Monday, December 23, 2019

Germany: Antifa Scum Stop Hardcore Nationalist Gathering in Lower Saxony

Hundreds of protesters blocked the road and blew whistles to prevent patrotic NPD supporters from rallying.
The members of the nationalist party had intended to drive through Eschede with flags, protest signs and a loudspeaker.
About 650 demonstrators prevented supporters of the hardcore nationalist National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) from marching in the northwestern German village of Eschede.
Police said antifa demonstrators blocked a road into the village from an estate where several NPD supporters were staying, preventing 10 of them from driving down a road to the village in a van equipped with a loudspeaker.
Public broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk reported that the demonstrators used whistles, banners and chants to deter the NPD members. Police said the event remained "peaceful" and there were no reports of violence.
Police estimated that roughly 40 NPD supporters had been staying at the estate for a winter solstice celebration.
Local media reported that the NPD rally had been scheduled in November, and that it was set to take place under the motto, "Eschede's beautiful side — give home and culture a place." The NPD members had reportedly intended to approach Eschede with torches, flags and protest signs.
The counterdemonstration was organized by the "S├╝dheide Network against Right-Wing Extremism", the "Celle Forum Against Violence and Right-Wing Extremism" and the "German Trade Union Confederation" under the motto "Together against the Nazi meetings in Eschede."
The NPD state association of Lower Saxony reportedly purchased the estate near Eschede in June for the purpose of holding this rally.

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