Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Jews Angry as Polish School Reenacts Auschwitz

The play was held in eastern Poland at event commemorating Polish children died during the war.
Twelve-year-old school pupils in a town in eastern Poland dressed up as National Socialists and sprayed artificial smoke meant to look like fake poison gas at younger schoolmates pretending to be Auschwitz camp inmates, in a recent "reenactment" of the World War II-era that has sparked Jewish outrage.
Parents and teachers at the event held several days ago in Labunie, a town near the city of Zamosc, were joined by a local priest and the guest of honor was the town’s mayor, who is a member of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party.
Photographs of the performance showing the children wearing NS uniforms and red arm bands emblazoned with swastikas, and seven-year-olds playing victims pretending to fall down dead, were posted on social media and leading Polish news websites on Tuesday.
Speeches delivered included criticism of the political left, in condemnation of traitors and dangers posed to Western culture.
One of the speakers, a Polish woman whose parents were allegedly killed at Auschwitz, said that Poland deserved reparations from Germany, a demand that the Polish government has made in recent years as well.
Staff from the Auschwitz Memorial condemned the performance on Twitter, saying "it was not an appropriate way to teach about the war".

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