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Activists of the U.S. National Socialist Group Atomwaffen Charged with “Planning to Harass” Journalists and Jews

Four people with alleged ties to the U.S. National Socialist group known as Atomwaffen Division have been arrested after authorities said they "conspired to harass journalists and people affiliated with the Anti-Defamation League".
The group focused on anti-white targets who were Jews or non-whites, according to the US Attorney's Office for the Western District of Washington, and sent them "threatening" posters to intimidate them.
The arrests came the same day a fifth individual -- said to be Atomwaffen Division's former leader -- was arrested in Virginia for allegedly harassing a member of Trump's Cabinet, journalists and a university.
According to the office of US Attorney Brian T. Moran, 24-year-old Cameron Brandon Shea of Redmond, Washington; 24-year-old Kaleb Cole of Montgomery, Texas; 20-year-old Taylor Ashley Parker-Dipeppe of Spring Hill, Florida; and 20-year-old Johnny Roman Garza of Queen Creek, Arizona, face charges of conspiracy to mail threatening communications and commit cyberstalking.
An attorney for Shea has not responded to a request for comment. CNN has been unable to determine whether the other defendants had attorneys who would comment on their behalf.
More charges could be coming, Moran said.
"It's a starting line," he said at a news conference, "not a finishing line."
Former Atomwaffen Division leader also arrested
A fifth person affiliated with the Atomwaffen Division, John Cameron Denton, was arrested Wednesday in Virginia, the office of US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia G. Zachary Terwilliger announced.
The 26-year-old from Montgomery, Texas, and "several co-conspirators" are accused of making swatting calls to Old Dominion University, the predominantly negro Alfred Street Baptist Church and an unnamed "Cabinet official living in Northern Virginia."

The Jewish Media’s Deafening Silence on The Zionist Jew Mike Bloomberg’s Ties to The Jewish Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Other Criminals

