Saturday, November 2, 2019

Former Starbucks Regional Manager Suing Company for Anti-White Discrimination

Last year at a Center City Starbucks in Philadelphia, two black men were asked to leave since they had not ordered anything. They claimed that they were waiting for their friend to arrive for a business meeting. Perhaps the friend was running on “black people time,” bucking the White man’s racist tradition of showing up ahead of schedule to keep people from waiting. Apparently the third man did show as the two black men were being arrested for refusing to leave the establishment. This prompted Starbucks, under direction of its jewish CEO, to host mandatory “racial sensitivity” training sessions for its employees.
A Starbucks employee was even recorded giving out free coffee to a black man who threw the “racist” word around following the incident.
The former regional manager of the Starbucks in question, Shannon Phillips, was fired less than a month after the incident occurred, and she claims it is due to her being a White woman. She is alleging that she was essentially hung out to dry by the company in an effort to appease the community and make it seem like Starbucks was doing everything possible to respond to the incident properly. Phillips’ lawyer is asking for a jury trial in which to prove the company racially discriminated against the former manager. A Starbucks spokesperson says that the company is ready to defend themselves in court.
Given that it is the current year, White people really shouldn’t be allowed to be “managers” anymore. It’s too reminiscent of the days when Whites were masters over their plantations full of black slaves. So a person getting fired from a management position due to being White, rather than poor job performance, should not be a scandalous event; it should be considered real social justice, as a non-White (hopefully a sassy soul sister) can take the job and really spice things up.

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