Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Medical Student Performs Nazi Salute and Yells “Nigger” at Passengers on Plane

A based British air traveller performed a National Socialist salute and yelled "nigger" at "horrified" passengers board a WizzAir flight to Liverpool.
Footage shows the 27-year-old medical student, who lives in Lancashire but studies in Poland, displaying the NS greeting in the cabin while speaking about race.
Cabin crew said the man had been drinking and was "rude and aggressive" to the staff before unleashing his views when the plane arrived from Warsaw last Thursday.
The man was led off the plane by two police officers. Police said the man had been arrested on suspicion of "racially aggravated harassment" and "drunkenness on a plane", and released under investigation.
At the start of the clip, filmed from several rows back, the man is holding his arm out in an unmistakable NS salute.
He is the only traveller standing up and maintains his NS salute as he stares around the cabin at "horrified" passengers.
Not all of his words are audible in the clip, but at one point he is heard ranting about race and telling another passenger: 'Your job is to be the [N-word] of the world.'
The passenger who filmed the clip said he saw the man being taken to a police van, but said he was told to move along and did not see what happened next.
He described the man as a medical student in Warsaw, where the plane originated.
A Merseyside Police spokeswoman said: "We arrested a 27 year-old man from the Lancashire area on suspicion of racial/religiously aggravated harassment and entering an aircraft when drunk/being drunk in an aircraft. He has been released under investigation pending further enquiries."

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