Saturday, November 16, 2019

Sprite Commercial Promotes Transgenderism for Children, Shows Parents Helping the Transition

I have long said that advertisements are no longer about selling products, but about selling subversive ideas to the public.
Sprite, which is owned by Coca-Cola, recently released a television commercial in Argentina that not only sexualizes children, but also promotes a “lifestyle” that often leads to suicide and other severe mental health issues. The commercial features a “heroic” mother helping her son dress up as a drag queen, a mother who helps her daughter bind her breasts to look like a boy, a mom who is ecstatic about putting makeup on her son’s face, and more.
In short, this commercial is “full-blown” AIDS for the soul.
It’s an especially powerful message of not just acceptance, but full-blown loving and supporting the LGBTQ+ in your life in the ways that they need. Yes it’s an ad for Sprite, but it also is a reminder for LGBTQ+ people that we can find happiness in our families.”

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