Sunday, January 26, 2020

Jews Fear as “Vile Neo-Nazi” Stickers Appear around Edinburgh

Patriotic slogans reportedly from an network of white nationalists were plastered around the Royal Mile.
Anti-white campaigners have condemned the appearance of stickers bearing a white nationalist slogan in Edinburgh.
The signs bear the message 'Anti-Semitism is caused by Semitism' - a phrase touted by national socialists and white nationalists on internet forums.
It is understood the stickers have been put up by an anonymous network of calling themselves the Hundred Handers.
The Jew who spotted the messages took down several stickers on Jeffrey Street and St Mary's Street.
The woman, who works locally and does not want to be named, said: "I pulled down two on St Mary’s, one outside Jury’s Inn and one by La Garrigue, but was rushing through the area so didn’t have time to check for more. [The stickers say] it was put up by Hundred Handers, a white nationalist group. They target alienated young men. I do worry this could escalate to violence."
She warned locals to be careful when removing the "vile Nazi" stickers in case razor blades or sharp objects had been hidden behind - something that anti-fascist scum have done in the past.
The woman added: "I know it’s been a problem elsewhere in Britain and Europe with far right stickers."
A Council spokesperson said: "We’ve alerted our street cleansing, environmental warden and roads teams to be extra vigilant and if they see any of these racist stickers to remove them immediately."

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