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Hitler Was NOT Controlled Opposition (Part 2)

Note- “Hitler was not controlled opposition” are series of blog posts that debunk the claims (lies) by International Jewry and their many proxies that Hitler was controlled opposition.  Due to the urgency of getting the message out, the content comes from many un-named & un-referenced sources and some additional insight by Noble.  Feedback in the Comment Section from serious researched & enlightened readers would certainly be appreciated.

Below are some rebuttals that will refute common anti-Hitler propaganda…
-Jewish banking legends, Paul & Max Warburg supported Hitler’s NSDAP through a large chemical company called I.G. Farben, and its American subsidiary.  I.G. Farben helped finance the NSDAP, while Max served on its board, and Paul served on the board of its American subsidiary… Proof of German-Jewish complicity.
This means nothing!  The Warburgs were neither CEO’s, nor Presidents, at I.G. Farben; but only single board members out of many others.  The origination of their terms on various corporate boards preceded Hitler’s rise.  Paul Warburg actually died one year before Hitler was even elected.  We should also point out that many German firms that did not have a Warburg sitting on their board also supported Hitler.  In short, I.G. Farben backed Hitler in spite of the Warburgs, not because of them.

-Companies like Ford, Woolworth, Kodak, Alcoa and IBM, and Wall Street investors did business with Hitler’s “Nazi” Germany… Jewish-American bankers & entrepreneurs were allowed to make millions in Germany till 1938… The Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland propped up the National Socialist government as its proxy to launch World War 2… Germany was owned by the foreign banks & industry.
Many capitalist American firms & individuals did business with Germany after it became a united Constitutional Monarchy (1871-1918), and continued to do business with Germany when it became a left-leaning socialist democracy (1919-1933), and continued to continue business relations with Germany after Hitler and his NSDAP were elected into power (1933-1941).  Why wouldn’t they?  This is globalization; a series of interlocking international directorsips, shareholders and business associations.
If a local cigar shop imports & re-sells Cuban cigars, does that make the owner a Castro “collaborator” or a Communist?  Not at all!
Note: If I make a purchase through a bank, sign up for a loan to purchase a home, etc. That doesn’t make me a shill for the bank? Of course not!
It is was established fact that Germany under the Third Reich was moving away from globalization and turning towards autarky; economically independent & self-sufficient.  This was a process!
Note: Keep in mind that the Third Reich was a managed mix between free-market & (Socialist) command economy.  The best of both worlds; whatever works!  Corporate executives became “trustees” of their firms, subject to state supervision.  The NSDAP premise, “the common interest before self-interest” was upheld throughout the regime.  Dividends & profits were “limited” to a “large extent”.
National Socialist Germany also needed the technical & engineering know-how of corporations, like Siemens, Ford, IBM, etc., in order to modernize his country as soon as possible in 1933.  As his country grew, the NSDAP government, applying National Socialist principles, assured that these capitalist corporations knew their place in Germany; the folk were the top priority for the NSDAP.
Prior to the start of the World War 2, America was suffering from an economic depression as well as many to the Western countries, outside of Germany. Many greedy capitalist wanted to deal with Germany at this time because the German economy was booming.  For Germany to continue to thrive, the NSDAP was not opposed to doing deals with Western capitalists.  National Socialist German did have a relatively “free-market” economy, with the exception that the government would step in to intervene, if necessary, in order to protect the interest of the collective German folk.
As far as bankers “funding both sides of war”, they have a habit of profiting from as many angles as they can find.  Did they profit off of Nationalist Germany during the war?  There are many (((conspiracy theories))) about that.
Was Hitler taking loans from the bankers?  Again… many (((conspiracy theories))) about that.  There hasn’t been much proof to substantiate those claims.
It would make common sense that a leader of a country would opt to utilize the “system”, if needed, in order to later destroy it, and at the same… it would make common sense that the “system” would opt to utilize an opposing country’s leader, build him up, in order to later defeat him, though that would be risky.
Hitler and the NSDAP government were pragmatic & strategic with all of their economic, political and war-time maneuvering.
Note: Hitler’s words, deeds, accomplishments and policies, have been recorded and publically available.  They speak volumes and tell the tale quite convincingly. Hitler sceptics have nothing substantial to sell their side of the story.  All they have is a (((conspiracy theory))).
Hitler has explained in his writings that war alliances are only temporary, and they never exclude the possibility that these allies will fight each other in the future.  He even suggested these alliances are sometimes only a strategical preparation for fighting each other as soon as they have amassed enough strength. It’s not difficult to extrapolate Hitler’s understanding of war alliances with economics.  Any “unholy” contacts & alliances that Hitler may have made, his politics were totally irreconcilable with; therefore, it would be his end goal to ultimately destroy them.
The Fuhrer’s politics, and the fact that all parts of the Jewish “Matrix” fear & hate him, demonstrate that Hitler was true to the German cause of National Socialism.
No State has ever gone bankrupt for economic reasons, but only as the result of losing a war!” -Hitler
The Bank of International Settlements (BIS), located in Switzerland, created to administer the German reparation payments after World War 1, has been claimed to be the main banking institution & channel, via the Bank of England, to which money would flow in and out of Germany during the Third Reich.
This could be true or a (((conspiracy theory))); however, Hitler was not to be out-played & out-maneuvered by this global banking system.
Hitler had plans (Operation Tannenbaum), with Mussolini’s support in Italy, against the Swiss Confederation that were serious preparatory measures for an attack, as well as economic warfare, which would include taking control over the Bank of International Settlements.  Hitler never gave the final go-ahead, for reasons still uncertain today, however, the most probable cause was the German intelligence reports given to the Fuhrer that the Soviet Union was planning on invading Western Europe, and was building up troops & armaments on its border.  A massive battle with Russia was impending! War with the U.S. was also in the cards.
Note: At the very start of the Third Reich, actual Jewish bankers in Germany were employed, to a limited degree.  The April 1st, 1933, Jewish-boycott of Germany, however, greatly reduced Jewish participation in the German economy.
Note: The one German individual who had convincing links with international capital, Hjalmar Schacht, was relieved of all positions by 1939 and ended up in a concentration camp for his traitorous activity.
Note: German businessmen who did provide funds to the NSDAP were of nationalistic sentiments in a German tradition that was alien to that of the self-interest of the English liberal free-trade school.
Note: Foreign businessmen who might reasonably have been expected to fund the NSDAP on ideological grounds, primarily Henry Ford, did not do so, contrary to allegations.

