Monday, November 4, 2019

Head Teacher Suspended after Pupil Dresses as Hitler for Halloween

The headteacher of a school in Utah has been suspended after one of their pupils was allowed to march in the school’s Halloween parade while dressed up as Adolf Hitler.
Creekside Elementary School in Davis County has also suspended a teacher while they look into the "incident".
The image of the pupil shared on Facebook included a caption which alleged he had been "Hailing Hitler" and doing National Socialist salutes "in the face of the few minority children who attend the school", reports Deseret News.
It was shared by a mother whose child attends the school in a Facebook group for mothers in the area.
She branded the outfit, emulating the F├╝hrer, as "ridiculous and distasteful as one could get".
Photos show the pupil wearing a long-sleeved dark brown shirt with has the swastika symbol on it.
Both the head teacher and the teacher are on paid administrative leave and the Davis School District has apologised.
A spokesperson for the district said: "The Davis School District apologises for what took place yesterday. It does not tolerate speech, images or conduct that portray or promote hate in any form. The district is taking the matter very seriously and is investigating every aspect of the situation."
The United Jewish Federation of Utah condemned the costume worn by the boy and asked school leaders and teachers to advise pupil’s parents about "offensive" fancy dress.
"Almost all Jews and Americans regard Hitler and Nazi symbols as signifiers of the worst hatred, racism, and crimes against humanity that the world has known," the organisation said in a statement.
"Dressing a child as Hitler is intolerably offensive and should never be suggested, permitted, or condoned".

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