks after FBI agents arrested eight members of the violent neo-Nazi group The Base, three of whom were allegedly discussing firing into the crowd during the large pro-gun rally in Virginia last month. In recent months, the FBI also foiled two synagogue bombings, Wray said.
The Guardian recently revealed the identity of the leader of The Base, Norman Spear, and confirmed that he is indeed an intelligence contractor and suspected federal agent. “The Base” is a translation of Al Qaeda, another terrorist group set up by U.S. intelligence to further the geopolitical objectives of Greater Israel. Regardless, most of the plots that the FBI pats itself on the back for foiling were cooked up by the agency itself, and the “attacks” that actually take place usually have all the tell-tales signs of being staged PsyOps, which are actually legal after the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012.
The FBI chief also said that he’d created a domestic terrorism and hate crimes fusion cell to “bring together the expertise of domestic terror folks and hate crimes folks.” “They’re working together to not just focus on the threats that have already happened but to look ahead around the corner to anticipate where else we need to be.”
Last September, DHS unveiled its new counterterrorism strategy that, for the first time, recognized white nationalism as a major threat. Congress has held well over a dozen hearings on the matter, and lawmakers have called on the State Department to designate international far-right networks as foreign terror organizations, and on DHS to produce threat assessments of those networks.
They want to make it seem as though White Americans who are sick of the anti-White hatred leveled against them from “politically correct” society are actually part of a shadowy international terror network. This is a big part of their demonization strategy, and likely why so many controlled opposition agents in the “White Nationalist” movement were pushing alliances with Alexander Dugin, founder of the National Bolshevik Party, who has been labeled Putin’s brain.
These individuals and organizations have endlessly promoted Dugin. They have set us up!
By elevating the threat assessment of pro-Whites, the FBI is now going to be able to spend a lot more money targeting anyone who is a “White supremacist” or “neo-Nazi.”
Making far-right extremism a national threat priority means the FBI can allocate more resources to the problem in terms of personnel, agents, and analysts…
The FBI is apparently planning to make mass arrests soon.
Citing Justice Department sources, CBS reports that more federal arrests targeting neo-Nazi or white nationalists are coming down the pike, including people with ties to networks in Europe, Ukraine, and Russia.
Why have they not made arrests already if there are actually criminals with evidence against them?
I know this all seems quite terrible, and it is, but it is a good sign that they are having to resort to these measures now that so many people are aware of the jewish supremacist agenda to genocide White people. Stay strong.

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