-Hitler and the National Socialists were “racist”… They “hated” other races and were “White Supremacists”.
No!  Hitler and the National Socialists were race-realists.  They were “NATIONAL SOCIALISTS”, not “White Nationalists” or “White Supremacists”.
I promise you, I am quite free of all racial hatred. It is, in any case, undesirable that one race should mix with other races.” -Hitler
The culture of the age that we live in is founded on a Jewish lie, which is “racial egalitarianism”.  It is an article of faith among the elites that govern the West, that the races are the same in abilities & temperament, and that it is only racial bias in the present, or in the past, that prevents all races from performing at the same level.  100 years of science disproves this!
The heart of race-realism is recognizing this lie for what it is.  Both the findings of the best scholars and simple common sense force us to recognize that the races are inherently different.  But holding onto the truth is not easy, as it means refusing the dominant ideology of our culture, which constantly tries to persuade us that racial equality would be achieved if only people, and especially Whites, were less “racist”.
One of the most destructive myths of modern times is that people of all races have the same average intelligence.  This blindness leads to futile attempts to eliminate “achievement gaps” between the races and leads Whites to accept the view that if Blacks and Hispanics are less successful than Whites, it is because of White “Racism”.
Among White Americans, the average IQ, around 2000 was 103.  Among Asian-Americans, it was 106.  Among Jewish Americans, it was 113.  Among Latino Americans, it was 89.  Among African-Americans, it was 85.  Around the world, studies find the same general pattern; Whites 100, East Asians 106 and sub-Saharan Africans 70.
In addition to IQ there are biological & physical differences as well; plus differences in “delayed gratification”, testosterone, illegitimacy rates, etc.  Races differ in these areas due to different evolutionary paths & struggles they have faced.  This is all in accordance with the laws of Nature.
Based on the high levels of civilization that the White race have built, going way back into antiquity, and the Industrial Revolution that modernized our present world, National Socialists, like Hitler, categorically would say the White race is “superior” in building high civilization (Western Civilization) and in developing technology.  No one could argue that.
Note: “Master Race” was not a term used by the National Socialists.  “Herrenvolk” was mistranslated at the Nuremberg trials and used to discredit the National Socialists.
Leon Degrelle, Belgian SS General and confidante of Hitler, spoke about the German’s view on race.
“German-racialism has been deliberately distorted.  It never was anti-”other race” racialism.  It was a pro-German racialism.  It was concerned with making the German race strong & healthy in every way.”
“Hitler was not interested in having millions of degenerates, if it was his power not to have them.  Today one finds rampant alcohol & drug addiction everywhere.  Hitler cared that the German families be healthy; cared that they raise healthy children for the renewal of a healthy nation.”
“German racialism meant re-discovering the creative values of their own race, re-discovering their culture.  It was a search for excellence, a noble ideal.  National Socialist racialism was not against the other races, it was for its own race.  It aimed at defending and improving its race, and wished that all other races did the same for themselves.”
Pride in one’s own race, and that does not imply contempt for other races, is also a normal & healthy sentiment.” -Hitler

