Saturday, November 2, 2019

UK: London Billboard Urges Whites to Sterilize Themselves

This horrific anti-White billboard is perfectly acceptable to authorities in the UK — and the media firm that erected it is permitted to keep its sponsors a secret.
In London, England a ghoulish billboard has just been erected, pictured above, showing little White children, drawn as cute cartoons, coupled with a message that says “No more sperm” (shown on a White toddler girl’s shirt) and “Do Your Part, Get Sterilised! Yay!” among other things, not all of which are visible in the photograph obtained by National Vanguard. (Any readers in the Islington area of London, or any other place such a billboard has been erected, please send us a higher-resolution photo in which all of the billboard’s verbiage can be read. You may initiate the conversation via our contact form.
In a city with a high non-White population, all of the children depicted on the pro-sterilization billboard are White — a clear indication of the intent of whoever is paying for this chilling, offensive, and disgusting anti-White monstrosity.
Meanwhile, another billboard was just forced down in the United Kingdom — a billboard that called for the defeat of a pro-abortion candidate (it said little more than the url and simply displayed a picture of an unborn White child in the womb at nine weeks (see image below).
Unacceptable billboard in the UK — it was removed, the company was forced to “apologize” for putting it up, and intimidated into paying “compensation” money to pro-abortion groups

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