By Whitney Webb
After his late jump into the Democratic primary and, as critics argue, purchasing his way into the primary debates, former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg has received mixed coverage from corporate media, with many negative critiques of the current presidential contender’s history, conduct and connections.
Yet, despite efforts by other campaigns and more progressive-leaning media outlets to dampen Bloomberg’s chances at the nomination, one clear weakness of Bloomberg’s has thus far evaded meaningful media coverage: his ties to key players in the Epstein scandal, including Leslie Wexner, Ghislaine Maxwell and even Jeffrey Epstein himself.
Silence among outlets that largely oppose Bloomberg’s candidacy regarding his connections to Epstein and those in his close social orbit is odd, especially when reporting on an individual’s connections to the intelligence-linked pedophile are a sure-fire way to generate considerable negative attention and fodder for rival campaigns. This is particularly striking given that the numerous accusations that Bloomberg has long stoked a toxic culture of sexual harassment at his company, resulting in no small number of non-disclosure agreements over the years, have received some media attention. Yet, the fact that many of Bloomberg’s close friends have been accused of far, far worse has received hardly any coverage by comparison.
For instance, when it was announced last week that the controlling stake in the Leslie Wexner-owned lingerie company Victoria’s Secret would be sold to a private equity firm called Sycamore Partners, only one media outlet — The Intercept — revealed that Bloomberg has at least $136 million of his money in that firm. The Intercept noted in passing that Wexner — the source of most of Jeffrey Epstein’s supposed fortune, his close collaborator for decades and alleged rapist of many of his victims — had been pressured to step down following the scandal, which also hit Wexner-owned companies hard and had forced the Ohio-based billionaire to seek a buyer for his lingerie brand and its tarnished reputation. Yet, the outlet did not make the direct connection that Sycamore Partners-backer Bloomberg is a friend of Wexner’s and has attended Wexner’s personal social parties for years prior to the most recent scandal.
Yet, even well before this recent opportunity to point out Bloomberg’s ties to Leslie Wexner, there have been plenty of opportunities for the media to question Bloomberg about his now-infamous picture with Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of Mossad-connected Robert Maxwell and Epstein’s alleged madam and co-conspirator.
From left to right, Tamara Mellon, Mike Bloomberg and Ghislaine Maxwell
That picture, taken in 2013 at the Four Seasons restaurant in New York, has not been mentioned by mainstream media following the launch of Bloomberg’s candidacy late last November. Similarly, mainstream media have failed to question Bloomberg regarding why his name and five different telephone numbers for him appear in Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous list of contacts often referred to as his “little black book.”
Bloomberg and the Manhattan Swamp
The extent of the Maxwell-Bloomberg relationship is unknown, though Bloomberg’s deep ties to his former employer Salomon Brothers is a possible link, given that that firm served as one of the Maxwell family’s main investment bankers in the years prior to and following Robert Maxwell’s mysterious death in 1991. Similarly, Epstein had close ties to prominent figures on Wall Street, some dating back to his time at Bear Stearns, who are also close to Bloomberg.
Bloomberg and Epstein also shared close friendships with some of the same New York media executives like Mort Zuckerman. Media outlets have described Zuckerman, a former business partner of Epstein’s, as Bloomberg’s “long-time enabler.” In another example, Epstein’s former publicist Howard Rubenstein is a long-time supporter of Bloomberg and was reported to be the driving force behind Bloomberg’s controversial push to run around mayoral term limits and pursue a third term as Mayor of New York.
Another mutual Epstein-Bloomberg associate is disgraced media mogul Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein was part of an investment group with Epstein that sought to purchase New York magazine in 2003. Another member of that investment group was frequent MSNBC commentator Donny Deutsch, who has recently fervently backed Bloomberg’s candidacy.
Weinstein was recently convicted of rape and has dozens of accusers, whose decision to come forward about Weinstein’s sex crimes in recent years helped spark the “Me Too” movement. Weinstein also has ties to former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who was a close friend and business associate of Epstein’s, and it was Barak who personally introduced Weinstein to former Mossad spies that Weinstein hired to intimidate his accusers. In addition to being Prime Minister, Barak is also the former head of Israeli military intelligence, the foreign intelligence agency that sponsored Epstein’s sexual blackmail operation involving underage girls in the United States.
