Vice: Missing Canadian ex-Soldier is Hiding with a “Terrifying Neo-Nazi Group”

Former Canadian Army Reserve Master Cpl. Patrik Mathews, 26, was first doxxed as a member of The Base by Winnipeg Free (?) Press reporter Ryan Thorpe.
Days after Thorpe's doxxing was published, Mathews went missing and was discharged from the military for his alleged ties to the patriotic group. His car was found about 10 miles from the US border soon thereafter, and police found a cache of weapons when they raided his home.
Vice reporters Ben Makuch, Mack Lamoureux, and Zachary Kamel, citing confidential sources, reported that Mathews had been "illegally smuggled" across the border and is being hidden by members of the "terrifying Neo-Nazi group" The Base, which has operated in encrypted chatrooms as a largely online organization.
Mathews is trained in the use of explosives, according to the Winnipeg Free Press, alleging that "The Base is making an attempt to recruit members who can be useful in combat or terror attacks". Vice also reports that Mathews allegedly helped train about 12 other Base members at a camp in Georgia this fall.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Canada has an open missing persons investigation into Mathews, and Vice reports that the Canadian Ministry of Defence has an open investigation into Mathews. The Federal Bureau of Investigations declined to comment on whether it was investigating Mathews.
The Base has groups in the US and Canada and is reportedly led by an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran. It's a National Socialist organization that aims to bring about the race war and establish a caucasian ethno-state after the collapse of the multicultural society and unite members from different white nationalist groups.