Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Himmler on Purim


By Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler
Translated from the Original Third Reich Book SS Defender against Bolshevism
“Die Schutzstaffel als antibolschewistische Kampforganisation”
The bible gives us one of the historical examples of the radical annihilation of an Aryan folk by Bolshevik-Jewish methods. Read this a part of Jewish history where it is written that the Jews were distributed among the Persians, in all cities and villages and in the capitol Sufa. The Aryan Persians recognized the danger posed by these Jews. The will to solve the Jewish question in Persia was personified by Minister Haman. The king, who the Bible calls Ahasveros but who was really Xeres, was separated from his Persian wife Basthi by the extremely clever intrigue of the court Jews. The king was influenced by Jewish girls, especially by the Jewish harlot Esther.
We read how, against the will of the folk-oriented and racially-conscious Minister Haman the elaborate Jewish intrigue ended with the unscrupulous and blinded king delivering the loyal Minister Haman to the Jew Mardochei to be hanged. This detestable practice is also seen later throughout history. Mardochei was made a Vice-King. He issued his orders with that cold-blooded, sober and pitiless calculation typical of Bolshevism. He had the most noble Persians and all enemies of the Jews in the towns and cities murdered by Jews protected by a king’s edict on a specific day. The Bible says 75,000 Persians were butchered that day. This was crowned by a royal edict making the 14th and 15th of the month of Adar a holiday. To this very day this holiday is celebrated as Purim, the great Jewish victory festival.
It is obvious that the ancient Persian folk never recovered from this blow. One can see the entire tragedy in that this folk, struck and destroyed by Jewish Bolshevism, did not only lose it high, pure religion of Zoroastrianism, but also its native language. Only after two thousand years were German scholars able to translate the ancient Persian language into German after painstaking, scientific labour.
This is always the path of Bolshevism: A folk’s leadership is cut down. It falls into slavery: economic, scientific, cultural, spiritual, psychological and physical slavery. The remnants of the folk, robbed of its own value and degenerated by endless race-mixing, disappears within the historically short span of a few centuries. Later one only knows that such a folk once existed.

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