Bloomberg’s candidacy has yet to be strongly challenged over his ties to Weinstein, which are considerable. For instance, Weinstein was a major backer of Bloomberg’s mayoral campaigns and even recorded robocalls on Bloomberg’s behalf to boost his election chances. Bloomberg, in turn, appointed Weinstein to a charity board and Weinstein later praised Bloomberg for aiding his film company. While Bloomberg’s ties to Wexner, Epstein and Maxwell have gotten the silent treatment, some outlets (mostly right-leaning) have covered the Bloomberg-Weinstein ties, but there has been little pressure on Bloomberg from mainstream media to address those ties directly.
Another close Bloomberg associate who recently has been accused by numerous women of sexual harassment is hedge fund manager Michael Steinhardt. Steinhardt is a long-time fixture in Bloomberg’s social circle and has long appeared at Bloomberg’s dinner parties. Steinhardt is also connected to Leslie Wexner through his membership in the so-called “Mega Group” — an exclusive group of organized-crime-linked “mega” donors to pro-Israel causes that Wexner co-founded in 1991. Steinhardt also boasts close ties to the now deceased founder of Glencore, the Mossad-linked Marc Rich, and Steinhardt — along with top Israeli politicians and spies — aggressively lobbied former President Bill Clinton to controversially pardon Rich before leaving office.
“Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”
The oft-quoted saying “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are,” seems to hold true for Bloomberg. For instance, his eponymous media conglomerate has received no small number of lawsuits over the years alleging rampant sexual harassment and even the rape of female workers, much of its allegedly egged on by Bloomberg’s long history of comments that have been derided as sexist. Many of those lawsuits ended in female accusers being asked to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). More recently, The Nation reported that Bloomberg’s 2020 presidential campaign is making use of NDAs in such a way “that could prevent staffers from reporting workplace abuse.”
In addition, a 1999 profile of Bloomberg in Wired magazine quoted Bloomberg as saying “My daughter is tall and busty and blonde. We went to China together. And what’s a 16-year-old going to do on a business trip? So, I got her dates in every city in China.”
Bloomberg, not unlike Epstein and Wexner, also has a history of cozy ties to the CIA. For instance, during his tenure as Mayor of New York, Bloomberg actively promoted a controversial post-9/11 program that saw the CIA work directly with the NYPD to spy on the city’s Muslim communities. Even though the CIA is technically prohibited from spying on Americans not linked to criminal activity, one of the CIA officers working as part of the Bloomberg-backed program said he had “no limitations” on what he could do. Bloomberg has long defended this program and its merging of the CIA with local police.
In the case of Epstein and Wexner, as MintPress News reported in its viral series on the Epstein scandal last year, Epstein once claimed to have worked for the CIA during the 1980s and Epstein and Wexner were the key players behind the relocation of CIA front company Southern Air Transport to Ohio, where Wexner’s business interests have long been based.
Rudy Giuliani, left, New York Gov. George Pataki, center, and Mike Bloomberg during a “Salute to Israel Parade, May 5, 2002, in New York. Shawn Baldwin | AP
In addition, Bloomberg was also a key player in a controversial initiative regarding Israel’s intelligence-linked technology sector. For instance, Bloomberg created a $2 billion project that involved opening a Manhattan campus called “Cornell Tech” that brought together Cornell University and Israel’s Technion, which has close ties to Israel’s national security state and military-industrial complex. Bloomberg personally gave over $100 million to facilitate completion of that project. That campus is now a partner in the recent creation of two Israeli-run “cybersecurity” centers in New York City that are tied to Israeli intelligence and were recently reported on by MintPress.
Jeffrey Epstein was also involved with Israeli military intelligence-linked technology companies and, as previously mentioned, Israeli military intelligence was also the sponsor of Epstein’s sexual blackmail operation that targeted mostly U.S. politicians and public figures for the benefit of the state of Israel, whose military currently receives $3.8 billion per year from U.S. taxpayers.
While these aspects of Bloomberg’s past have received considerable media attention as of late, these same outlets have failed to note that Bloomberg’s inner circle boasts many individuals accused of harassment, rape or worse. With his clear ties to the “Epstein network,” the fact that mainstream media has declined to even question Bloomberg about his social appearances with Ghislaine Maxwell or Leslie Wexner and having five different telephone numbers of his in Epstein’s list of high-profile contacts is a damning indictment of the current landscape of both American media and American politics.

