Saturday, November 23, 2019

Blut und Boden – Third Reich Film w/ English Subtitles

Blood and soil was the National Socialist ideology which particularly referred to the peasantry. After this half-religious basic idea of ​​the national socialism existed a unity between the racially defined national body (blood) and its settlement area, the home “floe” (soil).
Especially the later head of the Race and Settlement Main Office of the SS, Richard Walther Darré, preached this agrarian romanticism. The peasant life was idealized in contrast to the urban and made the peasantry the bearer of the National Socialist national community. The National Socialists envisioned the emergence of a new peasant nobleman, who was supposed to contribute to the restoration of a “pure”, Nordic-Germanic “race”.
Above all, the SS, but also Adolf Hitler or Baldur von Schirach, vehemently advocated for the blood and soil concept. Before coming to power it was of great importance that it be developed in rural areas.

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