Saturday, February 1, 2020

Attorney General William Barr (White Freemason, Christian Zionist) Makes it a Federal Hate Crime to Slap a Jew

This is yet another story that goes to show how jews, who have an incredible amount of power, wealth, and unearned privilege, are also the most protected class of people. They have every single major politician and government official dedicated to protecting them from attacks, even when these “attacks” might just be light slaps or even mild criticism.
This week Attorney General William Barr met with jewish leaders in Brooklyn to pledge “zero tolerance” for anti-semitism and announce the Justice Department’s decision to level federal hate crime charges against Tiffany Harris, a black woman who had slapped some jews.
These are the kinds of cases that maybe in the past would have been treated locally, but I think it’s important for the federal government to plant its flag,” Barr said at the meeting. “We will move aggressively when we see this kind of activity.”
According to JTA:
Harris has emerged as a flashpoint in the debate over a bail reform law that went into effect Jan. 1 in New York state. The law, which prohibits bail requirements for most nonviolent and minor offenses, was intended to ensure that defendants are not treated differently based on their financial means.
Harris’ arrests — after her release, she was arrested again for assault — took place before the law went into effect. Still, politicians who oppose the law have cited the 30-year-old woman in making the case that judges should have discretion to impose bail requirements.
I know that there is a deep-seated resentment many Blacks have for jews in Brooklyn, despite their many alliances over the years, but I have to question whether this is even a real story, or a fabricated event to usher in harsher penalties for “anti-semites.” Regardless, jews will “never let a good crisis go to waste,” as Rahm Emanuel once said.
A bigger, stronger example should have been made of this violent anti-Semitic criminal, not the opposite,” Lee Zeldin, a Republican Jewish congressman from Long Island, said earlier this month.
That appears to be happening with the federal charges, which come amid Barr’s “zero tolerance” pledge and as the New York Police Department seeks ways to circumvent the bail law.
“I am appalled that Tiffany Harris is being used as a scapegoat for the fear-mongering surrounding bail reform,” Lisa Schreibersdorf, Harris’ lawyer, told the New York Daily News on Tuesday.
For just a little context, Attorney General William Barr’s father, Donald Barr, was a jew who converted to Catholicism. Donald Barr was the headmaster of the Dalton School in Manhattan who brought on inexperienced Jeffrey Epstein as a teacher. “Coincidentally,” William Barr was in charge when Mossad asset Epstein mysteriously “died” while imprisoned.
It is very telling that this slapping incident is what Barr is choosing to focus on when there are much greater injustices taking place on a daily basis, including the many crimes being committed against White people, which are almost never punished as hate crimes. I have covered this on the Tribune many times:
I published the following videos six years ago to highlight many stories of anti-White violence that never get mainstream media attention, because the MSM is controlled by jews who are committing White genocide (just like the justice department).
No Country for White Children:
No Country for Old Whites:
Remember when there was a craze of Black “youths” violently assaulting White people in what the MSM lovingly called “the knockout game” and yet there was no outrage over the anti-White racism and no hate crimes investigations? This kind of violence still takes place, but we almost never hear about it. White people have none of the privileged protections that jews do.
We also know that jews are notorious for faking “hate crimes” to further their agendas.
Their puppet, ZOG emperor Donald Trump, has even said he wants to execute people found guilty of “hate crimes.”
So according to the president of the United Jewnited States, a person who slaps a jew should be murdered by the state. But wait, there’s more! Even criticizing Israel would be punishable by death if the jewish supremacists get their way.
Unless something is done very soon, we will be living in a world where slapping a jew or even hurting a jew’s feelings will be a crime punishable by death. This is what the jewish bolsheviks did in Russia, and you better believe they will not hesitate to do the same thing here.
Welcome to the Noahide World Order.

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