Feature photo | Democratic presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg poses for photographs during his campaign launch of “Mike for Black America,” at the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum, Feb. 13, 2020, in Houston. David J. Phillip | AP
Whitney Webb is a MintPress News journalist based in Chile. She has contributed to several independent media outlets including Global Research, EcoWatch, the Ron Paul Institute and 21st Century Wire, among others. She has made several radio and television appearances and is the 2019 winner of the Serena Shim Award for Uncompromised Integrity in Journalism.

New survey indicates Jewish Americans will vote for any Democrat — including Sanders — over Trump

(JTA) — No matter who is running on the Democratic presidential ticket in 2020, he or she is likely to get the Jewish vote by a wide margin, according to a new survey.
The survey, released Friday by the Jewish Electorate Institute, found that two-thirds of Jewish voters said they would choose any Democratic candidate over President Donald Trump.
The survey was conducted Feb. 18 to 24, a period that included Sanders’ announcement that he would not attend AIPAC’s annual conference next week. After the announcement, some pundits suggested that nominating Sanders would result in Jews preferring the Republican candidate for the first time in contemporary American history. (Four years ago, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton received 70% of the Jewish vote.)
But the survey found that even though Jewish voters view Sanders more unfavorably than they his Democratic rivals, they disapprove of Trump far more. While 45% of Jewish voters said they had an unfavorable view of Sanders, who has tied or won the Democratic primary’s first three nominating contests, 61% said they strongly disapprove of Trump (down from a high of 71% in the survey group’s 2018 survey) and 65% would vote for him over the president in an election.
A majority of respondents said they believe “President Trump at least is partially responsible for the targeted attacks on synagogues in recent years,” and 45% said they believed Trump was emboldening far-right extremists and white nationalists, up from 38% a year ago.
The survey found that a majority of respondents — 66% of whom identified as Democrats and 26% as Republicans — favored Trump’s positions on a handful of Israel issues, including his overall performance on “U.S.-Israel relations.” But while 91% of respondents said they are “generally pro-Israel,” only 32% indicated that Israel is one of their most important voting issues. 
The online survey of 1,001 self-identified Jewish voters who indicate that they are likely to vote in the November election has a margin of error of 3.2 percentage points. 

This Italian Jewish kid was supposed to have a 600-person bar mitzvah party. Then coronavirus hit.

(JTA) — Ruben Golran had studied for a year and a half in anticipation of this week, when 600 of his relatives and friends were supposed to converge on Milan to celebrate his bar mitzvah.
First he planned to have a ceremony Tuesday, when he would put on tefillin, a Jewish ritual object, for the first time — a traditional rite of passage. Then it was a blowout party on Thursday night catered by a local kosher Israeli restaurant, and finally another ritual ceremony on Shabbat.
Instead, Ruben’s parents found out Sunday that everything would be canceled. Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus in northern Italy, regional officials had prohibited large gatherings. A day later, houses of worship were ordered closed.
Within a matter of hours, the family called dozens of relatives across the globe, telling them to cancel their flights. On Tuesday, the tefillin ceremony included just Ruben’s close relatives and no friends instead of the 400 planned guests.

There was no party on Thursday night. Instead, Ruben and his family dined at the Israeli restaurant that was supposed to cater the affair. They’re still not sure what will happen on Shabbat.
“He learned everything, he was ready, he was waiting for the whole family to come and then they said it isn’t happening, the synagogue is closed, you can go with your parents if you want,” said Ruben’s mother, Nethaly Golran. “He made us very proud because through all of this, he was very mature. He never cried. He was sad, but he said, ‘It’s OK. It’s OK, mom. It’ll be OK.’”
Jewish residents of Milan say they felt like the city, Italy’s economic capital, had shut down this week: Soccer matches were canceled, the city’s Duomo — a major tourist attraction — was closed and restaurants were instructed to shut before a national evening drink and snack time called “aperitivo.”

The city’s Jews — some 10,000 — are facing the same challenges as everyone else: Schools are closed, so people are scrambling for childcare even as some of them still go to work. Milan is devoid of tourists, a mega-industry throughout Italy. There was a rush several days ago on grocery stores. The ban on large gatherings persists, and no one is sure when things will return to normal.
“We feel like everyone here in Milan because it’s such a strange, unusual situation,” said Claudia Bagnarelli, who co-founded the local Jewish day school. “Everyone is a little shocked. … Within [the space of] one day, they said the schools are closed and parents have to deal with it.”

The community also has its share of unique challenges: Despite the closure of houses of worship, Jews have tried to convene prayer quorums in apartments in case someone needs to recite the Mourner’s Kaddish. Some students taking a gap year in Israel who returned home for a short break are now stuck in Italy, barred from returning to their programs.
Milan’s official Jewish community organization has canceled its regular classes and programs, including some celebrating Purim. They hope that things will return to normal before the holiday comes on March 10. The community has also set up a task force to assist those who live by themselves and need to get food and other services. The Jewish school is setting up classes via video chat.