-Hitler suppressed Democracy… He was a dictator.
It is claimed that Hitler “subverted” democracy.  This is an allegation which is most certainly true, except for the fact that there was never any pretense over this matter.  The NSDAP openly abhorred democracy and aimed to replace it with the “leadership principle”, which the NSDAP believed was in line with the natural order of the world.  Resultantly, as soon as the NSDAP came to power, they implemented a program which resulted in the imposition of a one-party state.
Hitler was an authoritarian leader, not a dictator; he had the peoples for support.
In most present-day “Democratic” European countries, suppression of free speech and freedom of the press are happening.  Laws exist in some of these countries, which make it a criminal offense to discuss racially-related topics.  If you question or mock the Holocaust (Holocaust), in several of these countries, like Germany or Great Britain, you will spend time in jail, or even prison.

-Hitler was a British agent; brainwashed & trained in England (1912-1913) by the Tavistock Institute… a 1979 claim by his sister-in-law.
No proof!  Hitler volunteered to be on the front lines of World War One against Britain, and was awarded medals for bravery.  He barely escaped death several times, and was injured from chemical gas. No Rothschild agent would bother to do that. It would serve no purpose.
Agents for International Jewry are cowards, like Winston Churchill who announced during the war that he would fly to Canada in case the National Socialists start bombing his country, a behavior which Hitler utterly condemned.  Hitler said he would die with his “volk” (people) instead of running away like a coward, and he stayed to his word.
In addition, there is too much film footage of the Fuhrer demonstrating his genuine love for the German peoples for him to be an agent of International Jewry.  He loved children, animals and nature immensely.

-Hitler was sexually perverted.
No proof!  Hitler spent his whole career with the NSDAP promoting family values and fighting against degeneracy; in addition to cleaning out the sexually-deviant cesspit of the Weimar Republic, Berlin (See Addendum JJ).  Hitler even got married, however, short-lived.  He wed Eva Braun on April 29th, 1945. His marriage was held as a small ceremony, and it was only 40 hours before the two committed suicide.  Why wasn’t he married sooner and had children?  Only Hitler knows, everyone else can speculate.

-Hitler was on speed (narcotics).
Another (((conspiracy theory))); however, it would make common sense that under the extreme conditions of warfare and the need to stay awake for hours on end, extreme measures, like taking speed could be an option for many combatants & military leaders.  Hitler, we know, was very health conscious and a vegetarian.  It would make more sense that he would have consumed a lot of green tea.

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