Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Canadian National Socialist Arrested for “Violent, Racist” Videos

A former Canadian reservist arrested in the United States last week had recorded a video calling for “violent revolution,” according to a transcript, reports.
The video was among several featuring Patrik Jordan Mathews found by police during a covert search of his Delaware hideout last December.
Wearing a gas mask to disguise his voice, Mathews allegedly spoke about fleeing to the U.S. after his involvement in National Socialist patriotism became publicly known.
"He also espoused racism, violence and anti-Semitism" in the videos, prosecutors alleged.
“The time for talk has ended,” he said in one of the videos, according to a transcript filed in U.S. District Court in Maryland to bolster his continued detention while he awaits trial.
“Derail some f–king trains, kill some people, and poison some water,” he said. “If you want the white race to survive, you’re going to have to do your f–king part.
“This is the age of war.”
The Winnipeg National Socialist who served in the Canadian Armed Forces reserves, was arrested last Thursday, along with two other alleged members of the White nationalist group The Base. Police had been looking for him since he disappeared on Aug. 24.
His vehicle was found near the U.S. border, suggesting he had fled the country after being drummed out of the reserves over his involvement in the NS group.
U.S. authorities have charged him with "transporting a firearm" with the "intent to commit a felony" and "being an alien in possession of a firearm and ammunition." He faces up to 20 years if convicted.
On Tuesday, in a motion arguing Mathews should be detained pending his trial, U.S. prosecutors disclosed new information about the FBI investigation leading to his arrest.
The motion alleged that Mathews and co-accused Brian Mark Lemley had discussed "ambushing civilians and police" at a Jan. 20 gun-rights rally in Richmond, Virginia.

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