“A few people meet in apartments just to make the minyan, but there are no people from outside,” said Milo Hasbani, the president of Milan’s Jewish community. “These are the kind of people who know each other.”
Bar mitzvahs aren’t the only Jewish ceremonies to be affected. A bris on Monday also had to be scaled back. At a normal Milanese bris — unlke their American counterparts, they are often held around noon — more than 100 guests would expect to enjoy a delectable menu of lasagna, ravioli and Italian pastries.
But at this bris, conducted by community mohel Rabbi Shmuel Hezkia in a Milanese synagogue, only a handful of families showed up — and there was no feast to be had.

Hezkia said the whole thing was over quickly. Local officials have instructed Milan’s residents to avoid public gatherings, and the last thing Hezkia wanted was to anger the local government and provoke an investigation of the religious ceremony.
“We thought of doing it in an apartment,” Hezkia said. “But because it was organized, and we had already sent invitations on WhatsApp, we kept it as is.”
Hezkia has said that, except for the ban on gatherings, life has gone on pretty much as normal. The thing he really notices is the lack of tourism.
“Italy and Milan live on tourism, people who go out and spend, and unfortunately that’s missing,” he said. “You can feel they’re missing. We feel that this Shabbat there won’t be a kiddush or guests to invite on Friday night.”

Amazon Halts Sale of Books Assailed as “Nazi Propaganda”

Amazon has stopped sales of some books on its platform following Jewish protests that the titles, including some for children, were "Nazi-era propaganda," a source familiar with the matter said.
The move came days after the Auschwitz museum called on the US tech firm to remove "Nazi-era" "anti-Semitic" children's books from sale.
The Auschwitz Memorial tweeted on its official account the books included "hateful, virulently antisemitic Nazi propaganda."
Among the books is an "anti-Semitic" children's book titled "The Poisonous Mushroom" authored by NS party member Julius Streicher and originally published in 1938.
Amazon declined to comment on specific items but said it does take action against some materials which may be "offensive".
"As a bookseller, we believe that providing access to the written word is important, including books that some may find objectionable," an Amazon spokesperson said.
"We take concerns seriously and are listening to feedback. Amazon has policies governing which books can be listed for sale; we invest significant time and resources to ensure our guidelines are followed, and remove products that do not."
According to the New York Times, Amazon has pulled several books by racial realist authors including David Duke, a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, and George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party, over the past 18 months.

Black Woman Viciously Beats White Woman at Portland Bus Stop Because She Hates ‘White People’

The mainstream media incites non-Whites to violence against White people on a daily basis, since all White people are guilty of racism and have White privilege. A recent attack happened in Portland, when Nimo Jire Kalinle got off a bus, saw a White woman with her child, and decided to start punching her repeatedly in the face.
The woman likely has been watching all the anti-White garbage on TV for years, like when Jamie Foxx said on SNL years ago:
I kill all the white people in the movie … How great is that?”
When are we going to hold the jewish media moguls and their lackeys accountable for inciting hatred and violence?
A woman faces hate crime charges after authorities say she pummeled a mother in front of her young daughter at a North Portland bus stop.
Nimo Jire Kalinle, 42, had just exited a No. 4 bus at North Fremont Street and Gantenbein Avenue on Jan. 19 when she started slugging Janae Jordan in the face repeatedly, court records allege.
During the attack, Jordan, who was with her husband and child, asked why the woman was targeting her.
“It’s because you’re white and I hate white people,” Kalinle, who is black, told Jordan, a probable cause affidavit alleges.
Who cares about what happens to White people? We should hear more about the atrocities faced by jews over 75 years ago in the Holocaust, like being masturbated to death, facing the pedal-driven brain bashing machine, getting turned into soap and lampshades, getting torn apart by a bear and eagle, and all that stuff. Or maybe we could get a story about how Blacks are still getting lynched today, like Jussie Smollett, who was attacked by the White supremacist gangs of Chicago. Wait, that one might not fit the agenda so well now.
By the way, Portland is a hotbed of anti-White hatred:

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